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Drawlloween 2018 - #10 DENTIST...SHAPESHIFTER By Aesir

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'My Dentist is a Shapeshifter!'

Fitting in these titles is hard sometimes...

This is the first of two planned Dandela pictures this year. I wanted to stick to one per char, but I couldn't think of a way to work the dentist angle into Mimi, aaaand the other one is Someone Cloned my Clown. /: So double Dandela.

The unfortunate victim (who apparently has a fear of dentist drills) is Gwen, an OC of  Malyna

Read the Short Story here:

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Posted by Muryoku 6 days ago

Dandela is my favourite one of your characters

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Posted by Graywolf18 6 days ago

100% agreed.

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Posted by HellFlair 6 days ago

I wholeheartedly agree with you. Kind of wish there was more content about her

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Posted by Hereforvore 6 days ago

One of my favourites, I also love Mimi (and all of them to be fair)

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Posted by TheSlimeKing 6 days ago

Dandela is best girl.

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Posted by Dragonjaj 6 days ago

Ok that must be great for lovers she can suck on them and have sex at the same time

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Posted by Malyna 6 days ago

Poor Gwen, traveled from the past only to be spooked by dentists!

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Posted by reliuskaiser 6 days ago

"You'll never see it COMIIIIIING! YOU'LL SEE that my mouth is to fast for eyes. You're DONE IIIIIIIIN BY THE time it's hit you, you Last Surprise."

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Posted by supernova1324 6 days ago

Hope to see more Dandela she's such an awesome character :3

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Posted by gbrille2215185 6 days ago

Oh nice Dandelia ! Probably one of my fav oc of yours with Aelia. :)

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Posted by 157and493 6 days ago

There is too little of Dandela out there even though she is a fan favorite... Why must you tease us Aesir?!

[ Reply ]

Big D

Posted by Big D 6 days ago

I love Dandela. And I'm kinda sad she only goes after pervy kids. Hm......would the argument "I'm a kid at heart." work with her? :P

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Posted by Reiko 6 days ago

Dandela is a top tier character of yours for sure <3
I can't wait to see what's next!

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Posted by IndifferentEmpath 6 days ago

Damn that is terrifying.

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Posted by Blackheartedreaper2 6 days ago

Best monster girl ever.

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Posted by GenesisTerra 6 days ago

Dandela! Awful person that I am, she's kind of my favorite of your list of characters... I always love seeing her show up in your work!

Egads, down the gullet or endure dental work? It's practically a lose-lose situation ;p

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Posted by TallTummyTales 6 days ago

Ohh, I really like the idea behind this one. It’s definitely a lot better than what I was thinking for this prompt.

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Posted by BabLe7 6 days ago

Is it safe to hug Dandela?

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Posted by thespyfurry69 5 days ago

Take this how you want but you kinda need to say whether or not a vore image is suppose to be sexual in nature ,because these are starting to worry me

[ Reply ]


Posted by Malyna 3 days ago

Vore is sexual to some people and not to others. THat's on you the viewer, not on the artist.

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