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“I finally have you, but I can't get you home because of this blizzard.” Zuko said, and then he stood up and looked outside of their cave. “There's always something. Not that you would understand. You're like my sister. Everything always came easy to her. She's a firebending prodigy, and everyone adores her. My father says she was born lucky. He says I was lucky to be born. I don't need luck, though. I don't want it. I've always had to struggle and fight and that's made me strong. It's made me who I am.” At this Zuko’s stomach gave a low grumble. “It’s also taught me a few tricks.”
With that he began carefully undressing the avatars lower half. Once Aang’s pants had been successfully removed he stood just long enough to take off his own pants and undergarb. As soon as this task was completed he sat down on floor at Aang’s feet. Aang shivered slightly, since his entire lower half was bare. ‘I have to do this quickly,’ Zuko thought to himself, and then leaned back a bit and scooted forward, his anus pressing softly against the avatars toes. With a deep breath he pushed forward, and grabbing the avatar’s ankles started the pull the boy inside, muscles contracting gently around his feet, and then his calves. Aang’s shivering was getting worse, and Zuko sped up. However a side effect of the shivering was its effect on Zuko himself, the shaking and twitching of the legs inside him sending jolts of pleasure through his body. The prince set these jolts aside and continued his work, the strong muscles of his ass squeezing around the avatar’s legs and pulling them in at a steady pace. As more and more of Aang disappeared into the firebender’s rectum the harder it was for Zuko to remain still and quiet, and his body was often wracked with pleasure induced shudders, and involuntary gasps and stifled moans escaped his mouth over and over again.
Finally the last of the avatars legs were sucked into his body, and he paused for a moment before he set about removing the remainder of Aang’s clothing, revealing the rest of the teens smooth body. Zuko suppressed another shudder of arousal that threatened to overcome him. Aang was beautiful, and he thought for a strange and fleeting moment that if they had met under different circumstances the prince
may have wanted to be his lover. The thought was quelled violently, and Zuko resumed consumption of the little airbender. He had just engulfed Aang’s stomach when the avatar started shivering again, and with how much of him was already inside Zuko’s body he felt as though the tremors were sending wave after wave of pleasure through him, and it reduced him to a moaning mess, although not enough to stop him from slurping the poor airbender into his ass.
The image of Aang with half his torso inside his ass, the other half delightfully exposed would haunt many of Zuko’s dreams, although nothing could have prepared him for what was to come much later.
Lost in the feeling of the body inside his ass, the sensation of his targets soft skin pressing against his prostate and the way his light shivers sent arousal up Zuko’s spine the cold was forgotten, despite the fact the his toes were growing quite chilly.
Eventually Aang’s head vanished, and his tattooed arms soon followed, and Zuko trembled and gasped at the way that the avatars head pressed against his prostate juuust right, and he came with a cry of his targets name.
He simply layed there for a while, basking in the afterglow and soaking up the feeling of Aang’s body within his, no longer shivering, before sighing. He cleaned up his come quickly, and donned his own pants.
Struggling to his feet he looked out over the snowy expanse and then rubbed his distended stomach with one hand, leaning up against the cave wall and saying “Guess we'll be here awhile.”
He sat down again, making himself comfortable and waited.
After a while a bright light entered the cave, going straight into Zuko’s belly. There was a beat of silence before Zuko spoke. “Welcome ba-aaAhH!” Aang began thrashing around, and instead of injuring his captor it did quite the opposite. Zuko had never felt that great in his life!
Within the first few moments of Aang wriggling he was once again transformed from a stoic predator to a moaning wreck, the ecstasy he was feeling too much for his system to process much more. He writhed and gasped, occasionally saying things like “fuck” or “oh Agni yes” and quite often Aang’s name, jumbled in with his shuddering breaths. Aang kept up his assault, until he heard the words “Fuck Aang, don’t stop, please,” rush from Zuko’s lips, and felt the throaty moans resonating around him. The avatar stopped and took in his surroundings, the occasional gastronomic gurgling and Zuko’s ragged breath and too fast heartbeat, and the light undulating movements of the stomach as the firebender recovered, gulping air like it was the only thing keeping him alive.
After taking this all in, Aang hesitantly asked, “Where am I?”
And then after a pause: “And where are my clothes?
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Guess We'll Be Here Awhile By Frefnal

Zuko finally captures the Avatar, although not how anyone expected.

Sorry for the weird formatting, I'm just using .txt files, so if anyone has a better idea comment below or send me a message! Next chapter of P&TY will be up Friday, finally! My room-mate told me it would be best to wait for a comment but that took wayyyy too long...

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