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Page 16 - Hungry for Justice Comic By 1ZUMY -- Report

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Posted by RiderKick78 3 years ago Report

Oh she is my hero.


Posted by Jacquelope 3 years ago Report

"He ain't gonna know what hit 'im"... wait, wrong movie, nevermind.


Posted by NovaDragn 3 years ago Report

Love this hero. Hope you do more like this^_^


Posted by ocarinaofbudder 3 years ago Report

Is it done yet? Still love it btw


Posted by POPObro 3 years ago Report

if hes made of gum hes gonna have a fun time being n her gut for 9 years


Posted by NewRebellion 3 years ago Report

Heh, she's more of a hero than YOU are, bastard!

Thank you for this wonderful little comic! I hope we can see far more of her from you in the future! Maybe a sequel to this one?


Posted by jonathan1501 2 years ago Report

I wonder what happens when mt. lady shrinks back down.


Posted by Ghoststar77 1 year ago Report

Well, good news, the whole "swallowed gum getting stuck inside your digestive tract for 7-9 years" is a myth. Plus, if he is made of gum, he would be almost indigestible, so he should actually be fine. ^^

Bad news, if Mount Lady can't puke him back out when she is alone, the only other way out for him is is to go through her entire digestive tract. It definitely won't be a pleasant experience for either of them, but mostly for him. And hopefully Mount Lady stays in her giant form long enough for him to..."pass on".

Sorry ^^;