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Little Lamia in the Big City - Ch. 70 By Aces -- Report

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Little Lamia in the Big City (REDUX) is a crowd-funded series to rewrite an old vore story I had written back in 2010 about a chubby pink naga who has to learn to live in a modern city.

This chapter was funded by  Petz22.

If you want to contribute to this story, send at least $60 USD to and I'll write the next chapter ASAP.


A little late posting this one but it's up now. o3o

Also Leyla is a silly noodle.

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Posted by Razgriz 8 months ago Report

do you plan out your chapters or does the person who funds it get some leyway? Curious how your process is. :3


Posted by Aces 8 months ago Report

A little bit of both.


Posted by Razgriz 8 months ago Report

Cool! nice to know~


Posted by Eboros 8 months ago Report

... poor Mithra, she must probably be starving by the time it is.


Posted by Morphy 8 months ago Report

With them always seeming to complain about clothing not fitting, I wonder how spandex isn't a staple of naga clothing? Also, an adjustable bra just sounds uncomfortable-- it'd have to have dangly straps to expand like a belt.

Makes me wonder why they don't have magic clothing that always fits. Or regular clothing that's post-enchanted. Well, the rich ones anyway.

As for those two, Kira and Leyla, sharing some girltalk over prey fetishes, Kira could have mentioned the restorative potion if Leyla was ever truly worried about getting digested... or if she wanted to go all the way to see what it's like? Hell, that bar Kira works at should be supplying the entire staff those potions (on the sly). Or at least an anti-digestive (even a box of Zantac?) to prevent a costly turnover rate of losing good hired help to greedy guts. I mean, any half-wit dangernoodle off the street can swallow someone, but it takes *talent* to make it *entertaining*-- and not kill your vorno partner.