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Sarah Scat By MarkusFreeman320

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Sarah's vore scene will be expanded and redone with a good ol' pile ending for those of you who don't like toilets (you fussy people).

Fucking ages away from being in my interactive:

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Posted by zmnm67891 7 days ago

Ayyy, I'm the first to see this!

Glad you've continued working on this series.


Posted by MarkusFreeman320 7 days ago

Of course, I plan on finishing this.


Posted by Drakira 7 days ago

Hey, people have aright to be fussy. With resaerch into souls and vore not complete who knows if toilets are safe? I bet there are all sorts of prey rights groups who believe different disposals are better. It could be fun to ecen see such humans seduced to ways ther might not think are good at first. Antway love the new pic. (I will enjoy your explanation on souls and stuff when we get that far, but I know you dont want to spoil things.)


Posted by MarkusFreeman320 7 days ago

Actually there is a prominent prey rights group (their motto is 'we churn, we choose'), but they are more concerned with unwilling vore and the use of digestion aids that deprive humans of their right to digest with dignity. Plus all furry toilets are 'green' in that they lead to farms rather than oceans, returning souls to the soil just the same.


Posted by Randomguy01 7 days ago

Instead of being eaten and digested by her, can I just stay alive and sleep in her womb from time to time


Posted by MarkusFreeman320 7 days ago

Though Sarah does enjoy a little harmless unbirth from time to time, if you go inside that belly there is only one way you're coming back out.


Posted by Randomguy01 6 days ago

Oh, so she doesn't want a new toy too?