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Candy the Clown By ConsumptionZ -- Report

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My newest OC, Candy the Clown, otherwise known as Shelly Thompson! Art has been done by Cookies-Cat over on DeviantArt! Description/Bio for her is as follows:

Shelly Thompson had always possessed a fascination with clowns ever since an early age, finding them to be incredibly appealing rather than frightening, as most of the other children around perceived them. Her fascination had eventually formed into a passion as Shelly wished to pursue a career as an entertainer, a clown, in specific. This decision led to those around her criticizing her for choosing such a career path, especially her parents as they both felt that becoming a clown was hardly a respectable profession, maybe more-so a side-hobby at the very least in order to garner some extra cash, rather than a full-time career. Yet, even with the disapproval of her parents, Shelly felt that becoming a full-time clown would be her dream come true, bringing smiles to others just as the clowns during her younger years did for her. Therefore, Candy the Clown was born, Shelly stylizing herself based on the appealing color schemes of delicious cotton candy, that everyone gravitates towards when present.

After attending a clown college, along with already having participated in a wealth of events for more than satisfied children, Shelly decided to broaden her horizons. While clowns were typically seen to entertain children, she felt that older customers could experience the immense joy that she brought to kids as well. Young adults and older customers found Shelly's acts and performances to be positively contagious to the point where Shelly possessed a one-hundred percent success rate. This caused her to garner a reputation, making a living off parties and celebrations, one after the other until the young woman began to experience changes. It was as if her passion was causing her to change unwillingly, Shelly finding that her skin was the first to experience change, it becoming lighter and lighter by the day. Eventually reaching a tone as pale as the makeup she wore when under her clown personality, the change shocked her but it would be the least of her worries.

Society is aware of those referred to as the "gifted," or at least "gifted" is entirely subjective, as these people possess an appetite that knows no bounds, and Shelly was on her way to becoming one at the age of twenty-five. Figuring she had merely began to form a larger appetite, Shelly felt that nothing was out of the ordinary until she was practically inhaling her food, her stomach desiring anything that could fill it for the short while. Each meal was converted into more calories upon her figure, the clown girl expanding little by little, yet her new shape and extremely plump figure would only compliment the silliness of her clown persona. Although, her appetite would eventually evolve into something much greater.

While working a party for a very small group of people around the same age as her, wishing for some delightful and colorful entertainment, Candy's stomach was suddenly yearning for something much greater; something, more whole. The birthday girl had headed over to Candy, wanting another balloon animal request, yet she was only met with sudden darkness. Candy the Clown had devoured the woman of honor whole, the birthday girl disappearing into the confines of Candy's stomach, never to be seen again. Being a woman of mostly pure heart, Candy began to immediately panic before night would soon fall, and her problems were going to escalate tremendously for the first time.

As night fell, Candy suddenly started to feel herself lose control of her body, as if her conscious had been pushed into the back of her brain in order to temporarily birth something new. The cotton candy colored clown outfit was changing right before her eyes, becoming a much darker color scheme of white and black, much of her clown accessories disappearing while her signature bowtie transformed into a red ascot. Before the transformation was entirely complete, Candy's conscious had completely subsided, entering an entirely "dormant" state while someone else took over.

Candy the Clown had taken on another form, that of a mime, yet this form also came with another personality that seemed to act entirely on its own. The mime licked her lips before giving her stomach a smack, and while the belly jostled in response, no sounds were projected from the impact of the palm of her hand. She was completely silent, both in voice, and action as the mime searched the house and devoured the other guests of the party, one by one until they all began to stew away inside her stomach. The digestion process was entirely silent, only the screams of the various prey filling the halls as they were melted down into a nutritious soup, the gluttonous mime having her way. Possessing magical mime-related abilities, she would tie up her prey with invisible lassos, cram men and women into invisible boxes before swallowing them whole, or even dropping unseen weights onto potential meals. It was not long before the house was entirely barren except for the mime herself.

Once morning had came, Candy found herself in an empty house, no remains of the party guests being around aside for some discarded clothing, and signs of multiple struggles. She was back within her traditional clown outfit, yet it was clearly tighter around the seams, Candy immediately putting two and two together before her heart began to race, the party having turned into an absolute nightmare for the guests as she seemingly devoured them whole, one by one. Her "gift" had evolved into something much more troublesome, Candy from now on having to deal with this other side of her that only emerges at night, and selective nights at that. Otherwise, Candy's own appetite can lead to issues, as her own gluttony sometimes overcomes her good nature. Although if the mime emerges from her dormancy, many will vanish past her black lips.

Although, Candy's regular self is capable of holding people inside her stomach without any harm coming to them. She uses this ability to subside her hunger at times, at least until she can locate a proper supply of food. Knowledge of this among customers also results in some having special requests of Candy gulping them down, as it makes for a neat party trick. Some customers find it to be more-so attractive, and Candy doesn't mind as long as she's bringing happiness, and the extra money doesn't hurt on the job!

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Posted by PervyLesbian02 1 year ago Report

Now this is an interesting character! I'm really looking forward to seeing new art with her in it!


Posted by ConsumptionZ 1 year ago Report

Thanks so much, that means the world to me! I'm really excited to get commissions of her!


Posted by gizblah 1 year ago Report

I love so much lemme squish and lov


Posted by ConsumptionZ 1 year ago Report

You can squish and love all you want! <3


Posted by TinyHero 11 months ago Report

Wow, sounds like something my boy Tom would have trouble avoiding, at least her Mine form at least, still, great design and story work, I hope to see more of her in the future too. ^_^


Posted by ConsumptionZ 11 months ago Report

Her mime form is definitely difficult to escape! Thanks!


Posted by TinyHero 11 months ago Report

Your very welcome, but I wonder, how tall is she anyway?.. 0_e


Posted by ConsumptionZ 11 months ago Report

She's about 5'9 or so! The shortest of my OCs so far!


Posted by TinyHero 11 months ago Report

So a little under chest height then... my OC Tom is 4’1” in height, and I did some estimates before... but I may redo them on my 3D pose app just to be sure... x3


Posted by ConsumptionZ 7 months ago Report

That's a lil boy!


Posted by TinyHero 7 months ago Report

At the age of 17, people tend to mistake him for someone much younger... ^^;


Posted by TheHollow 7 months ago Report

i love the story AND the looks , so adorable x3