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Bust Size/Weight Reference V2.5 By Kaede -- Report

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Minor update with density stuff

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Posted by Sindiya 1 year ago Report

Is the density the density of just the breasts or the whole body?


Posted by LastRider100 1 year ago Report

Oh! An update to this, awesome! This was very useful for working out sizes.


Posted by VelveteenDreams 1 year ago Report



Posted by ThatBrassyGuy 1 year ago Report

I immediately went ahead and gave her the max proportions. I have created a demon.


Posted by kairos64 1 year ago Report

Oh, now this is helpful~


Posted by Royal_Starlord 1 year ago Report

Z+1 breast size is my favorite size~♥


Posted by prjones339 2 months ago Report

Mine is probably the O with a 51 band.


Posted by necryel 1 year ago Report

If the weight and density are accurate, this explains sooo much when I put in my own sizes.


Posted by Turbotowns 1 year ago Report



Posted by CasualObserver 1 year ago Report

Welp, this is helpful. Thanks!


Posted by darc22005 1 year ago Report

Ahh nice update, thank you Kaede


Posted by Aces 5 months ago Report

This is an exceptionally useful tool in helping me provide reference for artists. Do you have plans to add more to it?

I for one would absolutely love having a hip/thighs or waist reference in addition to bust size.


Posted by Kaede 5 months ago Report

Uh, I dunno. This is the first time I've heard or thought about this thing in a year and a half. As far as I know you're the only person still thinking about this thing and also Flash support is dropping from Chrome and stuff so I doubt it. Plus I don't really know anybody here any more. But I appreciate the interest. If I felt like more people were interested I could update it to the character creator system I was working on before.


Posted by Thagrahn 4 months ago Report

Hips, Waist, and Leg reference sliders would be good additions for artists. So would 3/4 and profile views.

I'm just beginning in drawing and writing (Lousy Gap between Skill and Artistic Taste), but have used this a lot to get ideas for character proportions on what feels natural.


Posted by ALAMOS123 1 month ago Report

this really helped with a story i'm writing, thanks


Posted by scout117 8 days ago Report

This helps people visualize a character which is really useful, I just wish for Flash wasn't going away