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The New Fetish Part 3 By dickyreed -- Report

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I felt like writing and continuing this story, so I hope you like it. Let me know if you have an opinion of where this story should go. otherwise i'll just keep doing what i do. Thanks for reading!

All characters portrayed are 18 years of age or over.

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Posted by dickyreed 5 months ago Report

I suggest downloading it to read. The formatting on here is something I can never seem to figure out.


Posted by AegisOfRoses 5 months ago Report

I would advise plain text (txt.) It's what I use. Very little options for font editing and it's centered, but it fits the screen.


Posted by dickyreed 5 months ago Report

Thanks for the suggestion, i'll definitely play around with this next time.


Posted by Atinik 5 months ago Report

Love it


Posted by dickyreed 5 months ago Report

Thanks for reading and for the comment!


Posted by WillingWombPrey 5 months ago Report

Here's a suggestion for what I think you should do. You don't have to do it if you don't like the idea.

Return to the store, where Samantha is rushing to the bathroom, and she manages to let Tom out in time before he begins to actually digest.

Then, in an act of desperation, she shoves him into her womb, which ends up being a mistake, as he winds up being in there for another nine-months.

Continue on, skipping a few weeks or months at a time, where we see her belly, and curves, have grown from this unexpected pregnancy.

A returning trip to the womb, is causing him to grow bigger.

Tom is still in there, mentally as well, and he is able to communicate with him mother through kicks.

1.Kick=Yes 2.kicks=No 3.kicks=Maybe 4.kicks=repeat that please.

Then when nine months comes around, Tom comes out, the size of a newborn, but is still the young man he is, just a bit bigger.

If you like this idea, then okay, if not, then that's fine.


Posted by dickyreed 5 months ago Report

Thanks for reading and for the ideas! I might not use all of it but I like where your train of thought is going.


Posted by Konkak 5 months ago Report

I don't mean to offend anyone, but I think that you should stick to your own artistic vision. Write this story just the way you like and don't feel obliged to do the stuff that people want you to do. It's your stuff not ours, don't make us write it for you ;P

Btw. Great story, looking forward for the next part :)


Posted by dickyreed 5 months ago Report

Thanks for the input and for reading my story! To put you at ease I like suggestions but I will always write by my rules, so don't worry I'm not going to write just to please people. One of the reasons it takes me so long to write is because I wait for inspiration, suggestions just sort of kick-start it. Thank you for the confidence booster, and again for reading!


Posted by vorelover3678 5 months ago Report

She has a belly!

We all have bellies!

I have come across many entertaining lines in vore stories, but that one definitely takes the cake


Posted by dickyreed 5 months ago Report

I'm not gonna lie I laughed at my own joke with that one like a little crazy person. Glad you liked it!


Posted by vorelover3678 4 months ago Report

what makes that line so good is just the sheer innocence in that line


Posted by Ignoreme79 5 months ago Report

oh I am loving the relationship they have going! can't wait for more! I'm not usually one for fatal but you write so well that even if the story does end that way I'd still like it.


Posted by dickyreed 5 months ago Report

Thank you so much! I'm very glad you like it.


Posted by VoraciousShapeshift 5 months ago Report

I am very pleased to see this is back, and I very much enjoyed the "cat-and-mouse" thing, I wonder if they'll get some costume pieces to enhance the roleplay. I am kind of hoping she does digest him at soome point, but the teasing is still awesome enough on its own...


Posted by dickyreed 5 months ago Report

Glad you liked it! I'm sure someday we'll find out how this ends.


Posted by shortprey20 4 months ago Report

Just realized that i never commented on this to tell you how much i enjoy the NF series! So here it is, i love it and sooooo look forward to the next part =D
Keep up the amazing work!


Posted by dickyreed 4 months ago Report

Thanks for the complements, as well as reading and sticking with it! I write this series because not enough people explore these kind relationships in my opinion. More is on the way but I've been slammed recently with life, nothing serious but you know it happens.


Posted by shortprey20 4 months ago Report

honestly ive noticed that too. And yes i do understand. Life has a way of giving you just enough free time to do something and then snatch away all free time for months on end xD