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Overwatch: First Person Swallower By KindaFishy -- Report

Yes I also chose this name entirely for the FPS pun and yes I hate it just as much as you do ;3

Also I live for pained preds please someone commission me so I have an excuse to write more of them.

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Posted by TheMysteriousSadSack 5 months ago Report

The end bit lol. Thank the lord mercy cant res you in the middle of an enemy team anymore. Not without getting destroyed atleast


Posted by Negator 5 months ago Report

I LOVED this story on DA! :D

Everything about this just hit like every button. Accidental is pretty rare, and just how uncomfortable Dva is and how tight Tracer is, oof. <3


Posted by KindaFishy 5 months ago Report

Aw thanks!! I really tried to emphasize the role reversal here between a typical pred/prey dynamic, so glad you liked it!