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When in Doubt By Arthotus -- Report

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Appologies for the delay on my work, I had an exceptionally busy last few weeks. Also writing just wasn't my thing for the last little while.

Also! No questions this time around. I didn't feel I needed to prompt much yet, and rather than unload an enormous chapter after even more delay, I figured I'd drop you all something.

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Posted by Graywolf18 5 months ago Report

I am extremely disappointed in you for not choosing a terrible Spider-man joke/reference when naming Felosha. I will however forgive this grievous offense due in large part to your decision in making her absolutely f*cking adorable... and from the physical description, a complete nightmare to draw should someone decide to make fan art of her. Well done, sir. :)

Quick recap. Who's on the surface right now? Lavona and not-PrincessValinda right? Who else? (homework for the/next week: Re-read story so far)


Posted by Arthotus 5 months ago Report

Of the named characters? Just them and a few unnamed pets. There's also Shrieke's sister's if you count them.


Posted by Graywolf18 5 months ago Report

Ah, I have a terrible memory so i couldn't remember if anyone else was up there. Thanks.


Posted by C107galaxytachyon 4 months ago Report

Really? You're upset her name isn't a reference to something else? Come on, man: you're better then that.


Posted by crushxtreame 5 months ago Report

Who is kislo? U keep mentioning him instead of kolo


Posted by Arthotus 5 months ago Report

Typos. He's the protaganist of a different story I'm writting. Sorry, I'll fix it.