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Taste of Pacifism: Alternate End By Derpatron

An alternate ending, wherein fluffy boy gets the better of crude lizard.


Using the UT/DR speechboxes was just as big a pain in the ass this time.

Big thanks to  UndernomStudio for teaching me how to give characters big fat tumtums in Kisekae.

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Posted by FriskTheFallenHero 2 months ago

Did you use the Undertale textbox generator website?


Posted by Derpatron 2 months ago

Yes, and the limited text space available made it a pain in the ass.
Next time I'm just gonna try and replicate the effect in the speech bubbles in Kisekae.


Posted by UnknownGamer21 2 months ago

Aww... even after -reluctantly- digesting his bully, she still picks on him... poor fluffy-mage


Posted by MisterEbony 2 months ago

He would have had better luck if Lancer was around. That loveable spade apparently was the key to her heart opening up.

Does prove we all just need the right trigger.


Posted by UnknownGamer21 2 months ago



Posted by UndernomStudio 2 months ago

Aww, what a happy ending~
Thanks for tagging me in this! ^^~


Posted by baltocore 1 month ago

Wowie an improvement on Susie's character development.