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Kyle couldn't help but tremble. He had recently come home from school with talk about how people around town were disappearing, mostly classmates that used to be his friends. No one knew what to make of it, and police investigations were ongoing. The boy had no idea what became of them or if they ran away from someone or something.
His eyes darted around for what seemed like hours, the creaks of his wooden floor and the howling of the wind outside frightening him. Goosebumps and shaky breaths finally began to calm as exhaustion began to settle in. Kyle's green eyes began to close shut, as his blonde bowl-cut locks rustled over his brows.
It was at this moment, that a rumbling predator materialized underneath his bed. Its origins a mystery, as it dwells within the shadows, freely sinking within them to roam freely in another world entering our own like open windows of a house. Its slimy mass squelched and writhed under the cot, red hungry eyes glowing in the dark of the light absent room.
Sensing the boy's heat, even through the metal, wood, and layers the cot's coverings provided for the child, the predator began to make his move. A foot wide black tentacle, with a copiously dripping pair of wrinkled lips stuck out from the bed's right side, arching up at a ninety degree angle before slithering under the boy's covers.
It created a bulging outline as it slid towards his bare feet, a tongue soothingly sliding between the toes, lathering it with warm saliva. Kyle twitched and curled his digits, but calmed after a few seconds of silence from his impending predator. A slick purple tongue stuck out of the wrinkled opening, underneath the covers, sliding around the boy's ankles up to his shins.
A few tight squeezes later it pulled, and pulled slowly into the rapidly expanding mouth. It conformed around the little feet, suckling with squelching wet suction, pulling the pajama covered legs into its worm shaped throat.
Kyle groaned out, his eyes slowly opening. It felt like a warm sleeping back was climbing up his legs, yet it felt like it was being sucked on as his legs were very wet. When his vision tracked the outline of something flowing under his quilt and heading towards his body, his mind was on full alert.
With a deft pull on his quilt, he looked on in stark horror as a black, slimy tentacle was crawling its way over his knees up to his thighs. His feet and sopping wet pyjama bottoms were soaked to the brim with intoxicating eat, squeezed with every peristaltic gulp the throat's black muscular tissue made as its prey drew closer and closer inwards.
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" The boy screamed out at the top of his lungs, his hands reaching up to grab the back of the bed to prop himself upwards. Even as he raised his buttocks and bound legs upwards, the tendril easily swallowed itself up his lower thighs, the lips sealing over the fabric with a squelching suck, tenderly tasting and squeezing the flavor out of the boy's linen covered skin.
"G-Get off me!" Kyle demanded, shaking his legs, bending the tendril limb side to side, doing nothing to deter it. As it slowly slid up his legs, his heart raced a mile a second, his chest heaving up and down. He had to get away!
Lunging off the bed, he thudded to the soft carpet floor, his hands balling up into fists as he grabbed and pulled himself across the floor towards his bedroom exit. It was slow going, but he managed to stretch the tentacle along with his body, his chest rubbing against the threads before coming to a halt.
"MOM! DAD! HELP! A MONSTER IS EATING ME!" Kyle shouted at the top of the lungs, hoping his voice would carry across the dark corridor. As seconds dragged on, he heard nothing, urging him to shout again in vain. The wrinkled lips slipped over his pants to rest just above his exposed waistline, extending its black tongue to slurp wetly across his skin under his shirt, giving him shivers as he struggled to pull himself away.
An ominous gurgling snarl caught his attention, causing his scared eyes to shakily turn over his shoulder to see the glowing red eyes and the squelching pile of writhing flesh underneath his bed. His lips quivered and his insides grew cold, sweat building up to mingle across the saliva covered flesh the tongue lathered which wasn't already being sucked upon.
"NNNGH! Gross! Ahn!" Kyle groaned with protest, bucking his hips as his waist was thoroughly wrapped by the wrinkled lips, the tongue sliding frictionlessly up his chest before lathering his face, soaking it with its saliva. As he coughed and convulsed with repulsion, the tongue slid into his mouth, causing him to groan with protest as the vile tasting limb slid through his oral cavity with curiosity, diving deep into his throat.
Gurgling and groaning, his screams became muffled as his eyes were wide with fear, looking towards the door as his hands slid against the carpet's threads helplessly as he was drug back towards the underside of his bed. The tentacle became shorter and shorter, until it was a mere stump, with the chest wrapped by the damp waist and his bare arms sticking out with his sopping wet head.
When the tongue swished and swirled a final time in his throat and mouth, it withdrew, causing a fountain of drool to pool out of his mouth with a cough and dreadful groan.
"Help me...someone...anyone...please!" He cried out as tears slid down his face, his head and elbows thoroughly wrapped as the mouth disappeared behind the bright red eyes, into the slimy mass of black flesh. His hands clawed at the air, clenching uselessly. A tongue snaked out and wrapped around them shortly after, pulling them in to the sealing maw that disappeared into the epicenter between both blinking red eyes.
Kyle writhed and bulged in a squirming outline within the fleshy monster's gullet, punches and kicks permeating across exterior as the interior was being wrestled by the rebellious meal. His screams came off as muffles, as the dark stomach flesh stroked and gripped his body, hugging and kissing it in a way that savored his flesh without having any form of tender affection.
After a few long minutes, Kyle grew tired and the flesh that restlessly kneaded him began to enfold over his limbs and body. Everything was wet and dark, he couldn't see an end to his newfound fleshy prison. Closing his eyes, he wept bitterly, as he felt his consciousness recede within the writhing gullet of the beast.
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A monster under his bed comes for Kyle in the night!

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