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DarkVineAdventures By Decepi -- Report

Sometimes you really, really, shouldn’t mess with stuff you don’t understand. In this case, Friz and her roomy found out the hard way when they bought a mysterious statue at a local antique shop. They thought it as cute, even though they couldn’t read the markings on it—warning of an ancient evil inprisoned within.

It had been in their house for a couple of weeks before Friz bumped it while dusting. Upon impact on the floor, the seal of the outshell was broken and Friz and her roommate found themselves at the mercy of a Dark Vine, fresh out of hundreds of years of imprisonment, anxious to incubate it’s young in the two lovely young adults stomachs.

The seeded eggs will have to incubate in their stomachs for a few weeks, then the will begin to digest the girls from the inside out leaving little more than an empty husk.

This is an image I am (hopefully) going to be starting a written Vore series about :)

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Posted by Decepi 7 months ago Report

The first part of the story attached to this image is posted now, exclusively here on Eka's currently ;3 Check it out in my gallery

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