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It was quiet that night in the palace of the island kingdom. In the hours of twilight, even the servants are retired to their quarters, sleeping as soundly as their charges or superiors. The guards were watching the perimeter of the docks and the high walls, ensuring nothing disturbs the citizens and royal family.
It was unfortunate they never considered watching the interior of the palace's grounds.
The young inquisitive daughter of King Eric and Queen Ariel, Princess Melody, was exploring. As was custom in the past, she often explored the once walled-off beach and took a leisurely night time swim. From there, she'd wait for nocturnal sea creatures to come visit her, as it was too dark for her to dive into the ocean's depths and take a gander at the beautiful coral reef inhabiting the proximity of her island.
But instead of the norm, Melody became quite intrigued with her father's collection. Said treasure trove didn't contain jewels and gold, as many explorers in his youth had sought, but beautiful plant life and exotic animals. Most of these specimens wouldn't stay long within the kingdom, often passed over to the royal biologist or traded for other forms of services and goods the island's populace needed or desired.
Just recently she had heard her father had trapped and brought a unique reptile, an enormous reticulated python. While it had remained relatively docile since capture, the King had left the animal to roam freely within the greenhouse. With no other animals other than those let inside for the snake to feed upon, Eric had forbidden anyone to enter alone without supervision less there be an unfortunate accident.
History has proven that Melody isn't one to listen kindly to the wishes of her parents.
Squeezing underneath a loose panel between the locked window pane, the young girl tumbled into a bed of flowers inside the greenhouse. Grunting with effort she pushed herself onto her hands and knees, looking up in awe at the vast splendor of exotic flora surrounding her. Trees of all kinds embedded into the rich soil beneath her bare toes and fingertips, she could count all the colors of the rainbow and still not have enough to describe all the mesmerizing to the eye. Even with the dim moon light spreading through the glass roof, she could still see the countless hues of each plant that the lunar rays touched.
"I wish daddy didn't keep me out of here. Everything is so pretty, even at night," Melody whispered to herself, smiling gleefully as she stood to her feet. Little did she know that she was already being watched.
As her bare feet tread casually through the soil rich greenhouse, a enormously long bodied serpent coiled and slithered within the canopy over her head. Catching only bare traces of silver luminescence shining through the color coated leaves above, emerald with brown-grey blotches swerved and coasted subtly through the branches. A pair of yellow eyes stared hungrily down at the morsel that snuck into his abode.
His mouth watered at seeing a man cub, having been deprived of such decadent delicious platter since being subjugated by his newfound "owner". Given only rodents and other forms of barbarically atrocious morsels one could barely call edible, he had long since awaited the day he could continue devouring the smooth and elegant forms that are of the man race. Especially the younger and weaker offspring they raised for his feasting pleasure, of course.
A sinister hiss echoed within the air, barely concealed by the cacophony of crickets and other forms of insect life living within the mock jungle. It sent chills running up and down Melody's spine, forming beads of cold sweat across her skin. Looking over her shoulder, she felt as if she had heard something but couldn't know for sure what it was.
"Is that snake still awake? I wanted to get a look at it while it slept but if it's awake, I might be in trouble," Melody thought with an audible gulp, realizing only now the fallacy in her daring plan.
Backing up with her head facing the direction of where she heard the sound, she didn't notice the length of tail dipping down from the canopy above. Extending out, her retreating ankle failed to adjust to the scaley limb, and tripped backwards. Letting out a squeaking yelp of startlement, she found herself closing her eyes and pulling her arms up to futilely grasp something to halt her fall.
Yet, instead of a painful fall atop whatever root she believed she had tripped over, she felt herself cushioned perfectly in what she could describe as a cool vine. It conformed underneath her legs and looped beneath her back and allowed her head to crane back and rest against it. Her feet no longer touching the ground now dangled in midair, a sense of altitude incline built within her gut as her body rose up.
"Vines don't move on their own! What am I-?" Melody began to ask silently only to find herself agape at what she found herself seating upon. The color refracting light shining from various beautiful flowers and leaves cast an intriguing aura upon reptilian muscle, winding and suspending her in the air. The thickness of the serpent's build easily could have fit her waist three times over, yet gracefully held onto her with a delicacy only a precise creature could retain.
A rare sound of hissing laughter drew her eyes to face the beguiling snake, causing her orbs to latch onto his immediately.
"Hellooooo, maaaan-cub! How delightful of you to come into my laviccccioussss home. Care to keep me company, hm? Of coursssssse you will, hmhmhmhmhm!" Kaa hissed out with dreadful laughter as colors more vibrant and tantalizing than those of his environment began to project in her line of sight.
"Ah...w-what?" Melody began to question aloud, finding her eyes captured and unable to look away from the colors that flowed from the snake's and into her own. The air popped and sizzled through her perception, as her blue eyes shrank, giving way for lunar hued rings to flow inward from the outer recess of her eye balls. Following the total collapsing into her non-existent pupil came a violet colored ring, followed by a lime hued one, and then a indigo, a scarlet, and a pink ring, finally returning back to moon color.
With every passing ring a different sensation began to draw her into a state of deep trance. The first ring caused her vision to narrow and the eyes of the snake to grow larger. The intoxicating rays seemed to pour into her skull, like a gust of warm wind from the sea, only causing a warm buzz from being dunked into a milk bath.
When the second one crossed her eyes slowly, the sensation intensified and spread down her neck, filling up her chest with a sensual warmth that turned her insides to butter. As butterflies circled within her tummy, her arms began to drop slowly to her side, and her mouth dropped agape. The third ring caused drool to leak from the corner of her mouth, as the rush of warmth reached her thighs, gently flowing down to her toes and fingertips. It was like nothing she ever felt and it just kept magnifying.
When the fourth and fifth rings passed by her eyes in a purposefully casual manner, a smile began to stretch widely ear to ear, giving her a dreamy visage of pure mindless pleasure. Nothing like this ever happened to her and the beautiful colors seemed to create explosions of color around the periphery of her vision, whereas nothing existed but the rings of color that spiraled from disembodied eyes. A silent ping went off in her head as she began totally submissive, surrendering totally to the colors and to her long forgotten captor that held her firmly in her coils.
"I ssssee you wissssh to sssstay, don't you?" Kaa asked coyly, nodding his head, causing her to bob it in sync with his now color devoid eyes. It hardly mattered to him, but the act of puppetry was always amusing to him, even if he didn't rely on strict eye-to-eye contact. A throaty chuckle later, and he slithered his neck around hers, locking his right eye to her ring projecting left eye. "Do you wissssssh to become my meal, man cub? Hmmmm? I think that'ssss a yesss, isn't it? Hmhmhmhmhm!"
Unwinding his head from hers, he bit down on her bloomer collar and ripped it away in one fell swoop. If he had to be thankful for one thing, it was the fact that her pajamas were a one-piece cream linen, easily ripped apart by his jaw. With his coils seating underneath her, he began the work of coiling his large rings of cold blooded muscle around her from the ankles up to neck. Feeling his scales brush against her calves, up and over her bare thighs, to her midriff he couldn't help but groan with wanton desire. Drool practically oozed from his toothless mouth, causing him to smack as he saw her arms trapped by the coils, squeezed in a tight cinch as he reached up to her shoulders and wound the tip of his tail around her neck.
An audible gulp, causing her eyes to widen, forcing the hypnosis to shrink and wither he knew that she'd wake from it soon. Raising his head over her head, he began the process of opening his mouth, jaw dislocation in the process. When he did, the copious amount of drool he was staving off couldn't help but leak onto the prey's head.
It was the last nail to the coffin of self awareness, dooming her to a less than pleasant journey to the end.
"W-Wha-?!" Melody blinked away, feeling as if she was coming out of a wonderful dream. An illusion that broke away into a lens of horrifying reality. Clad in only her birthday suit, held tightly by coils of cold scaly muscle that disallowed her to take much of an inhale, let alone struggle she began to pant heavily. What's more, the feeling of warm liquid pooled over her head and oozed over her cheeks, forehead, and ponytail. Looking up, she unintentionally got some of the essence into her mouth, coughing before shrieking at what she saw. Kaa's mouth descending over her face!
"AAAAA-mmmmm!" She began to yell, only to be silenced by elastic rings of pink gums, followed by soft muscular ridges that made up the serpent's mouth. With her head perfectly placed into the beast's jaw, she felt a slow unwinding motion around her neck and shoulders, the rest of the snake's binds pushing her up into his mouth along with a peristaltic tug by his throat. This brought her groaning and wailing face to be curtained by a tight hugging blanket of intoxicatingly shape conforming flesh. Soaked in bodily juices and saliva, Melody couldn't help but notice the lack of any unpleasant smells, only smelling the aromas of floral essence from within. She could only guess, even in her state of distress, the snake had been resorting to eating plants instead of wildlife due to this ravenous hunger.
Another pull forward, and her shoulders with her upper arms were entrapped in the jaw's ridges while the rest of her was buried restlessly in the snake's insides. Shaking her head side to side, she cried for help for her father or mother, someone to save her. Her stupidity and ill conceived plan was literally going to be the death of her. She cried bitterly, feeling hot tears crawl down her face to mingle with the other host of juices caking her cheeks and mouth. With another muscular tug across her bare skinned form, she felt her elbows slide inward, along with her belly and fingertips.
With the rest of her body unraveled, Kaa propped Melody upwards, allowing gravity to aid the struggling daughter down to his gullet. He chuckled, feeling the bumps of the girl shaped bulge that pushed against his throat. It did little but to annoy him, forcing him to control his throat's flesh to grip and lather over her more firmly. This lessened her struggles, only creating small vibrational squirms, giving him a satisfaction that he subdued his prey.
His mouth now resting over her bare pair of nether cheeks and waist, he eyed the kicking legs with a decadent lust. Chewing over her skin, he groaned with delight at the taste this princess had. Much better than the weeks of disgusting creatures given to him by his captor, and the putrid plants he used to keep himself from gagging up said meals. This was truly a feast worth savoring, and one he knew will last for awhile.
A strained swallow later, and the legs began to flow with a squelching slide into his maw, leaving only a pair of wiggling feet outside his mouth. Slowly but surely the toes squirmed and flexed, mirroring the bulge's writhing actions partaking within and outside of Kaa's throat. A dark smile later, he slurped up the feet, swallowing Melody a final time before letting his body's insides do the rest.
Melody couldn't believe this was her fate. As the rest of her body flowed into the bag of snake innards, the throat flesh seemed to adopt a mind of its own. Gripping and tugging at her lithe frame, she couldn't help but wince and blush at the sensation of viscous tissue groping her in a mindless manner that caused jolts of pleasure to spike in her brain. This was only lessened by the dank atmosphere and knowing doom that awaited her at the end of the dark, scarlet colored tunnel.
Pull after pull she felt her travel through the body bag of silken throat flesh. She groaned and moaned with despair and discomfort, her body's bulge flowing through Kaa's body up into the color dimmed canopy. When she felt a tight ring wrap over the crown of her head did she realize that the stomach was just beyond. Gritting her teeth, she tried to writhe and pull away, but the conforming tissue pushed her buttery slick body forward. It slipped over her neck easily, slithering over her shoulders and chest sooner after, pushing her into a much tighter environment. Unlike the body clenching throat, the stomach seemed to be considerably more hot and filled with a liquid substance that rubbed over her body insistently. Her waist and rump slipping through, she could feel the stomach lining rub purposefully along her skin, creating a numbing sensation to sweep over and around her form. When the last of her body was squeezed through did she feel the air become unbelievably thin.
As if to try and muster an escape one last time, Melody shook her body back and forth, trying to push past the body rubbing stomach tissue. Arms strained to push up, the tissue much tighter than that of the throat. Fingers clenched along the numbing liquid bag, her feet kicked, creating distorted shapes on the outside of Kaa's body. Yelling out, she tried to push out in a spreadeagled manner, giving the clear impression of her head and four limbs. Feeling the strength vanish within seconds, however, she slowly lied back and let the skin rub against her own.
Faint gasps were taken in and out, her body filled with nothing but jelly and lacking of strength. Eyes became heavy lidded, and soon became too tired to keep open. Moment by moment her strength began to wane as much as her sense of feeling in her whole body. Before she could see the crimson blotches that emanated from her deteriorating skin, her eyes shut and her breath gave out as unconsciousness took hold.
Feeling the prey become quiet, Kaa couldn't help but laugh victoriously. It had been pure luck that the man cub linger into his enclosed environment. By the time the stupid humans would find out about this mishap, she could already be well on the way to becoming digested and beyond the point of saving.
Such was the way of the jungle, whether they could accept it or not.
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Melodious Feast By EVAR25 -- Report

Princess Melody goes to the Royal Greenhouse, despite her father's warnings. She should've listened about the dangerous snake lying in wait.

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