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Crimson Fairy
By Minako Tomoka
The Sequel of Carousel of Innocence
Chapter One: The Crimson Patriots
  Ever since I was a little girl, I had a recurring dream. It was a horrifying dream of being engulfed by flames, searing my flesh and burning me to death. Even before the Giants appeared, I saw it again and again. The strange thing is, though, when I do have this dream, I don`t feel afraid until I wake up. It should scare me, but in my mind, it feels so strange and tender...almost to the point of being suffocating. Why would I mention this, you ask? Well, because it`s the first thing that happened when I woke up for the Five Wings Aptitude Exam.
  I shot out of bed, panting and gasping, sucking in air. I brushed locks of my short, shoulder-length brown hair from my chestnut eyes. I crawled upright, my feet freezing on the icy wood floor. School would be starting soon. It was more of a bore than anything. It just seemed like more trouble than it was worth. I didn`t know what good it did, really. I`d probably be eaten before I got a chance to graduate, so what was the point? Unfortunately, this was the one day of school I wished I could skip.
  My name is Airi Yuuri, and as of now. I was one of the children lucky enough to be adopted from the Children`s Village before I turned 18. If I hadn`t, I would`ve become lunch a long time ago. But first, I should probably explain all that. It`s a long story, so I`ll give you the abridged version. Around ten years ago, the country was attacked by giant monsters.
And by that, I don`t mean Godzilla. I mean literal Giants, creatures that looked human, but stood at a towering height of 30 feet or more. They just appeared out of nowhere. It wasn`t until years later when I learned that the Giants had in fact been humans that were turned into monsters through brutal, unsanctioned government experiments. No one really knew why they did it. Probably just to see if they could. Why else?
  Either way, what they did resulted in this country being transformed into a nightmarish Orwellian dystopia. I lived in Cordon 28, what used to be Texas. The Giants controlled everything now. This wasn`t America anymore. It was the State. Our tall overlords possessed a heavy craving for human blood, so any human banished beyond the wall surrounding the city were pretty much being sent off to be eaten. It happened for a number of reasons. Dissidents, rebels, revolutionaries, criminals, the sick, dying, or generally unfit, the elderly, even the young- it didn`t matter, everyone was a potential meal. For me, it would be if I failed some stupid test. And I was not about to let that happen.
  I took off my nightgown, stripping down to my bare body. My skin was marred by innumerable scars and cuts. Even after all these years, they never faded. When the Giants first attacked a decade ago, the country was in anarchy. I was only six at the time. Six. You explain to a six year-old why a horde of Giants ate her parents right before her eyes, then proceeded to cut and slice her body with a gigantic blade, all of them laughing while doing so. My only saving grace was that someone came to save me. A stranger appeared and distracted the monsters long enough for me to run away. But, unluckily for him, my rescuer was eaten up within seconds. I can still hear the sound of his bones crunching, the sight of his blood splattering on the ground. It haunts me to this day.
  I slipped on my dull, frilly gray school dress, complete with a sailor-style collar and petticoat. I pulled on my knee-high socks and stepped into my shoes. After that, I headed off to the place I dreaded most- Five Wings Academy. My adopted parents had already left for work hours ago. They weren`t bad people, but there wasn`t much they could do for me, or even themselves.
They must have thought it was a big mistake adopting me, knowing full well that I would eventually become food.
  I didn`t know what they were thinking. I didn`t care. All I was thinking about was that test. I ran the questions through my brain over and over. I know it, I thought. I`ve got this. I`ll pass, and I won`t be sacrificed to the Giants. I won`t be devoured like my parents were. If I failed the Five Wings Aptitude Exam, the State would consider me unfit to continue breathing, and then ship me off to the hungry brutes beyond the wall. They called it eugenics. I called it livestock being sent to slaughter. That`s all it was, just an excuse to feed the Giants. After all, if they didn`t consume human blood after about a week, they would gradually deteriorate and die. In our situation, I guessed I could have thought it was nice enough for them to even give us a chance, and not just pluck us one by one like some murderous buffet. If only it were that simple.
  I stopped dead at the doors of Five Wings Academy. The institution was a rotten place, an old, old school that probably hadn`t been properly maintained since the early 1900`s. The stone walls were faded and weathered with age. Vines of ivy coated some spots, as if nature was trying to conceal the ugliness of this place. I noticed a water-warped poster tacked to the side wall. Something about joining a group called the Crimson Patriots.
  Apparently they were a group of human revolutionaries bent on overthrowing the Giants` empire and restoring America to its former glory. They had been responsible for many uprisings across the State, along with some blonde girl who fell in love with a Giant. The two of them ended up dying for their freedom together. How could you ever love a bloodthirsty monster like that? The last few words of the poster resonated with me. I didn`t know why. 'America is a tune. It must be sung together.'
  The school bell rang, dragging me back to my terrifying reality. There were prisoners on Death Row more excited about their pending visit with the electric chair than I was about the Five Wings Aptitude Exam. "Oh, crap! I`m going to be late!" In the end, I made it to class just in time. I plopped down at my desk, rubbing sleep out of my tired eyes as the teacher handed out a copy of the exam to each student. I averted my eyes from the paper. I didn`t even want to look at it. But when the timer rang, I had no choice. They gave me two hours to get this done. I had to get a 90% score if I wanted to live. There was no room for screwing around here.
  As I analyzed the questions, my jaw nearly hit the desk. This was not the same test I studied months ahead for. The questions were completely different. What the hell was going on here?
I looked around. Even the other students were bewildered. A few hands went up to ask questions, but they were shot down almost instantly. Those bastards, I thought. They did this purposely. They knew we were prepared, so they swapped everything. It was as if they wanted us to fail. They probably did. Still, I couldn`t let that stop me. I had to do this. I scanned furiously, summoning up every drop of mental energy to focus on my work. Thoughts of blood and fire crowded my brain, but I had to push them out.
  It`s not going to happen. IT`S NOT. You will pass. YOU HAVE TO. Sweat slithered down my armpits. My heart pounded against my ribs. My breathing became ragged, and I bit my lip until a sharp pain and a crimson drop emerged. It felt perpetual, never-ending. I thought that timer would never stop. Thankfully, I was able to concentrate hard enough on my work to keep myself from crumbling into a nervous breakdown.
  After two hours of agony, the timer buzzed. I slumped in my seat, swallowing a huge gulp of air. By God`s grace, it ended. Now, all I could do was wait for my results. I clasped my hands together and prayed to God, Allah, Buddha, whatever gods I could possibly pray to that I`d pass. The results didn`t take long. The teacher passed out our answer sheets. I swallowed my saliva and looked down.
  Once my eyes met that paper, a collective gasp rang out among the class, like an astonished symphony. My gasp was included among those. My results came out to 13%. Thirteen percent. No way in Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory. This was not possible. There was a bigger chance of running outside and trying to dodge rain than me failing the test that badly. I expected eighty, seventy-five, not THIRTEEN.
  A swirling cauldron of rage and terror exploded within me. I jumped from my chair and screamed, "You bastards! You rigged this!" My protests got me nowhere. The Enforcers showed up, as if they`d been in the break room just sitting around and waiting for us to fail. Kids kicked and screamed as they were dragged from the classroom one by one. I shuddered when a pair of huge hands clamped around my shoulders and yanked me from my chair. Now it was my turn to kick and scream. I did just that, even if it was useless. "Let me go!" I screamed, tears bubbling in my chestnut-brown eyes. "I don`t want to die! Please, STOP!"
  No one listened. No one cared. My pleas reached deaf ears. We were ripped out of the school and thrown out onto the street, where a military vehicle sat parked with its doors wide open.
I screamed until my throat was sore. I watched my fellow classmates being tossed into the vehicle one after the other. A couple Enforcers picked me up by my arms and legs. I glanced behind me one last time. The Crimson Patriots poster on the wall was gone. Instead, a streak of blood took its place. I blinked. Did I just see that? Am I hallucinating?
  I wasn`t given time to think about it. The Enforcers tossed me in the back of the car, then slammed the doors shut in my face. They rang with a hollow thud. I sprawled out on the ground, letting my tears pool up into a puddle on the floor. We were livestock being shipped off to the slaughterhouse. And there was nothing we could do about it. The trip outside the Cordon was complete and utter agony. Kids huddled around, trying to console each other. Meanwhile, I did not move from my spot on the floor.
  I`m going to be eaten, I thought. Just like my parents. I`ll be chewed up to shreds, or I`ll be swallowed whole and left to slowly digest and waste away like a cheap snack. Unlike last time, no knight in shining armor would come to my rescue. I just wanted to die. I wished there was a knife or something here, so I could slit my wrists. At least it`d be faster. I wished I could be consumed by the fire in my dream. Maybe that`s what the dream meant from the beginning. Impending death. Even if I heeded it, what could I do? I couldn`t leave the Cordon, and even if I could,
I`d end up in the Giants` domain. I had no place to run, and no place to hide.
  Just then, something happened. The car skidded to a halt, like the driver slammed the brakes. The next thing I knew, I was thrown against the back of the vehicle, along with a dozen other terrified students. Whatever happened, we were either flipping or being thrown through the air. Deafening screams shattered my ears. I clutched a metal bar, hanging on for dear life as the vehicle was thrashed back and forth by the unseen force outside the metal walls. Could this day get any worse? Yes, it could. A whole lot worse.
  The vehicle`s battering finally ended, and it flipped on its side. We slammed into the right wall. All the smashing had knocked open the doors. Rays of sunlight shined through like the light of Heaven. We had a chance to escape. We`d be stupid if we didn`t leave. One by one, we crawled out into daylight. I rolled on my back onto a dirt road. As I staggered to my feet, I realized we were in the middle of what could only be described as nowhere. Just a lone dirt road cutting through a forest like a snake in tall grass. No walls, no cities, just wilderness. "Where are we?"
I asked.
  We walked around the crashed vehicle, which looked more like a crumpled soda can now. I inhaled the rank, metallic scent of rotting blood. Puddles and streaks of it coated the ground, after all. I moved to the front, where the windshield had been smashed. The drivers weren`t dead. They were gone. I stared in confusion. Look, I don`t care how tough you are, you`re not just getting up and running into the woods after a crash like that, especially in the front seat, with the broken glass and everything. Plus, why would you just run off when there`s a dozen kids in the back? "Something`s not right about this," I said. "Everyone`s gone."
  A scream sliced the air like a knife. I whipped my head around, laying my eyes upon the one responsible for this carnage. A gigantic shadow cast over me. That shadow, in turn, belonged to a very, very tall woman. She had pale, milky-white skin and gleaming green eyes half-hidden behind a pair of glasses. Locks of curled, jet-black hair fell over her shoulders. The giant woman was clad in a puffy, lolita-style black dress, supported by some kind of petticoat. There was no question in my mind that she was a Giantess.
  She probably saw the convoy and took the opportunity to eat us. Now, seeing a Giantess with your own eyes is terrifying enough, but when said Giantess is clutching a bloodied, half-eaten corpse in her hand like a candy bar, you should run- fast. The Giantess glanced down at us petrified kids, watching us intently. "Hello there." She spoke in a very low, hushed tone. She opened her fang-lined mouth and crunched down on the remainder of her human meal, gulping and licking blood from her lips.
  We didn`t stick around anymore. We ran. We sped to the other side of the forest, intending to vanish into the woods. Those plans were dashed when a literal army jumped out at us. A group of soldiers dressed in red emerged from the brush, surrounding us on all sides. I found myself staring down the barrel of a rifle. I whirled around. The black-haired Giantess blocked our only path out. A shiver shot down my spine. "Don`t be afraid," the Giantess said. "I`m not going to eat you."
  If you`re trying to convince a bunch of frightened teenagers who are already on their way to be devoured that you`re not going to eat them, finishing off your human breakfast right in front of them probably won`t be helping your case much. Of course, her words did nothing to quell my fear. "Freeze, brats!" someone snapped. It sounded like a girl. Her voice was shrill like a bird. A few of the red-clad fighters shifted positions, allowing a young woman to step through.
  She couldn`t have been much older than me. Like the others, she wore a skin-tight crimson suit, except this one had a skirt-like protrusion at her waist. Her arm hung to her side, clutching a rifle. She had short, frizzled blonde hair, with a single loose strand hanging over her piercing, sky-blue eyes. Even though they were blue, they seemed like the red eyes of the Devil. I felt as if she were gazing into the depths of my soul. "Greetings, fellow warriors," she announced. "I am pleased to have so many new recruits."
  I shook my head. "Recruits? What is this? Who are you people?" The girl didn`t hesitate to reply. "We are the Crimson Patriots." My heart skipped a beat. The Crimson Patriots, the mysterious organization supposedly fighting for human liberation from Giants, was now standing right in front of me. I couldn`t believe it myself. "But...but why?" I asked. "Why us?"
  "You`re not really in a position to ask questions," the blonde girl answered, "but I guess I should probably fill in our new members. My name is Mahiru Kintaro, and I am the leader of the Crimson Patriots` Southern Division. We have several divisions across the country. Since more and more humans are being turned into fodder every day, we have to take new recruits whenever we can. We used to give out flyers and bring in new members under the radar within the Cordon, but that was a few years ago. The restrictions have become even more draconian since then. So now, we have to take whoever we can find, and that`s usually sacrifices. We ambushed you with the intent to take you under our wing as Crimson Patriots. I was hoping for more adults, but even kids have their place in the rebellion. With how the State`s been falling apart, we need all the help we can get. Now, get in line. You`re coming with us. Mairu, gather them up."
  The black-haired Giantess, whose name was Mairu, apparently, nodded and reached down for the other students and I. All we could do was stand there and shiver as the Giantess gathered us up in her arms. My stomach lurched, causing me to nearly vomit as I was lifted almost 30 feet into the air. I looked down, shuddering. I was never good with heights. Being locked in the arms of this monster wasn`t helping matters, either. "Are you scared?" Mairu asked. "You shouldn`t be. I won`t hurt you. I am with the Crimson Patriots."
  "Why are you with them?" I asked. "Aren`t they trying to kill all of you Giants?" Mairu shook her head. "I don`t mind much. I never wanted to become a Giant in the first place. I don`t like eating humans, but I get so hungry, I just can`t help myself." A shiver shot down my back. I could still smell blood. "We captured her a few years ago," Mahiru piped up. "She agreed to help us if we would protect her and keep her fed. Unfortunately, not all of our fellow Patriots are completely devoted to the cause. Mairu is the one there to clean out the trash in our organization. It`s a small price to pay for the sake of our country. But when it comes to those turncoat State-sponsored bastards, I couldn`t care less. Anyone who sells their soul to the enemy deserves death. America is a tune, and it must be sung together."
  I swallowed a rising lump in my throat. I didn`t trust these people. Something about them just seemed They didn`t seem like the gleaming patriots I had originally made them out to be. The trip to the Crimson Patriots` base of operations took way longer than I thought it would. My joints felt tight and stiff. I just wanted to be out of Mairu`s arms. Sure, she might have been working with the Patriots, but that didn`t change her carnivorous appetite, and the Patriots themselves didn`t seem like the most savory people out there, despite their righteous ideals.
  Their headquarters actually turned out to be the remains of an underground fallout shelter. No wonder no one knew jack about them. Their base was underground, the entrance hidden deep in the humid East Texas backwoods. It took us over an hour to get there, but it felt like an eternity. As we entered the subterranean world, the more and more this looked less like a bunch of rebels in the woods and more like a serious military operation. Assortments of guns, bullets, armored vehicles, and other heavy weapons beckoned me at every angle.
  Finally, Mairu came to a stop and placed us down on our feet. I could not have been more relieved to feel the ground. I sighed in relief. "Welcome to the headquarters of the Crimson Patriots` Southern Division," Mahiru announced. "This is where all the magic happens. In this base alone, we`ve got enough firepower to rival a small dictatorship. Name any weapon you can think of, and we`ve probably got it. We`ve got some very powerful people on our side. Government officials, military generals, anyone who wasn`t keen on bowing down and becoming a Giant`s lunch. Naturally, that includes me as well."
  "If that`s the case, then why haven`t you just attacked the Giants already?" I asked. "Only an idiot would do that," Mahiru answered brusquely. "The Giants are onto us, and it takes a hell of a lot of bullets to kill just one of them. Even with all our firepower, we don`t have nearly enough manpower to wage a traditional war. We Crimson Patriots choose to be a bit more secretive with our work. You`ll figure that out soon enough."
  She came to a stop. She gestured to the other fighters. "Take all the boys to the West Wing. I`ll deal with the girls. I think I`ve decided who`ll be our next Crimson Fairies."
The subordinates did as they were told, herding up the boys like sheep and leading them out of my sight. I was left behind with the rest of the girls, alone to face Mahiru and her goons,
with the Giantess standing right behind us. The blonde regarded us with piercing, cold eyes. She looked like she was analyzing us. "So, you think you got what it takes to be a Crimson Fairy?"
  A girl in the back raised her hand. "What`s a Crimson Fairy?" Mahiru smiled strangely, as if she were pleased to put all her knowledge on display by answering people`s questions. "In any war, espeonage is often what makes or breaks the outcome. We`ve found that Giants have a sweet spot for little girls. Not just for eating, but also for keeping as pets and playthings. So, we took advantage of that weakness by using young girls such as yourself as undercover sacrifices. We dubbed them the 'Crimson Fairies.'
  "Simply put, you`re our little spies. You`ll be fitted with a dress that has a hidden camera and microphone sewn into it, so we can see everything that you see. The Giants` realm is a mystery to many humans. Those who see it under normal circumstances never come back alive. With you, we can reveal their weaknesses and strategize for our next plan of attack. In that way, the Crimson Fairies are like our scouts. It may seem easy, but just because you`re not being showered with bullets doesn`t mean your lives aren`t in danger. If you`re found out, rest assured you`re going on a one-way trip to the belly of a Giant. It`s not for the faint of heart."
  This was making me mad. She just hauled us off, and was now deciding to throw us into the den of Giants against our will? I finally spoke up. "Wait, this is ridiculous. Shouldn`t we be trained or something? How can you just send us out there with nothing? You`re asking us to die." Mahiru`s eyes narrowed. Her pupils burned with a rising anger. I had said too much. "Your questions are starting to piss me off," she growled. "What`s your name, brat?"
  I gritted my teeth. Who did she think she was, calling me a brat? She was only a couple years older than me. That didn`t mean anything. "Who the hell died and made you queen?" I spat. "What gives you the right to decide that we`re just going to give up our lives for you, huh? And for your information, I have a name, and it`s Airi Yuuri. If you think I`m just going to march off and die against my will for your stupid army, then you better-"
  The words died in my throat. A horrid, dull pain burst in my gut. A collective gasp rang in my ears. I crashed down on my back, lungs deflating, gasping for air. The wind was knocked out of me. I soon figured out why. Mahiru stood with her boot jabbed out, then returned to a standing position. I couldn`t believe it. She kicked me in the stomach. I dragged myself to my knees, coughing up blood. "Pathetic," Mahiru spat. "You`re so damn weak, it`s laughable. Believe me, what the Giants will do to you is gonna hurt way more than me kicking you. I didn`t even kick that hard."
  She approached me, kneeling down. Her hand ran through my hair, then twisted the locks and yanked my head back, sending a shooting pain down my scalp. I cried out in pain. "Listen up, Ms. Airi Yuuri," Mahiru snarled. "You belong to the Crimson Patriots now. We own you. We can do whatever we please with you. Can`t you see what you`re doing here? You`re going to fight for your country.
Do you really want your descendants to be trampled beneath the boots of those monsters? I don`t think so. The rest of you should take this as an example."
  She released my hair and stepped back. One of her fellow fighters handed her a massive rifle. It was the strangest gun I had ever laid eyes on. It looked like a sniper rifle stripped down to its most basic parts. It had a long, thin, stick-like barrel capped by a flash suppressor. It was almost as long as she was tall. Mahiru seemed to regain her composure. She acted as if her assault on me never even happened.
  "This is the PTRD-41," she explained. "It`s an anti-tank rifle used by the Soviet Union in World War II. The bullets were designed to pierce through tank armor. With this baby, it takes just one straight shot to a Giant`s heart, and it`s lights out." She tossed me one of the bullets. It was the size of my palm. "When the time is right, we`ll give you one of these rifles, along with a bag full of medical-grade anesthesia to numb the pain when the Giants get around to tormenting you, which they will, no doubt."
  Her voice elevated to an unsettlingly shrilly pitch. It made nails on a chalkboard sound like Mozart. I wished I had earplugs. "But remember! You are the Crimson Fairies! Your sacrifice is for the sake of your country`s future! Humans are worthless! Giants are worthless as well! Show those brutes that your fruitless, meaningless lives can still bloom! In the name of the Crimson Patriots, you will be thrown headfirst into a sea of blood and come to know war!"
Chapter Two: A Modest Proposal
  After all the horrible, crazy crap that I went through yesterday, I didn`t think it could get any worse. But it did. It got a lot worse. The next day, I was flung face-first out of the frying pan and into the fire. The Crimson Patriots placed me and the other girls in a separate dormitory that was apparently used by the former Crimson Fairies. I didn`t need to ask what happened to the old ones. Can`t say I slept well in the bed of a dead girl, not to mention I might as well have been sleeping on a rock.
  When I did finally drift off, I probably only got an hour of sleep before Mahiru Kintaro`s ear-raping, shrilly voice shattered my somewhat peaceful rest. "Up and at `em, ladies!"
she screeched. I shot up out of bed, panting. I mopped sweat from my brow. God, it was hot in here. I must`ve lost ten pounds in sweat alone. No one else seemed particularly thrilled about waking up to a Mahiru alarm clock either, as the other girls moaned and muttered profanity under their breath. "Get up, you worthless wastes of sperm!" Mahiru shrieked. "Today is your first mission! Move it and make your meaningless lives worth something, for the sake of your country!"
  I wanted to punch her so badly. Rage rose up in me like a swarm of angry hornets. But I held back, because I still felt the dull pain of her kick in my gut. I followed the other girls in a line to the dressing room, where a few older women fitted us in our special dresses. I just happened to get a frilly beige blouse with a red plaid skirt. Could`ve been worse. A small wire and a tiny recording device was sewn into a pocket near the chest area. I did not want to do this. I really didn`t. I feared being sent to the Giants all my life, and I was being sent off to them anyway, by the people who were supposed to be our saviors. What a lie. I didn`t sign up for this patriotic bullshit.
  After our little dress-up, we were herded into an open space that resembled an aircraft hangar, minus the planes. Mahiru stood before us, her blue eyes just as stabbing as ever. She glared daggers at me. I shivered. "Greetings, my fellow warriors!" she announced. "From this day foward, you are Crimson Fairies! As Patriots, our mission is extermination! Not a single enemy spared! Those monsters have shown no mercy to us, so we will show no mercy to them! Show the commitment born from casting your lives away! You will offer your loyalty, your obedience, and then your very souls! Once our mission is over, and this country is reclaimed by its rightful owners, then we can reshape America, in the name of the Crimson Patriots! Your mission as undercover sacrifices begins now!" She slammed the butt of her rifle on the ground, creating an echoing clatter.
  And with that, my mission as an unwilling spy for a human resistance movement began. The Giantess Mairu arrived to whisk us off to the other side of the wall, into the land of Giants. She carried us in a massive plexiglass box. "I know you`re all frightened," she said, "but you can`t give up. I can`t guarantee that all of you will make it out of here alive. No matter what they do to you, you must perservere. Believe me, I don`t want to do this any more than you do, but it is my duty as a fellow Patriot, and it is yours too." I scoffed. "How much have they brainwashed you, huh? You really think they`re just patriotic freedom fighters? They captured you and pretty much made your their slave, like they`ve done to us. Doesn`t that make you angry?"
  Mairu shook her head. "I cannot say I agree with all of their methods, but they are effective. We are far more widespread and powerful than we were just five years ago, when we first began. Lady Kintaro is a bit unstable, but she is a strong leader. If it weren`t for her, the Southern Division would have collapsed long ago. I never asked to be a Giantess. I was turned into this against my will. Unlike many other Giants, my humanity still remains. Even though I must consume blood to survive, if I can use my power to help others, then I may not think of myself as such a monster."
  My face fell. My stomach tightened in knots. I remembered what I saw when I was six. That memory was engraved into my brain. There was no way whatever Giant I`d be sent to was going to be as forgiving as Mairu. Entering the Giants` realm was like being on another planet. Everything in the city loomed above me at a gargantuan size. I looked down, grateful I wasn`t standing on the ground. I`d be stepped on pretty quickly. I shuddered at the sight of the Giants milling around the city. The same monsters that devoured my parents before my very eyes and marred my body with scars now stood all around me. Only a single wall of plexiglass separated me from them. Unnerving didn`t even begin to describe it.
  At the end of it all, Mairu had a pet store-like setup. Was this what happened to sacrifices? Were human pets really that popular among these beasts? Apparently, they were, because within ten minutes, a Giant arrived to either get a snack or a new pet. Once my eyes fell upon him, every joint in my body loosened. I felt like I had melted into a puddle. He wore a huge white trenchcoat, trimmed by ivory fur. His mainly white clothing contrasted from his fiery auburn hair and emerald-green eyes. He emanated an air of sophistication, like an important person you should probably be bowing to. I just huddled and shivered like everyone else.
  Mairu seemed to recognize him. The Giantess bowed. "Good morning, Grigori Mizuki. How may I help you today?" Grigori Mizuki, I thought. I didn`t know much about the Grigori, but I had overheard the name a few times. From what I gathered, they were a group of three very powerful Giants who wielded supreme and absolute authority over the State, its Cordons, and its Overlords.
What did Mahiru want us to do? Assassinate him?
  Mizuki bent down before the glass case to get a closer look at us. I recoiled at the sight of his enormous face. A smirk crossed his lips. "I`m looking for a pet," he said. He spoke in a soft, almost angelic tone. "I must say, all of these girls look rather cute. And tasty, too. Would you mind if I tried one of them?" For once, Mairu actually showed emotion. She looked panicked. "S-sir, you can`t-"
  Mizuki completely ignored her. He dipped his hand into the glass cage. I rushed to the opposite wall and pressed my back against it so I wouldn`t be grabbed. My breathing turned raspy and ragged. One of the girls got plucked, a small girl with long black hair. Mizuki pulled her from the cage and dangled her in front of his face. She whimpered and flailed. "P-put me down!" she shrieked. "Please, don`t hurt me!" The red-haired Giant sneered. "Aww, don`t be scared. I`m not going to hurt you. But I am going to eat you."
  The girl`s eyes nearly burst from her skull. My stomach turned to lead. "Sir, please stop!" Mairu begged. "Sorry, no can do!" Mizuki chuckled. He parted his lips and raised the girl above his open mouth. She screamed and begged for mercy, while the rest of us watched in utter fear. Even Mairu couldn`t do anything. He was much bigger than her, and even if he wasn`t, there would be severe consequences for anyone who laid hands on a Grigori, I realized that much.
  Mizuki dropped the girl into his mouth, pushing her around like a jawbreaker for a little while before driving his fangs into her back, impaling her. Drops of blood dribbled down his lips, which he caught with his slithering tongue. He tilted back his head and slurped up his meal, making an exaggerated swallowing sound while doing it. He raised his neck so I could see his throat muscles at work as he gulped down what used to be a student of Five Wings Academy. Mahiru was not joking. We were not making it out of this alive.
  "Well, she tasted pretty good," Mizuki snickered. "Very sweet and juicy, like candy. So, now that I know you`re all quality prey, which one of you shall I pick?" He bent over, scanning each of us with greedy, hungry eyes. Every nerve in my body bristled. Please, please don`t take me, I prayed. Anyone but him! Hot tears streamed down my face as I trembled uncontrollably, terrified to be snatched away by this horrible beast.
  After a few moments of browsing, his eyes fell upon me. He grinned, showing pointed teeth. "Hmm, I think I like this one. Even though she`s still rather young, she looks like she`s got something of a womanly body, and a large chest, at that. She seems like the kind of girl I`d enjoy playing with. What`s her name?"
  "A-Airi...Yuuri," Mairu stammered. The Giant stood up and placed his hands on his hips in a dramatic fashion. "Then it`s decided! I`ll pick Ms. Airi Yuuri!" I felt like I`d just shattered into a million pieces. I wished the floor would open up and swallow me. Mairu nodded. "Very well. I hope you enjoy her." She pulled a large box foward and reached down, grasping me by the collar and plucking me from the glass cage. She dropped me into the box and closed it up, sealing me in pitch-darkness. I cried and screamed as I clawed at the walls, frantically searching for a way to escape. I found nothing. Why!? I thought. Why do I have to be a Crimson Fairy?!
  When Mizuki took me to his lair, he placed the box on its side and opened it up. I took off like a speeding bullet. I hid under a table, since it was the nearest hiding spot. "Aww, don`t run away," Mizuki said. "Am I really that frightening? There`s no need to be afraid. I`m your owner now, Miss Airi. I promise I`ll take good care of you. Now, come out and say hello." I didn`t have a choice. Unless I wanted to end up like the girl he gobbled up, I decided I must comply with all of his demands. My mission was to spy on him and uncover his weaknesses, after all.
  I took slow, diligent steps, crawling out from beneath the table. I stood in the Giant`s shadow, trembling. My brain could barely process how tall he was. He made Mairu look small. I got dizzy just from looking up at him. Not to mention it hurt my neck. Should I get on my knees and start begging now? Or should I wait until he starts torturing me? I opted for the former. "P-please, sir...please don`t eat me."
  Mizuki looked amused by my pathetic display. "Oh, you don`t have to worry about that. You`re my pet, I wouldn`t eat you. You wouldn`t eat your pets, would you?" He squatted down and slipped his fingers beneath me, dragging me into his hands. "My, you are cute. I think I made the right choice picking you. We`re going to have so much fun together, Airi. You must be hungry. I`ll make you some food, how does that sound?" I nodded weakly. "Y-yes...that sounds fine."
  He moved me up onto the table, placing me down in the center. Thank God. If I had to look over the edge, I`d probably vomit. "I`ll be right back, so don`t go anywhere," Mizuki said.
It wasn`t like I could. He strolled off to the kitchen, leaving me alone in the huge house. The Giants definitely had it good. His house looked like a mansion scaled up to mega-size. I guessed being a Grigori had its perks. I expected him to have maids and butlers, but as far as I could tell, no one else was here. Maybe they took the day off.
  So, this is what`s beyond the wall, I thought. While I lived in poverty with my adopted parents who were nearly worked to death to provide for these brutes, Mizuki lived without a care in the world. Maybe the Crimson Patriots had a point. This was not right, no matter how you looked at it. It was tyranny at its finest.
  Mizuki returned with the food, placing a huge plate down in front of me. He had made pancakes, and holy crap, they smelled good. I inhaled the warm, sweet scent, and drool poured into my mouth. The pancakes were also twice my size, so at least I didn`t have to worry about going hungry anymore. I reached out for the food, but Mizuki blocked me, pushing a giant fork in front of me.
I quickly staggered back, gulping at the large prongs. He could easily impale me if he wanted to. "I`ll be the one to feed you," he said, tearing a small piece of pancake with the fork.
  He lowered it down in front of me. "Now, open wide." I did as I was told, hoping my mouth could accomodate all that. The piece was nearly the size of my head. Without warning, he shoved the pancake into my mouth. I couldn`t react fast enough. I ended up gagging, my throat expanding to force it all down. I didn`t even get a chance to chew. I swallowed hard and forced the food down my throat before I choked. "Wha...what are you doing?!" I sputtered. "Are you trying to kill me!?"
  Mizuki didn`t seem to get the message. The next forkful wasn`t any gentler. In fact, it seemed like he was jamming the pancake down my throat even harder. I gagged and choked, gasping out for air. I tried shouting out, telling him to stop, but all that came out was a panicked mumble. Tears welled up in my eyes. I managed to force down the last piece without choking to death.
I backed away and snapped, "Stop it! You`re choking me! At this rate, you`re going to kill me!" I hunched over and coughed, trying to catch my breath.
  "Oh, was that too much for you?" Mizuki snickered. "My apologies, I didn`t think you were so weak." I clenched my teeth. "I hate you! You`re a monster! Why`d I have to get stuck with a horrible person like you!?" The Giant`s expression morphed into displeasure. I had made a big mistake. He waved the fork around unsettlingly. I shivered, fearing the moment when he`d spear it through me. "You think I`m mean, do you? What a shame. I can be a lot meaner than this. I was actually being nice, but you`ve put me in a bad mood. Pets aren`t supposed to disobey their masters. You must be an ill-bred, untrained human."
  He reached out to me, and all I could do was tremble as he shoved me down on my back, holding me in place by pressing his index finger into my chest. I could feel my ribs caving in. I gasped for breath, struggling and squirming. "Please...stop...I can`t breathe..."
  "Good," Mizuki snarled. "You`re not supposed to." He lifted the fork, and I shuddered. Was he going to skewer me with it? The Giant dragged the prongs through a puddle of maple syrup left behind on the plate, then raised it above my head, allowing the sweet, sticky liquid to drip down and drench my body. I wiped the syrup from my eyes and gaped as the monster licked his lips.
"Don`t tell me you`re going to eat me now!" I screeched. Mizuki smirked. "Maybe, maybe not. That`s for me to know and you to find out. Just looking at you covered in syrup is making my stomach rumble. Let`s have a taste, shall we?"
  He twined his fingers around my tiny body, raising me up to his open mouth. I gasped at the frame of sharp teeth eclipsing his rippling throat. "STOP IT!" I screamed, sobbing out loud.
He didn`t listen. He lowered me into his maw, then snapped his jaws shut, his fangs nearly scissoring my arm off in the process. The interior of the Giant`s maw was wet, slimy, humid, pitch-black, and absolutely miserable. I inhaled the scent of rotting meat, like a dead carcass. It smelled like death.
  The tongue wrapped around me like a tentacle, pushing me back and forth. I kicked and clawed at the slithering appendage, but that did nothing to stop the monster from savoring me. Tears burned down my cheeks. This is it, I thought. He`s going to eat me. This is how I`m going to die. I just hope it ends quickly.
  Just as I thought that, fate finally decided to shine in my favor, if only for a moment. Mizuki spat me out onto the plate of mutilated pancakes, leaving me drenched in saliva. Without a doubt, it was the grossest and scariest thing I had ever experienced. "Why...why did you do that?!" I sputtered. "I just wanted to see how you`d react," Mizuki replied, sneering. "Your pathetic struggling was pretty entertaining. I guess you are a fun pet to have around. I wouldn`t mind doing that again."
  I never wanted to go through that again. "Screw you!" I took off, racing across the table as fast as my feet would carry me. I didn`t get far. Mizuki slammed his palm down on me, trapping me underneath. "Oh, you silly little human! Did you really think I`d let you escape me that easily?" He plucked me by the collar and rolled me around in his palms. My stomach lurched into my throat as he tossed me in the air and caught me in his hands, treating me like some sort of toy. The remains of the pancakes I`d been force-fed threatened to come back up on me. Begging him to stop was useless. I just didn`t want to fall. If he dropped me, I was dead, simple as that.
  He whisked me off to the bathroom, where he had a basin of warm water set up, as if he planned this all along. "What, are you going to drown me now?" I whimpered, all hope for a peaceful existence with this monster long gone. "Of course not," the Giant answered. "I`ll be cleaning you up. You`ll get all stiff if I leave you soaked in my spit like that. I`m excited to see what you look like underneath that dress. Off with these annoying clothes."
  I gulped, praying he wouldn`t find the recording devices sewn into my clothes. That was, if they even still worked after the saliva bath. He pried me out of the dress, tossing the clothing to the side. I laid butt naked in his palm, my skin coated in scars. I watched him gaze upon my bare body. I clenched up, blushing, trying to hold back a nosebleed. "I must say, you have a very beautiful form, Airi," Mizuki said. "Despite still being young, you almost have the body of a woman. Take it as a compliment." I chuckled nervously. "Uhh...thanks?"
  I got dunked straight into hot water. I bit my tongue to hold back a scream. Eventually, I got used to it. Mizuki stroked my body with his fingertips, clearing away the sticky saliva and syrup. " you do these things?" I asked. "Am I really just a toy for your amusement?"
  "Now why would you ask me something like that?" Mizuki said. "You`re my pet. We Giants treat humans a bit differently than you might treat a dog or a cat, but in the end, you`re still prey.
I can`t treat you on an equal level with me, not with my bloodlust. If I get hungry for blood, I can just eat you up without a second thought. You can try to go about it however you want, but it won`t matter in the end. Drinking blood for survival or sport- it`s all the same to our tiny human prey. However we justify our reasons, we Giants are still nothing but monsters to you. That won`t change."
  I sighed hollowly. He was right. Even though Mairu intended no harm toward me, I feared her just the same, because I had seen what the Giants can do to people. "One thing I do have to ask, though, where did you get all of those scars from?" Mizuki asked. Tears burned in the back of my eyes. I wasn`t eager to dig up those awful memories. Reluctantly, I answered, "From your bretheren. When I was small, a group of Giants devoured my mother and father right in front of me. I was paralyzed by fear. I couldn`t do anything. They held me down and cut me up with a huge blade, slurping the blood from my wounds." I stroked a cut running all the way down my forearm. "I was so scared. It felt like the end of the world. I thought I was going to die. Maybe it would have been better if I died then. At least I wouldn`t have to suffer now."
  Mizuki`s eyes softened. "Oh, you poor thing. There are some real barbarians among us, I`ll say that much. Giants that make someone like me look tame. There`s lots of them beyond the walls, ones who don`t obey the State`s rules. I should probably get around to subduing them. But first, why don`t I do something to make you feel better?" He lifted me from the water and moved me up to his face. I pressed my arms against my chest, watching my nervous reflection in his huge green eyes.
  His lips parted, and his tongue slithered out, reaching down to my lower areas. I got all clammy at the sensation of his wet tongue against my skin. The appendage worked its way into my body, causing intense tingles to ripple through me. My face grew bright red. I moaned in ecstacy, despite the fact I was essentially being raped by Mizuki`s tongue. "Resistance is futile," he snickered. "You may think 'I hate this, this is so violating,' but in truth, your body loves it. I can tell just by the look on your face. Too bad there isn`t a mirror, so you can see your lewd expressions. What a perverted girl you are. It`s even making me aroused. You still taste delicious too."
  His tongue squeezed deeper into my wet walls, causing me to scream out even louder. Tremors of pleasure wracked me to my core. I curled my toes and hugged my sides, moaning loudly. My dripping flower pulsated over the rippling strip of flesh slithering within me. I had never felt anything like this before. It was amazing on so many levels. I wasn`t even scared. I just wanted more, like a starving beast. This was not romance, it was raw, intense, primal. I was consuming lust, not making love.
  For the first time in my life, I rocketed to my climax. My fluttering muscles smoothed out, and I cried out in pleasure as a flood of fluids burst out of me. Then, everything calmed down. Mizuki slurped up my fluids, showing a toothy grin. My virginity had just been stolen by a 30 foot-tall, red-haired, green-eyed, human-devouring demon. And I enjoyed it. "How erotic," Mizuki chuckled. "For your first time, you reacted well. So, are you feeling better?"
  I just nodded. I couldn`t speak. Every fiber of my being was drained. In that moment, I forgot about everything. The State, the Crimson Patriots, my scars, my parents` deaths, being eaten- everything just dissolved, and now, I was exhausted. I collapsed in the palm of Mizuki`s hand.
  If he was trying to disarm me and make me a compliant pet, he was doing a damn good job. He even redressed me, since I felt like a limp doll. The Giant carried me off to the living room and plopped down on the couch, resting me upon his great chest. I didn`t protest. I didn`t struggle. I just laid still and quiet, passing out into the arms of unconsciousness.
The End...
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Crimson Fairy By minakotomoka14

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The tale of the giant dystopia at last draws to its close with the tale of Airi Yuuri, a young lady given up as a sacrifice to the Giants after failing the Five Wings Aptitude Exam, a proctored test set to determine which humans are worthy of being allowed to continue their service to the State. However, she is instead rescued by the Crimson Patriots, who demand that she work for them as an 'undercover sacrifice,' a person sent to the Giants as pet to gather information about their weaknesses. Being one of these is not easy, as most of them are killed or eaten before they even find anything meaningful, but for Airi, finding the truth may result in something even worse...

This is an unfinished story, planned to be the finale to the Broken Sweetheart series. As such, only two chapters were completed.

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Posted by haterq 2 months ago

this shit is really well written but also fucked up. it's a lot more like im reading a science fiction story then smut


Posted by minakotomoka14 2 months ago

Thank you, I'm glad you like it! That was the intention I had while I was writing it, after all.


Posted by Adder4118 2 months ago

I lije that santa background puc you got and if theres a way you coukd sebd it can you ^^


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Your the best ^^


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