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Broken Sweetheart Bonus Story: A Day at the Beach
By Minako Tomoka
  I sheepishly peeked out of Suzuki`s pocket, gazing at the dystopian marvel of Hakutai City. It had been a few days since I was sacrificed to the Giants, only to be kept as a personal pet to a Giant named Suzuki, a sadistic beast who loved nothing more than to torment me and attempt to eat me. I didn`t know how I hadn`t had a heart attack and died yet. It seemed as though destiny was intent on making me suffer for as long as possible. "W-where are you taking me?" I asked, my voice quivering.
  Suzuki noticed the nervousness in my tone. "Aww, don`t be afraid," he replied sweetly. "I have no plans on hurting you. I thought I`d do something nice for you today, actually." I snorted.
His idea of 'nice' was much different from mine. "Why am I having a hard time believing you? Plus, you didn`t answer my question."
  "We`re going to the beach, of course!" Suzuki cheered. "When Cordon 27 was still called Florida, it was well-known for its beaches, and Hakutai City is certainly no exception. I quite enjoy going swimming myself." I should have been happy. But I wasn`t, because I knew this was just some plan for Suzuki to torture me. "Okay, but please be careful," I said. "I can`t swim very well."
  "Ah, no need to worry," Suzuki reassured me. "If you drowned, I couldn`t play with you anymore, and that would be a shame. I promise I`ll be gentle, Minako." After a short walk, the sprawling shoreline finally came into view. The scent of saltwater wafted in the air. Ocean waves gently lapped at the shore, the sea appearing to stretch out infinitely. I wondered what the rest of the world was like, beyond this miserable place. Blinding sunrays beat down on me.
  Being cooped up in Suzuki`s pocket for so long made sweat drip down my face. "Aren`t you hot?" I asked. "I mean, you`re wearing that big, heavy coat, and I feel like I`m being roasted alive in here." Suzuki sighed. "Yes, indeed I am. But I won`t be for long! Are you ready, little one?" My cheeks reddened as I came to a very stupid realization. "Umm, on second thought, I don`t know if I can go swimming. I don`t have a bathing suit or anything, and I doubt there`s something my size around here."
  "My, what a dilemma," Suzuki chuckled. "You are wearing undergarments, correct?" I nodded. "Well, then just wear those!" Suzuki continued. "You`re coming with me whether you want to or not.
If I leave you on shore, someone will eat you, simple as that." I frowned. I wasn`t keen on becoming a snack. "Okay...I understand."
  Suzuki made his way to the changing room and sat down. He plucked me out of his pocket, placing me down next to him. Thankfully, we were alone for the time being. The blue-haired Giant began unlacing his boots and stripping off his heavy-looking outfit. "Well? What are you waiting for? You won`t be able to swim very well in that dress." I turned away, my cheeks as red as cherries.
I couldn`t believe I was doing this. I pulled off my long black stockings and worked my way out of my dull gray school dress. I then removed my petticoat, leaving nothing but my bra and panties.
It wasn`t exactly appropriate swimwear, but in my situation, I just had to be grateful I was even alive.
  Then, I watched Suzuki strip down to his swimming shorts. Once I laid eyes upon his gigantic, bare body, my feminine instincts kicked into overdrive. I found myself blushing like an idiot, just staring in awe. His body was very slim, pale, and tight on all edges. His arms were a bit more muscular than I had expected. For a creature who devoured people on a regular basis, his stomach was quite flat. I couldn`t help but be enthralled by his beauty. He looked like a god. That was the only way I could describe him. I clamped a hand over my face to hold back a nosebleed. How could I possibly be attracted to a human-ingesting monster like him?
  "Oh, are you staring at me?" Suzuki piped up. "You are a perverted little girl, aren`t you? I suppose I can`t blame you, though. It isn`t too often that a mere human gets to witness the full majesty of a Giant." I shook my head and turned away. I felt like such a bad girl. "N-no, I wasn`t!" Suzuki scooped me up into his palm and whisked me off to the shoreline. "Now, don`t be ashamed. It`s only natural for a girl such as yourself. I`ll allow you to gaze upon me all you wish."
  He took me into the water, roughly sloshing through the waves. With every step he took, I bounced and lurched around in his hand violently. I gripped his thumb, praying he wouldn`t let me fall. The rippling seawater looked like it was 100 feet below me. In just a few strides, we were well past the point that I would call 'deep water.' Then again, Suzuki was way bigger than me, so water that would make me drown would probably be like a puddle to him.
  When the water level crept just a few inches above his waist, he finally stopped. I hunched over, shivering. "Seriously, I really can`t swim well, so please don`t let me drown!" Suzuki smirked. "Of course I won`t!" He let himself fall backwards into the water, and that was when I knew he had no intentions of keeping me safe. I pinched my nose, covered my mouth, and closed my eyes as Suzuki crashed into the waves with a tsunami-like impact. I fell under immediately, grasping his fingers as tight as I could so I wouldn`t be swept away. Stinging saltwater bit at my eyes as I was suddenly thrust upwards, out of the ocean, locked tight in Suzuki`s grip.
  I gasped so hard I felt my lungs creep into my throat. I hunched over, coughing and hacking. When I got my voice back, I sputtered, "W-what`s wrong with you?! You call that being careful!? You`re going to kill me!" Suzuki laid me down in the palm of his hand, gently stroking my back. "You`re right, I suppose I did get a bit too carried away. I apologize, little one. I promise I won`t do it again. Now, let`s just try to relax."
  He placed me on top of his head, nestled in his wet, matted blue hair. I gripped his hair tightly as he began swimming around, ferrying me through the water. It felt bizarre, like riding on a giant sea dragon or something. Suzuki was an amazing swimmer, much better than I`d ever be. He moved about gracefully, gently stroking across the water. Splatters of salty spray flew up in my face as he paddled around. I could tell he was trying his best to actually be careful this time, and not accidentally throw me off in the process. Even if I slipped and fell into the sea from this height, if I wasn`t seriously injured, I`d be drowning in approximately 3.5 seconds. Seriously, that`s how bad I was. Not that I really had any time to learn how to swim properly.
  Before the Giants took over, I had to be careful around large bodies of water with my mom, just in case she tried to drown me or something, and after the Giants took the country as their personal buffet, well, let`s just say recreation was on the back burner for most citizens of Cordon 27. Prior to this nightmare, I had only been to the beach on a few rare occasions with my friends. Being here now, though- even if it was on the back of a man-eating giant- it actually felt pretty nice. I loved the ocean, and I was certain I`d never see it again. Just being able to go swimming today was probably the best I had felt the whole time since I became Suzuki`s pet girl.
  After a few long minutes had passed, Suzuki plucked me from his hair, holding me by the nape of the neck with his dripping wet fingers, then leaned over to make himself float on his back.
He placed me on top of his chest. "So, how do you like it?" he asked with a big smile on his face. "Are you enjoying yourself? You`re happy I brought you here, aren`t you?" I couldn`t exactly reciprocate, since I saw nothing but sharp, hungry fangs in his grin, but I answered, "Yeah, I can`t believe I`m saying this, but this is actually really nice. This is probably the best I`ve felt since you took me. Thanks, Suzuki."
  "Well, you may be my pet, but you are still a human," Suzuki replied. "You do need to have some stimulation from time to time. Otherwise, you`d grow lonely and depressed. You might even try to do something rash in your captivity, like taking your own life, and I wouldn`t want to see you die." I got a little pain in my chest when he said that. He didn`t know about the time I almost swallowed a bottle of sleeping pills to commit suicide, just so I wouldn`t become his breakfast. If I had taken the pills then, I would have never met him, and I wouldn`t be here now. I didn`t know if I should have considered myself lucky, but at the moment, I was in fact happy to be alive.
  I yawned loudly and sprawled out on Suzuki`s body, then suddenly jumped up once I realized what I was doing. My face turned red. "I-I didn`t mean that!" I stammered, panicking. "Oh, I don`t mind," Suzuki grinned. "It doesn`t bother me at all. You may lay upon me, walk on me, and touch me all you wish." Since I had his approval, I laid down on my stomach, returning to my original position. Being so close to his bare body made me feel a little tingly inside. I shivered at the sensation of his moist skin against my own.
  I had slept on top of him in the past, and while it was always strangely comfortable, this was different. Even Suzuki himself seemed different. Maybe a little more caring, a little less sadistic. Before I knew it, I had completely brought my guard down. I began stroking his smooth skin with my fingers without even noticing it. Suzuki`s odd comments made me notice, however.
"Ahh, that feels rather nice..."
  I moved like lightning, quickly dragging myself into a sitting position, backing away from the spot. I crawled onto his stomach, about to scream with embarrassment. "You darn pervert! How can you even be attracted to me?! I`m so tiny you can probably barely see me most of the time!" Suzuki blinked. "But I believe you were the one stroking my body, and I didn`t even ask you to. That`s dedication if I`ve ever seen it. The fact that you are a tiny human means nothing. I`ve devoured many girls your age and younger, don`t think you`re special just because you haven`t ended up in my mouth yet. And trust me, I can see you just fine. You`re mistaken. I am not attracted by you, but I cannot say that you are not attracted by me."
I squeezed my fists, my mind overflowing with humiliation. I couldn`t force my blushing to go away. "Just...just drop it!"
  Suzuki stifled a chuckle. "Very well. I`ll leave it there, then." The next couple hours were way more enjoyable, at least from my point of view. Suzuki even helped me swim by cupping his hands underneath me and catching me when I started to sink. I at least had to try to learn how to swim half-decently, in case I ever needed to swim my way out of a gigantic pot of boiling soup.
It was amazing, really. Suzuki actually seemed kind, or kinder than usual. He seemed more like a very tall person rather than just a monster.
  But of course, the pleasant times had to end eventually. Suzuki stood up and stretched his arms, yawning loudly. A chill shot down my back as a hungry rumbling emanated from his stomach.
"Oh, my," he chuckled. "I suppose all that swimming really worked up an appetite! I think it`s about time we call it a day. What do you say, Minako?" I suddenly found myself too frightened to even speak. "Uhh, yeah, let`s get going. Maybe we can stop at a restaurant or something on the way home."
  Suzuki scratched his chin. "Yes, you have a point, but...I need a little something to hold me over until then." A wicked smirk crossed his face. "Wait, I just had an epic idea! Why don`t we play a little game? You try to swim to shore as fast as you can, and I`ll try to catch you! To make it easier for you, I`ll put you in the shallower water, and I`ll even handicap myself. For this game, I can only grab you in my mouth. If I catch you...I`m going to slurp you up like a wet noodle!"
  I gaped in horror. "S-Suzuki, I don`t want to do this! Please, I don`t want to be eaten!" He didn`t look concerned at all. "Well then, if you don`t want to be eaten, then you better swim to shore as quickly as you can. I was helping you in your swimming before in preperation for this game." I grimaced. "You jerk! I knew you`d do something like this-"
  He slipped his hands out from underneath me, and I crashed down into the water. I had to block a scream as I went under, hurriedly waving my arms to push myself upward. When I reached the surface, Suzuki was crouched down like a cat preparing to pounce. "Are you ready, Minako? One...two...three...go!" He lunged at me, his mouth wide open.
  My mind shifted into panic mode. I began paddling through the choppy waters as fast as my arms would allow me to. Meanwhile, Suzuki pounced after me, jumping and snapping at my heels. I was afraid of drowning, but I was terrified of being slurped alive, so the latter took first priority. I ended up floundering around more than anything, but I was able to keep myself moving. Salty spray splashed up in my face, stinging my eyes. My heart pounded in my chest so hard, I was certain I`d die of a heart attack before I made it to shore.
  Speaking of which, the shoreline looked like it was miles away. No matter how much I moved, I never seemed to get closer any faster than a snail`s pace. Meanwhile, Suzuki relentlessly snapped at my feet, trying to catch me in his teeth. "Mmm...I`m so hungry," he muttered. "And you smell delicious, little one! I can`t wait to eat you up!" He suddenly shoved himself at me way faster than I could avoid. I screeched in terror as I felt his fangs clamp around my ankles. I attempted to pull away, but it was useless. He had already caught me.
  He stood up, holding me in his teeth by my ankles. I glanced down and was greeted by a rather stunning view of his gigantic body. But this was no time to gawk at him. He was about to eat me alive. I knew he wanted to. He was salivating heavily, drenching me in his drool. "Got you!" he bellowed, sneering triumphantly. "I`m drooling so much, I can`t control myself any longer! Any last words, little one?"
  I gaped in horror, shuddering all over. I squirmed and thrashed about to no avail. "Suzuki, stop!" I squealed. "Please, don`t eat me! I don`t want to die!" Suzuki`s expression remained unchanged. "Well, that`s not surprising. No one wants to die, after all. You can beg and plead all you want, but it won`t convince my stomach. Because right now, all I am craving is you."
He tilted his head back, preparing to swallow me.
  I quickly started panicking. "NO!" I screamed. "DON`T DO THIS! SUZUKI, PLEASE! We had a deal, remember?! You promised not to hurt me, and you can`t just break your promises like that!" Suddenly, Suzuki stopped. He leveled his head, slowly lowering his sharp green eyes in my direction. While I was trapped in his maw, a smirk crawled onto his face. "So, you really don`t want me to eat you?" I grimaced. "No, I don`t! Please, let me go!" The Giant shrugged. "Oh, alright. I am hungry, but I am also a man of my word."
  He spat me out into the palm of his hand, leaving me shocked and confused. Just a few seconds ago, he was moments away from slurping me up like a stray strand of spaghetti. And now, he just changed his mind. "Wha...what happened?" I stuttered. Suzuki`s expression twisted into a wicked grin. "Come now, you didn`t really think I was going to eat you, right? As my pet, you should have had more trust in me than that. I was just having a friendly little playtime with you. But for some reason, you look disappointed. The truth is, you like it when I torment you, don`t you? What a little masochist you are, Minako." He poked me in the chest, pushing me over on my back.
  "W-what are you talking about?!" I stammered. "That isn`t true at all! I thought I was about to be killed, you big jerk!" Suzuki snickered. "Ah, fine then. I`ll take your word for it. I think it`s about time we get dressed, don`t you think?" He took me back to the changing room, setting me down on top of his huge pile of clothes. They smelled just like him. It wasn`t unpleasant, it was just a distinct scent that reminded me of him. He handed me my tiny dress, socks, and petticoat. "Hurry and get dressed before I eat you for real. The scent of your bare skin is driving me mad."
  I quickly took my clothes and slipped them back on as quickly as possible. I guessed my clothes concealed my human scent, to an extent. To him, I probably smelled like strawberry shortcake. Meanwhile, Suzuki began redressing himself, slipping on his black trouser socks, then moving on to his pants and waistcoat. He pulled up his white overcoat, which just happened to be the same garment I was sitting on. He pulled it up so fast that I didn`t even have a chance to grab onto anything. I cried out, but he didn`t hear me. With nothing to hang onto, I tumbled down- directly into one of his knee-high leather boots.
  I sat up, finding myself in darkness. I choked on the suffocating scent. Obviously Suzuki had been walking around a lot that day. I didn`t know what to do. It was way too high for me to climb out of, even if there was something for me to hold. Then, Suzuki did exactly what I knew he was going to do, which was slip his foot into the exact same place where I was sitting. He pinned me down, pushing me against the boot`s pointy tip. The pressure was so intense, I had to suck in huge gulps of stale, humid air just to keep breathing. "Suzuki, cut it out!" I screamed. "Let me out of here! You`re going to crush me!"
  I squirmed under the pressure of his foot, but it didn`t seem like he felt any of it. I assumed he was lacing his boots now. I had to do something- and fast. Once he stood up and pressed his full body weight down on me, I`d be squashed like a bug. I could already feel my ribs caving in. Sweat dripped down my face, and my breathing became labored. Tears bubbled in my eyes. I couldn`t die here. Not like this. I decided to take a drastic move, before I was crushed into paste. I turned myself over as far as my weakened muscles would allow, opened my mouth, and bit down on Suzuki`s foot with all my power. I even bit hard enough to make him bleed, breaking his skin.
  The crushing pressure on my body was released almost instantaneously. Suzuki jerked his foot out, then lifted up his boot and turned it upside-down, sending me falling straight into his palm. His evergreen eyes widened. "Minako!" he gasped. "I was looking for you! I thought someone had snatched you up and eaten you! How did you get in there?"
  "I slipped off when you pulled up your coat," I moaned. "Not much fun, that`s for sure." For once, he actually appeared concerned. He picked at my clothes and inspected my body, searching for any damage. "Oh, you poor thing. Are you okay? You aren`t hurt anywhere?" I shook my head, hot tears burning my cheeks. "N-no...I`m alright...I think," I sniffled. Suzuki leaned foward, rubbing me against his face. "Aww, don`t cry. I wasn`t meaning to hurt you. Sometimes I forget you`re just a tiny, fragile human girl. If I don`t treat you with the utmost care, I`ll end up breaking you. I`m sorry, little one. So please, don`t cry anymore."
  He lowered his hands, holding me close to his chest. I calmly listened to his soft heartbeat. Maybe he wasn`t such a monster. He could be kind when he wanted to. In that moment, I was so relaxed, I could even ignore the hungry rumbling in his belly. Maybe I could have something of a life with him. "Well, I suppose it`s time for us to head home." I nodded slowly, yawning. "Yeah...I`m so tired..." Suzuki smiled, gently placing me into his breast pocket. "Sweet dreams, broken sweetheart."
The End...
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Broken Sweetheart: A Day at the Beach By minakotomoka14

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In this slice of life Broken Sweetheart side story, Suzuki takes Minako for a beach trip in the hopes of improving her sour mood, but unfortunately for her, his idea of cheering her up isn't quite what she expected...

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