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Caution at the Conference [4K/xray] By MadameMaeve -- Report

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The shuttle took its time entering the Terran station – to them it was like trying to get a frigate to land safely. The modular station had been carefully reconfigured, but still the Móranians had to keep their head down when they finally left their craft. They were lead by Human soldiers a little further into the hangar complex, until they hit a dead end. "The ambassador will be out shortly" a soldier said, then did a strange gesture putting his flat hand to his head, then marching out. The two honour guard marines remained at the back of the hangar, a short distance from their charge. They were hired by Kaayo's sister, so she trusted them to keep her safe should these humans try anything. All along, she was holding her front, trying to hide the sounds of her stomach, but to little avail. As she stood, awkwardly, in the repair module, her gut occasionally gurgled and bubbled, the sound echoing through the steel chamber. She swallowed nervously, then saw a few non-military humans step out onto the railings at thigh height. These must be them, she thought, and took to kneeling down as to better communicate with them. For a long time, Móranian scientists picked up the occasional radio transmission from earth, so their languages were understood to an extent. Kaayo, of course, was taught these languages. As proceedings commenced, she found her grasp of the Terran language to be enough to talk to these people properly, though to them she spoke in quite a simple and almost blunt fashion.
She did her best to ignore the sensations inside her belly. Amazed at their resilience, they had been in there some time and were still trying to escape. Often she felt a hand slide up her throat, only to be pushed back down by her body without her needing to even ask. She herself could not hear their shouts and complaints, and from the look of the two humans speaking to her, they couldn't either. They were also seemingly polite enough to ignore any more conventional sounds emitting from her torso. Perhaps the humans were being sympathetic, assuming she was unwell with how often she touched her stomach as it made a loud gurgle.
For the humans inside, somehow surviving this long was beyond belief. Their skin itched and the smell was deeply unpleasant to say the least, and they had long since been coated in layers of mucus and digestive fluids. Trying to move was to subject the others to kicks or punches as one tried to keep balance. They could hear the giantess talking formally to someone outside, but even if it sounded like peace talks, they hardly wanted to be stuck in here. Then there was quiet. A recess was called for a time, and Kaayo kept pushing against her belly, in an attempt to shush her prey. The unnamed victims did eventually quiet down, and by the end of the day's talks, her stomach was finished with them, draining bones and chyme into her intestines.

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Posted by FreakxD 1 year ago Report

Nice picture and really nice Story for it :3 keep up the good work


Posted by Dragónmacro 1 year ago Report

I have the same opinion


Posted by Dragónmacro 1 year ago Report

He asked me what the next story will be?


Posted by MCPB 1 year ago Report

Uh, nice!
Will there be a part three?


Posted by Nalzindar 1 year ago Report

Great follow up, this was fun to read and see. I wonder about the outcome of this first talks, and i wonder how it will proceed. Kaayo got an interesting challenge having peace talks with the humans while hiding that she had already eaten a few.
I hope you continue will this story^^