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A Very Ryla & Marty Xmas (2018) By JamKat -- Report


Big shout out to my two best, most-favorite beans on this website: my dear foxy  CassyInko and precious bearboi  Martyr! Here's to the holidays and a good new year! Can't wait to see you both! I hope to draw more bellies, lewds, and silliness with ya for years to come. ^w^

Anyway, Here's a lil' (not-so-original) poem to compliment the imagery!

Enjoy @//w//@

'Twas the night before Christmas, and all though the den,
No belly was starving, for Ryla digested Marty again.
Her belly was ripe, heavy and fat,
Groaning and gurgling, she gave it a pat!
Ryla leaned back upon the living room floor,
Her legs hot and bothered, which she tried to ignore.
Over several hours that very same night,
Her prey would end it's futile fight.
She groped and rubbed her gut with such pride,
Thinking of how easily she got Marty inside.
'Twas such a generous gift that Marty willingly gave,
To offer himself, her as belly his grave!
It took a few gulps, but she gobbled him up,
Swallowing the bear feet first so he wouldn't get stuck.
And within a few tugs, Marty made his descend,
Never to see the light of day again.
Sliding down her throat, he nestled tight and firm,
Surrounded by acids that simmered and burned.
And the fox was so satisfied, so happy and smug,
She gave her large stomach a warm fuzzy hug.
Out from her belly, there arouse a small cry,
Ryla leaned in close to figure out why!
With such gusto came forth a struggle and a wiggle,
Her belly visibly shifted as she gave it a tickle.
The fire place roared as it devoured some wood,
Ryla's toes curdled back, sitting down where she once stood.
And before her eyes, a marvelous sight,
Inside her gut, the bear wiggled with all his might.
Ryla smiled as she licked Marty's flavor off her lips,
She knew the digestion would be easier if she were to sit.
It would take at most a few days or so,
Before her figure was fattened from head to toe.
"Oh dear, it looks like you're quite strong" Ryla proclaimed,
"But after tonight, you and I shall be one and the same."
"Soon, you'll break down, and churn away,"
"All the while I can nap through the day!"
From inside, a thunderous heart beat was heard,
Marty's ears rang with the music of the Kitsune's blood.
Above his head, he could hear her lungs,
The kitsune's breath almost weighed a ton!
And with a slight shift, a movement so sweet,
Ryla belched out, her breath smelling like bear meat.
Even if it was dark inside, Marty could tell,
His time in her entrails was about to become hell.
A thick wetness came forth, so warm and so hot,
Marty could feel his mind drifting off.
In a few more moments, he would become one with the fox,
With any luck, as fat on her buttocks!
And the digestion began, Ryla felt her belly compress,
Marty's outline appearing less and less.
With every churn came a new wave of pleasure,
The Kitsune's body began to quiver!
Ryla huffed and moaned, pulling down her Santa clause bra,
A single tit popped out, swollen and raw.
Her fingers wandered her body, as she enjoyed her food,
'Twas a perfect night for the Holiday mood!

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Posted by Rayo 6 months ago Report

I love that picture, but I LOVE that poem. Well done!


Posted by JamKat 6 months ago Report

Thank you! :D


Posted by Kasra 6 months ago Report

Absolutely in the running for a Christmas classic. Love it.


Posted by JamKat 6 months ago Report

Ooof, I hope so! A christmas story for the ages X3


Posted by martyr 6 months ago Report

D'awwwwww! ❤


Posted by JamKat 6 months ago Report

Huehue! Glad you like it ^^

Merry Christmas bearboi! :3