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(Sketch) Alice's way of Croquet By hotpocketshogun

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My half of another art trade with  Digestionfan. Our fun take on the scene where Alice is trying to get a flamingo to cooperate and be her croquet mallet. Here, instead of trying to use him as a mallet, she's trying to swallow the silly birb whole. But the mean ol featherbrain won't stop struggling. With a huff of frustration, she throws him onto the ground, turns around and sits her ample behind onto down. There she'll sit and pout until he learns his lesson...or stops moving...or is sucked up her behind, whichever happens first...

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Posted by DB1224 3 months ago

Damm, I don't remember Alice having a butt this... breathtaking !


Posted by hotpocketshogun 2 months ago

Took the poor flamingo's breath...


Posted by TheRPKing 3 months ago

I remember having a role-play with Digestionfan that was pretty much this except it was another Disney princess. It was so fun and sexy.


Posted by Digestionfan 3 months ago

Yo who is this again?


Posted by TheRPKing 2 months ago



Posted by Digestionfan 2 months ago

Oh lol


Posted by TheRPKing 2 months ago

Yeah. Lol

Merry Christmas.


Posted by kaize 3 months ago

Tbh that's really hot i remember reading a story about Alice and the queen with av and gas but now i really want to see more of alice av other gals now


Posted by hotpocketshogun 2 months ago

Maybe. Drawing is so tedious to me, and i never get the proportions right. But i do love this headcanon setting.


Posted by HungryAL 2 months ago

Ample is one way to describe it .. I for one would love to see whichever happens first...

...Although I get the feeling that rear is going to be ever so slightly fuller when all is said and done.


Posted by hotpocketshogun 2 months ago

Well originally it was just gonna be crush/smother with her dress remaining down and everything, but i always feel weird uploading anything non-vore here. and when sketching out the general shape of her ass, i felt it would be a shame to hide it under that dress, so i flipped it up allowing for the veiwer to decide if they want to imagine it as av or a simple smothering crush.


Posted by knux 2 months ago

ah yes beautiful! beautiful indeed


Posted by hotpocketshogun 2 months ago

ah yes thanks you! thank you indeed