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Zuzana and Chrisy 3 (Christmas present) By BIGBIG -- Report



This is my way of saying, Merry Christmas to you all!!! and a BIG BIG THANKS for supporting me in whatever way,
may it be landing a comment, pushing a fav button or even throwing some gold bricks at me sometimes. THANK YOU

Wish you have some quality time with your families and even better with this picture ;D
Stay calm, cool, be good to each other, stay weird and perverted in the new year as well.

On this picture you can see
my OCs:
Nadia (rubbing the stomach), Chrisy (on top of the gut), Zuzana (the big redhead)
Umbrelloids OCs: Brella (with the glasses), June (the blonde)
and two random girls.


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Posted by VincentShadowScale 1 year ago Report

Amazing work as usual~ Happy Christmas~


Posted by Twister88 1 year ago Report

Looks great, i'm really enjoying the facial expressions in this one


Posted by Potatomaximus 1 year ago Report

The detail on this piece is insane! Well done my guy


Posted by Edward 1 year ago Report

God that's beautiful. I mean it, so much detail all around. I gotta ask though, why a duck veil?


Posted by BIGBIG 1 year ago Report

Cause bath


Posted by ZaphodBeeblebrox 1 year ago Report

What did this community do to deserve you, man? Absolutely wonderful.


Posted by JackNoName 1 year ago Report

Jeebus! That girl in the back, thats my expression to this. :0


Posted by Modeseven 1 year ago Report

Wait, were they actually willing? The story implied they were mostly lost in thought and forced into the situation.

I'm a little confused how this world operates, is being eaten and then broken down into nutrients something to desire?

Either way, you're getting crazy powerful with your scenes, Big. Amazing job~


Posted by BIGBIG 1 year ago Report

Thanks. Its great to see a comment like this from an artist I look up to.
Generally speaking, yes. This world (PTG) is designed so that there is a lot of propaganda around powerful preds and most people have these kind of desires. Though I really just wanted something easy and kinky for the read. I gave the writer very little info and let them do their magic. There might be some weird situations here and there and might get confusing about that part you mentioned but overall its a dazed state with lust I think. Id say, the prey in this story finds lust in being willing a little later. The writer probably wanted to describe the helplessness one could feel against these big girls.


Posted by Frednurk 1 year ago Report

Never stop doing what you do, man.


Posted by Max_C 1 year ago Report

This is just so amazing! Every time I look at it I find a new detail I didn't notice before. Whenever I think your work can't improve any more, you prove me wrong.



Posted by oxygenone3 1 year ago Report

Chrisy is washing Zuzana's hair, isn't she?


Posted by RyouBoy 1 year ago Report

The kissing couple being swallowed has got to be one of the most snug vore sittuations that I've seem <3


Posted by Sith 10 months ago Report

Ooof nice, just stuff those girl shapes in tight, there will always be room. <3