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Our story takes place this time at sea during a storm. The location is unknown, the world and customs unnecessary, just who and what is important right now.
And right now, the only thing that matters is that there was someone caught up in all this, and she was scared.
Within a cold and damp cave that luckily or unluckily had water only reaching at just below the person's toes, a women was there, crying. She covered in soaked and washed out clothes, if dried and still full of color, would be a beautiful dress that any girl would have loved to put on. This woman's name is Katherine and she was special, for she was a Neko, a half human half cat being that held dark tanned skin with pink cat ears, pink tail, and golden eyes. While being a women who would normally be happy and optimistic, was now in despair and fear, all shown in her tears. For she was afraid of what would become of her…and her young inside. She was pregnant, big at that with a litter of 5 and at 8 months, though she would still have to wait a few years before birth. Life was going well for her too. She had just finished getting her certificate in being a surrogate and breeder and had plan of going back to her hometown to celebrate with her family. Just take the next ship off the main coast to an island and then take another to her home. Simple right? But fate said otherwise.
The gallon that she was traveling on got caught up in a wicked storm that the crew wasn’t prepared for. They tried to the best of their ability but in the end, the storm swept up the ship and swallowed its passengers. Yet by some luck, Katherine survived and got washed up into a cave. She did not know for how long she has been out, but she did know that the storm was still raging on outside. Tired, scared, starving, and lost, Katherine shivered and cried her hearts out. Feeling all hope for her lost for she couldn’t swim all the way our to land or even know where to go, she only prayed that someone would come save her. She kept this up until she heard a voice call for her.
“Oh my... Well isn’t this a surprise.” The voice said. Katherine's ears perked up when she heard this. She knew she wasn’t mistaking that a voice did call out to her, a feminine one that echoed around her. “A Neko who is a long way from home within a storm.” Catherine looked around to see where her new stranger was but couldn’t find her anywhere, even if it was dark because of the storm and cave she would still be able find even a pencil. But that wasn’t the only problem, all of her instincts was telling her to be cautious of this voice. It sounded too alluring, too seductive, and most importantly dangerous. It was when a light began to show from one part of the water surrounding her that she got curious so she peeked over. But when that light started disappearing and instead a wicked smile shown that she regretted this curiosity of hers. The smile started to rise up out of the water, growing taller and taller until it stared directly into Katherine's eyes, the water still waving around her.
Then suddenly arms shot out from the water pillar and grabbed Katherine! Pushing and pinning her down on the little solid ground that she was on. Katherine tried to struggle but in her state only gave a useless one. “And weak and pregnant too.” The voice snickered as slowly the water around the figure disappeared. Katherine when she saw the face immediately regretted her plea for help has brought this creature to her. Yellow eyes that pierced into her own like predator admiring its prey, flashing its white fanged teeth. Cold blue skin covered the monster pinning her down along with black hair that wrapped around its body. It’s hands with a vice grip that added onto the fact she would be let go as her sharp black nails dug into Katherine's skin. This was a sea nymph, a witch of the sea that caught her and it looks like Katherine was going to experience the stories about how they swallowed down prey whole.
“How unfortunate... for you that is. But very good for me. My last meal had digested at least half an hour ago. So I’m very hungry and you are the plump creature that I need to fill it again.” The sea nymph growled to Katherine making her squirm more, it seemed to like to toy with her as it took delight in her struggles. “Don’t worry, you and your babies are going to a great need. My st—!” The nymph said before something splashed out of the water and tackled her off Katherine. Katherine got up as fast as she can to examine herself, besides the scraps around her wrists from where the sea nymph pinned her she more glad that her children were unharmed and were beginning to calm down from the excitement. It was only when a terrifying “gulp” sound was heard that she snapped her head back to where the sea nymph and her unknown savior was doing battle. Though the word “battle” meant nothing as the fact that the sea nymph was up to her torso within the mouth of her attacker. But what was surprising was who it was.
Katherine could only look and gasp towards the creature swallowing her would be predator. Long red coral hair flowed down its back, reaching to its torso. Peach white skin covered her upper body that gave her the appearance of a human of not for her webbed fingers that she used to hold the nymph. But the biggest feature of all was the dorsal fin like that of a dolphin located where the red hair ended. And from there did the torso start to take on a pink color made of scales. With the final gulp coming from her savior, Katherine new who her rescuer was, a mermaid. The mermaid turned around and revealed its face which was probably the most beautiful face that Katherine has ever seen, confirming her thoughts as to what just saved her. The mermaid gave her a soft and caring smile as it gently swam over to her, showing no type of hindrance as its belly thrashed with the nymph inside itself.
“Hello expecting Neko. My name is Mero.” She greeted herself. “What is a girl like you doing in the middle of the sea such as this?” Katherin could see and feel that unlike the nymph, the mermaid was kind and thoughtful, so she told her tale as she began to cry. Introducing herself, her reason for leaving home, and what happened to her ship. The mermaid listened to Katherine's story and could only feel sad that such a girl went through this. But once she heard that the neko was a surrogate and breeder, an idea popped into her head about what this could mean for her. That is, if the neko would comply with it.
“Katherine.” She said her name carefully. “If you’d like, I can bring you and your litter to your destination.” She offered. Katherine immediately perked up when she heard this and was about to tell her yes she would like to very much, but she was stopped by Mero holding a finger to her.
“But you won’t be able to reach it for a year’s time... It is now time to procreate once again, I need to migrate down to where I can have my children, which is opposite of where you need to go. Normally I would not even try to interrupt this nymph in having her meal as I want to focus on making sure that my eggs develop properly and not risk getting eaten.” Mero patted her stomach for emphance.
“But that was changes when I the fact that you are a breeder comes into play. My clan is only recently developing and growing after our previous monarch had been devoured by a kraken. Ergo we need to increase in population fast. If my eggs develop within your body then not only will they develop more successfully, but also in greater number correct?” Mero asked Katherine.
Katherine nodded her head agreeing. “Yes they would. So in order for you to take me I will need to bear your children and hold them for you?” Katherine asks assuming what Mero was getting to. Mero nodded her head confirming.
“I am not pushing you to make that decision. If you decline, though regretfully, I would carry you to at the very least a location where ships are more likely to pass through and rescue you. The choice is yours Katherine.” Mero finished to let the Neko decide.
“I’ll do it.” Katherine said no less than a second after Mero finished. Mero was surprised by her readiness to accept such a thing. “I rather be in the protection of you, my savior, than risk the chance to be isolated for who knows how much time waiting for someone to save me. I don’t even know if any more ships will even come out to sea or arrive before some other predator arrives. And besides, if helping you have more children is any way to pay you back for rescuing me, then I accept.” She told Mero with a soft smile. Mero while stunned, was pleased to see the girl accept her plan. She reached over and gently touched the Neko’s face.
“I thank you for accepting Katherine. You have my utmost gratitude. But for now, time to rest in a warm place.” She guided Katherine's head down her body below her belly. Passing by Katherine could hear the sea nymph still thrashing and putting up a fight within her stomach prison but choose to ignore her. Soon she was in front of Mero’s vagina, where the border between skin and scales started. Gently she was pushed against it before the lovely lips began to part and she descended inside. The warm wet flesh felt heavenly against the cold skin of the Neko as she was finally beginning to get out of the cold. She could feel Mero began to recline back and shift around on top of the rock she was on. Her legs were inside the nearly freezing water and it sent shivers down her spin as she going up into the womb. Mero meanwhile was trying to suppress her moans as she did not want to attract more attention about what she was doing. You would be surprised by how much attention a moaning mermaid could get even in the middle of a storm. She was just beginning to pass over the Neko’s big breasts that had erect nipples thanks to the cold, she couldn’t help but think of how big they were. She estimated that these were almost the size of her head! Imagining of how much bigger she would get when she had her children along with her own compelled her to go faster. Those big breasts of Katherine’s were gone inside and now she began to stretch even more to take in her belly.
Katherine by now was starting to fall asleep. Even when she could hear more from her neighbor within the stomach, she couldn’t help but to nod off as the warm and safe space just curled around more of her body as she came in. She felt so protected and could finally forget about the troublesome situation she was in. As soon as her huge belly came in wrapped her arms around it and held it close to her. Waiting for her feet to come in and join her before she lose consciousness. She was not sure if it either took minutes or seconds before her whole body was inside and now fall asleep for the journey.
Mero, after finally taking in the Neko was panting on top of the rock, looking down at the belly that almost dwarfed her. Feeling the top squirm and thrash with the sea nymph while the bottom was still and smooth. It felt wonderful and fulfilling to be so full in both parts of her body. She was tempted to rest and stay there until she heard a sound.
“Wooooooooooo! CLICK! CLICK! CLICK!"
It sounded like a whale mermaid was coming by. A big one at that.
This propelled Mero to get up and dive into the water. Once in the water she started swimming as fast as she could. Not willing to risk both her and Kathrin here anymore.
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Never used a mermaid before. SO why not.

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Posted by Amberain 1 year ago Report

Is this just a single story or the first part of a series? It certainly seems like there is more in store for these two, but I'm uncertain if you intend to write out all of it.


Posted by Personad 1 year ago Report

Would you like there to be one?


Posted by Wilhelm00 1 year ago Report

Sequals are always nice, especially with such well developed characters.


Posted by Personad 1 year ago Report

Good to know.


Posted by Groblek 1 year ago Report

I like this one, it’s a good introductory scene for the characters. There’s definitely potential for something longer with these two if you feel like continuing.


Posted by Personad 1 year ago Report

Thanks. I took your advice and tried a different approach.