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The night was almost over. The night guard Jerry sat watching the cameras, he was told the animatronices came to life but thought it was bullshit. Nothing happened till 4 am. Jerry sat in his chair eating chips. Jerry was a young guy in his 20s looking for some spare cash and this gig was paying. Jerry checked the animatronices, he was confused when the robot Toy Chika was missing. Jerry looked all over for this robot and had a startling discovery when it was only a room away. He heard slapping foot steps in front of him getting closer and closer, Jerry grabbed the flashlight and shinded it down the dark corridor. There stood Toy Chika, for a children's thing the tits were round and jiggled as if it were alive life him. Its bib said "Lets Eat", its long slender legs led to a frightening discovery. It had a vagina and it was wet, Jerry couldn't believe what he was seeing, it was supposed to be a robot but now he was getting sex bot vibes. Jerry smiled, he just got dumped and hasn't felt a woman's touch in a long time. Fear turned to lust and Jerry walked toward Chika and started to rub its pussy. He licked his lips and checked if it had an asshole, he stuck his other finger in its asshole which made him even harder. Jerry stopped fingering it and undrssed he grabbed his big cock and stuck it in chika and started to fuck it. He cummed in Chikas vagina and then kissed her lips.
 "Thanks love for the good time" said Jerry
 "My pleasure" responded Chika
 Jerry had wide eyes and fell backwards, he backed up next to his desk and starred at Chika. Chicka stood up straight and walked toward Jerry. Chika bent down and whispered something in his ear.
 "Thanks for fucking me. Now I'm hungry" Whispered Chika
 Chika licked his face and Jerry whimpered
 "Im gonna stick you up my ass and you will travel to my stomach where I will digest you and melt you into nothing. When you are only stomach slop my intestines will take you in and your remains will be turned into tit and ass fat as well as shit, I will poop you out right in that chair you were just sitting on" said Chika
 Jerry screamed for help and tried to crawl away but Chika grabbed his feet and turned around. Jerry looked at the asshole not 5 minutes ago he stuck his dick in. Jerry thought well she can't fit a human in her ass its impossible. At that moment Chika pushed his feet against her asshole and it opened up to take him right in. Jerry screamed and Chika moaned as her ass muscles started to suck the terrified Jerry in. His cock was erect but he didnt want to die. Jery watched as his fore legs were sucked up this chickens ass. Jerry tried to grab onto anything to stop his descent but couldnt and went to begging foe mercy
 "Really now after you fucked my asshole you want me to not digest you oh I don't think so. You will plop out of my asshole later" said China
 Jerry's legs were completely sucked up Chikas ass and soon his dick went in her ass the 2nd time that night. Jerry was slowly being sucked in and when he had the chance Jerry pushed against Chikas bubble butt except his hands sank into her fat ass but stopped her for a second
 "Oh what a naughty boy. You love to feel my ass don't you. Well you will be able to apart of it when I digest you so I'm just gonna move those" said Chika
 Chika reached her arms around and grabbed Jerry's arms and moved them from her ass and started to suck more of him up. Jerry watched his nipples disappear in her ass and tears fell from his eyes and one last plea came from his mouth.
 " Sorry sweety but mabye you shouldn't have fucked me because I wasn't going to anal vore you but now you will just be my shit" said Chika
 Chika gave him a smirk and watched as his crying face went into her ass. Jerry smelt shit which was probably some of the other night guards she ate. China pushed in Jerry's hands and he was gone forever never to be seen again. Jerry traveled down het digestive track being smothered in remaining pieces of shit of other guards and finally he was deposited into the woman's stomach. Chika felt Jerry grow in her stomach. Her belly got big in her hands and a human outline formed on the outside. Chika walked to Jerry's chair and sat down. Jerry punched and kicked the stomach walls as Chika rubbed her squirming belly, the loud gurgles could be heard through out the building, even Bonnie and Freddy heard them even though Freddy was balls deep in Bonnies ass. With all that struggling Chika burped and chuckled.
 "You can fight all you want Jerry, every night guard does but it doesn't help them and it just aids digestion" said Chika
 Jerry heard her and gave up on getting out. Stomach acids dripped and coated his whole body as it started to pool up under him. Chika have another satisfied burp and slept. Digestion went into high gear then, the acids started to burn his skin and he screamed until the pooled up acid submerged him and finally Jerry passed out. His skin melted off his body and his organs were melted down and only a squishy skeleton remained. Chikas belly was little smaller and was only big yellow orb of slop instead of a human outline. Only a few bones remained when Jerry's remains started to go through Chikas intestines. Chikas stomach waz the size of a basketball now but her assets were a whole new thing. Her tits become oversized triple F cups and her ass would make any boy fall over and pass out because his boner was to big. Chika yawned and saw her giant tits and ass
 "See I told you that you would be apart of my ass" said Chika
 Chika fondled her new tits and grabbed her new ass
 While she stuck a finger in her ass for pleasure she farted on her finger. Chika smiled and climbed on Jerry's desk. Chika squatted and spread her ass cheeks revealing her puckering asshole which Jerry came in a few hours ago. Chika pushed and log with bits of plopped on Jerry's chair. Chika shit out a few more simllar size logs until a huge object made it difficult for her to shit. Chika pushed and grunted to get this hard object out and finally it did. Chika looked back and saw a half digested skull with eye sockets Chika smiled and went back to shitting Jerry out. Some more wet plops and logs hit Jerry's skull and added to the pile and she was done. Chika got off the desk to look at her pile. The smell was almost unbearable but the wet shit looked magnificent to her. Shit poured out of Jerry's skull eye sockets and Chika laughed and went to join Bonnie and Freddy for a threesome
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Posted by Furnist 6 months ago Report

OMG! It's perfect! I didn't think it would be done so fast! Thank you!


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