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After Karen went missing the police said Jim has been in a happier mood. He finally asked the girl of his dreams out Pam and they were slated for marriage in a few months. One big thing happened though, Pam was now a caller and a girl named Erin took her place. Erin was small petite red head with b size tits and a medium sized ass. Jim couldn't stop looking over at her and Pam could see he wanted her. This angered Pam and she wanted both out of her life and then an idea popped in her head. Karen digested just fine in her, Jim and Erin will do fine. Erin couldn't help but notice Jim starring at her, she had to admit he was hot and sex with him would be nice but he was married. Erin started to feel horny and stuck her finger down her pants and started to rub her pussy. Jim could hear soft moans and looked at Erin who had her orgasm face on. Pam thought how she could get both to stay and Three Some sounded good. Pam bent toward Jim.
 "Hey Jim I like the looks of Erin I want you, me and her to have a Three Some after work here" whispered Pam
 Jim couldn't believe what he was hearing. He was gonna be able to fuck the two hottest co workers if he said yes
 "Alright sounds good" whispered Jim
 Pam smiled and got up to meet Erin. The closer she got the louder the moans. Pam slapped the desk which startled Erin.
 "Um y-yeah" said Erin
 Pam leaned in really close to Erin
 "You are going to join me and Jim in sex and were gonna have a three some. Dont leave work were doing it here." whispered Pam
 Erin was so happy and nodded yes to her proposal. Pam walked off swaying her hips to make Erin horny. When Pam digested Karen most of her body went to her ass where Jim liked to penetrate the most but her tits where double ds then too. She wondered how much Jim and Erin were gonna give and how much shit was gonna come out too. The sex was on Jim and Erins mind the whole with digsting them in Pam's. 5 o clock rolled around and everyone left but Angela was staying after. Pam knew Angela was a liability and had to do something about her. Pam snuck behind Angela and cloraformed her. She decided Angela can be eaten last. Erin and Jim already started with out her. Erin was sticking her tongue down Jims through basically and Jim had hid dick in her ass. Pam undressed showing off her huge assets which really got Jim going. Jim pulled his dick out of Erin and bent Pam over in front of Erin who started to finger herself in front of Pam. Pam stoped her started to lick Erins pussy which really got her going. Jim spread Pam's ass and put his dick inside her, he rammed his cock in and out of Pams ass. Pam's body swayed and her tits hung beneath her, Jims pelvis slapping against Pams big ass echoed throughout the office. Jim cummed in her ass and took his dick out, cum oozed from her ass hole and Erin went to clean his dick. Erin sucked his dick cleaned as Pam reached in her pants for cloraform. Pam stood up as Jim closed his eyes about to jizz in Erins mouth was when Pam covered Jim's mouth, Erin looked up and screamed as Jim fell to the ground unconscious. Angela woke up tied up and couldn't do anything but watch. Pam tackled Erin and her pussy rubbed against Erins ass
 "You will make a fine addition to my tits" said Pam as she knocked Erin out
 Pam was on her knees next to Jim and Erin and smiled at Angela who she rolled in to watch her chow down. Pam licked her lips and decided to start on her bastard fiance. Pam grabbed his arms and placed his hands in her mouth and swallowed. Jim was alot heavier then Karen so getting him in her stomach would take some time. Luckily his arms went down her throat pretty quickly. Pam used all her might to finally get his head in her mouth and gulped it down. Pam steadily gulped more and more of Jim down and soon her belly started to expand just like last time. Pam swallowed Jims dick and tilted her head back. Jims legs were slurped down and Jim soon he was all tucked away in her stomach. Pam's belly gurgled as she burped and went to Erin. Angela had the widest eyes and knew after Erin she was next since Pam was making her watch. Pam grabbed Erins shoulders when her belly started to squirm and Erin opened her eyes to see Pams gaping maw and her face got closer. Erin let out a scream but was muffled as she stuffed in Pam's mouth and swallowed. Angela watched Erins head bulged in Pam's throat and disappeared. Erin screamed and struggled but Pam kept swallowing. Pam swallowed Erins stomach which was full of Jims cum. Erins head entered Pams stomach and saw Jim balled up. Erin was forced into a 69 position with Jim as more of her was stuffed inside. Pam slurped and swallowed the rest of Erin sending her to Jim. Pam's belly was huge with 2 people squirming and trying to get out but failed and will ultmaily become fat. Pam stood up belly squirming and looked over at Angela and gave her a smirk
 "Next" said Pam
 Angela shook her head as Pam walked over to her and untied her. Angela stood still and cried. Pam licked up her leg and got immense flavor of piss and knew it was time. Pam put Angela's feet in her mouth and swallowed. Angela screamed for her to stop but Pam just slurped her legs down quickly after swallowing 2 other people. Angela felt her feet slide on one of the others in Pam's stomach. They were slimy which grossed her out but then started to struggle again. Pam swallowed Angela's ass and made her way up her stomach and then her tits. Angela held on to the chair but her hands slipped and soon her head went down Pam's throat. Pam sucked up Angela's arms and she was gone too. Pam let out a huge satisfied belch from her 3 course meal of Jim, Erin and Angela. Pam sat back against her desk and burped again. Inside Jim was fucking Erin as Anglea pushed against the stomach walls making stomach acid rain on them. Echos of Pam's belly gurgled all night long digesting the 3 people. Acid started to pool up and Jim was under it instantly. Erin and Angela tried to stay on the top but the acids caught up with them as well and all 3 people drowned in Pam's stomach. Pam feel asleep full of people which sent her digestive system into high gear. All 3 people were mushed together when they were squishy enough and all of their bones snapped and melted and soon all were a combined paste in Pam's stomach. Her stomach now half the size it was and super squishy. Pam awoke as her belly was shrinking and assets were growing. Pam's tits went from double ds to triple gs and her ass would never fit on any clothes ever again.
 Pam now needed to shit them out. Pam got up and ran to the bathroom with her tits and as jiggling the whole way. Pam got into a stall and sat down. A thick log stretched her ass to the limit and splashed into the bowl. Another one and another log slithered out of Pam's ass. Pam pushed and grunted for more smaller logs to detach from her and soon watery shit filled the bowl up. Pam wiped and stood up and saw a completely full bowl of shit and which all 3 people were. Pieces of shit
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