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Ariel was once a mermaid but now she has legs and can walk. She could now talk to the man of her dreams. First clothes were in need of, Ariel was nude on a beach. Her shell bra fell of exposing her small breasts to everyone and now her human vagina and ass was out for anyone walking by to see. Ariel noticed a young girl no older then 20 sitting on a rock alone. Ariel liked her clothes but she didnt want to hurt this girl and getting clothes off was gonna be difficult, hopefully she goes for women Ariel thought. The young girl had long blonde hair and a white dress one her feet swished through the sand. Ariels red hair blew in the wind and finally the girl looked toward Ariel in astonishment of her beautiful hair and body. Ariel looked into her eyes and saw deep sadness that could be exposed of. Ariel sat next to the girl on a rock and starred at her and smiled.
 "Why are you naked" asked The Girl
 Ariel wrote in the sand that she can't talk but she could listen
 "Oh okay, well I'm Belle and I'm well just bummed out because my parents figured out I like girls and not men and you know how relgious people are so now I'm not aloud to come back until I like men" said Belle
 Ariel felt bad for this girl but she needed her clothes and she was a lesbian so it was perfect. Sorry girl but it must be done Ariel thought. Ariel started kiss Belle out of nowhere but Belle didnt stop her and instead stuck her tongue in Ariels mouth. The girl stopped kissing to remove her white dress and put it in the sand. Right when all of her clothes went off she went right back to try and kiss Ariel but waiting for her was Ariels mouth wide open so Belles head slipped in just fine. Ariel closed her mouth over Belles head and thought "I'm so sorry for this but it must be done". Belle hit Ariel in the arms and tried to pull herself out of Ariels mouth but Ariel protested that and swallowed Belles head. Belle screamed as her head went into a tight tube and breathing almost wasn't an option, Belle felt Ariel grab her arms so she couldn't struggle and felt her shoulders go into Ariels mouth. Ariel was definitely sorry for eating this poor girl but loved the flavor and Ariel wanted more. Ariel swallowed again bringing in Belles big boobs, it was magical. Ariel only ate sailors which all were men but women taste so much better to her and any sadness or empathy Ariel had for eating this girl was replaced with pure hunger. Ariel slurped and gulped down Belles stomach so she could lift her meal in the air. Belle cried when her head entered Ariels stomach, it was moister and hotter then the rest she just went through. Ariel swallowed so Belles thick ass entered her mouth and this is where the fun begins. Ariel always had to make sailors cum in her mouth for some extra flavor so why not a women. Ariel stuck her tongue in Belles pussy and began to pleasure her. Belles crys and begs for her to not eat her stopped and turned into moans and yes more please instead. Ariels tongue hit Belles g spot and made Belle yelp and cum in Ariels mouth. Belle was now to exhausted to struggle or yell for Ariel to stop so she went limp and let Ariel finish her off. Ariel liked the taste of Belles cum it was sweeter then the sailors more salty taste. With that done Ariel swallowed done Belles ass and slurped down her thighs. With the combination of pushing with her hand and swallowing Belles feet were on Ariels tongue and soon her sliding down her throat. The last bulge dissapeared and Ariels belly just got bigger. Belle was still limp and now balled up in her lovers belly and had no idea what to expect. Ariel thought " I'm gonna keep this girl mostly on my body so I don't forget her and her kindness". Ariel took some time and few tears in her stomach region has finally clothed. After that Ariel burped and walked into town. She looked around the city and saw so many things she loved and heard people talking and her belly groaning. Ariel belched and some people looked at her. Ariel ran off and soon Belle started to get more energy and fight the stomach. The digestive acids were already half way up her body and knew she was a goner but she wanted bell to have some indigestion first. Belle punched and kicked as Ariel watched bulges come from her stomach, she hid in an alley full of barrels so no one would see that she ate a human whole and barrels would be a good spot to deposit after Belle digests. Belles skin burned and finally she stopped fighting and let digestion take her. The acid reached the top of the stomach and some loud gurgle erupted from Ariels belly startling her. Belle was melted down into a squishy mushy paste and at this point Ariel loved to squish and hit her belly since a fully digested human in her stomach made her feel powerful. Belles remains started to pour into Ariels intestines and get used up. Ariels tits grew out to D cups as her belly shrank to a soccer ball size. Her ass expanded a little but not much that you could tell.
 Scat Part 1
 Ariel let out a fart and was ready to let Belle out. Ariel opened a barrel and sat on top of it. This was new with a human ass but it was fine. Ariel pushed and soon her ass hole opened and the tip of the first log of Belle came into the world and plopped down at bottom of the barrel. More and more shit piled up at the bottom but more pleasure came out of shitting as a human then a mermaid so Ariel was disappointed when all of Belle was in the barrel. Ariel jumped off the barrel and looked inside. A quarter of the barrel was filled with Belles remains and Ariel smiled knowing Belle had helped her out in many ways.
 Scat Part 1 Over
 Ariel walked back into the street and looked around and spotted the man she was looking for talking to someone. He turned and Ariels face said it all, it was Ursula in her human form trying to get with the man she loved. The man went into the building and Ursula waited outside. "I was now or never" Ariel thought. Ariel went out of the alleyway and walked toward the unsuspecting Ursula assets jiggling the whole way. Ursula looked over to see a fist hit her in the face and knock her out. Ariel picked up the unconcious Ursula and brought her to a bathroom. The customers of the pub paid no attention to them and Ariel went into the girls bathroom and locked the door. Ariel was gonna eat Ursula but she heard that humans could shove people up their ass so Ariel was gonna do that to Ursula. Ariel sat Ursula on the seat, Ariel admired her darker toned skin and brown hair but her small tits and ass were no match for Ariels big tits and kinda big ass. Ariel climbed over Ursula and spread her ass cheeks. Ariel breathed out and started to slowly squat down over Ursulas head. Ursulas head hit Ariels asshole and with a little bit of force Ariels asshole started to open up around Ursulas head. Ariel couldn't believe it was working but the pain of her asshole stretching so much almost made her quit but she pushed on. Ariel was able to fit Ursulas whole head up her ass which was a start but now Ariel had to get Ursula's shoulders in. Ariel breathed out heavily and proceeded to push down on Ursulas shoulders and soon her asshole started to open up even more. Tears streamed down Ariels face as she finally fit Ursulas shoulders in her ass. Ariel lifted her legs in the air and let gravity push her down Ursulas body. Slowly Ariel gobbled up Ursulas human form in her ass. Ariel finally hit the toilet seat and now needed to get Ursulas legs in. Ariel stood up and placed Ursulas feet on the bathroom door and pushed against it. Ursulas legs started to get pushed in Ariels ass and soon only her feet remained. Ariel looked back and saw her dark feet and pushed them in. Ariels asshole shut and Ursula travled through Ariel and finally balled up in her stomach. Ursula finally woke up to being in a tight wet place with limited move ability. Ursula finally realzied she has been eaten
 "You bitch let me out" said Ursula
 Ariel was to busy thinking about getting her voice back after Ursula digests. Ariel rubbed her big noisy belly. Ursula tried to use a spell but instead of stopping digestion she made it almost instantly happen. Stomach acids flooded the stomach in a matter of seconds. Ursula screamed for her to stop but Ariel ignored her and the acid turned Ursula into mush within 20 seconds. Ariel was confused why her belly was so loud and squishy so fast. Soon her belly started to shrink and her ass was huge. Her tits were now double Fs which made her smile. Ariel couldn't believe how much tit and ass fat Ursula turned into.
 Scat Part 2
 Her victory was short lived when her ass felt a sharp pain. Ariel instantly sat back on the toilet and pushed. Logs and logs of Ursula pushed out of Ariels anus into the bowl. Wet splashes of shit hit her ass and small rabbit like turds went everywhere. The last few logs hit the pile and Ursula was gone
 "What a pile of shit you are" said Ariel
 Ariel smiled and was so happy she got her voice back. Ariel wiped and flushed Urusla away. Ariel walked out of the pub with all the men looking at her. The Man finally walked out to find Ursula gone and Ariel made her move. Ariel walked up to the man and said one thing
 "Hey big boy want to fuck"
 The man smiled and let Ariel in. The whole day Ariel and The man fucked and they both lived Happily Ever After
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