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You Pay for That? By pureawesome

Amazing how easy it is for little things to slip your mind when you're focused on getting someone down your throat.


Rafe (pred) and Ginger (prey) belong to  taris, who asked me for a line art commission back in October, right before my old laptop crapped out. I've only just got this one set up to go (hence the flurry of activity these last couple days) but here it is as a flat colour instead on account of the wait! Hope it was worth it, Taris; sorry again about that!

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Posted by Taris 2 weeks ago

No worries, this looks great and the color makes me want to keep getting more pieces of Ginger Chai! ^_^


Posted by pureawesome 11 days ago

Glad you like it! :) And you totally should - I'd love the chance to try and do her some actual justice.