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The stream sniper strikes! (scat) By DanzoLegend -- Report

Viola has been away for a bit, she really had to work off her last stream of pushing her limits. you'd be surprized how had it was to work off 5 other humans and a naga girl. now she is her normal thin sexy self and eager to ruin her figure once more! this time with some streamers who were trying to take her spot while she was away... who are these weebs!? how dare they think they can take Viola's place with silly little make out sessions and on air lewding. we all know what people really want! Viola and her stomach making people into shit! so that is what the fans got. letting the two make out to show the fans what they look like before, and making sure to shit out the EXTRA thick logs of shit out just the way they were before! shockingly they blended quite well inside. keeping juuuuust enough of their shape to show who was on top or on bottom before both becoming shit. Viola seems happy with her work though. now back, she is planning to stay the top streamer once more!

(just a very quick thing of my wonderful streamer musician Viola taking her spot from the weebs June and Rachel. they can only share the stage with her as shit! anyways June belongs to  Calvinj100 and Rachel belongs to  SoliliaFirestarter hope you like!)

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