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Twist, jut hands forward toward the opponent, intone the words: Fire-Distant-Destroy! An explosion rocks the barren landscape as the shrieking creatures who'd been charging the man are incinerated, only a scorch-mark and charred gore remaining where they'd been. Graves spins again, his robes heavy with sweat as he scans the landscape for any more would-be attackers. Nothing aside from blowing dust stirs among the wastes, dozens of the Dust Goblins who'd ambushed him lay blasted apart and dead surrounding the obsidian shard he made his stand upon.
Graves wipes his wet brow, squinting against the setting sun. It will be night soon, and much more dangerous to travel. "Blasted goblins." He grumbles to himself, looking down and noticing a ragged hole in his otherwise fine black robes. The mage begins to stride down from the plinth to seek a better camping site. Scavengers will come for the charred meat soon enough, and he'd rather not be there when they do.
As he moves, he makes sure to grab the satchel filled with the dorrequi fungus spore samples requested by the head of Maillon's Guild of Master Chemysts, the very objective which had brought him out to this Wasted Westland to begin with. Apparently the old coot needs them for some more of his experiments and had promised Graves' employers, the Haven Cross Guild of adventurers, that he'd grant them a great deal of alchemical knowledge and trade opportunities with Bourgund in exchange.
"This had all better be worth the effort." Graves grumbles, shouldering the heavy burden over one shoulder and continuing his trek. As he moves, he notices that In the distance, one of the massive Dread Walkers is slowly sleepwalking across the horizon. Colossal and unimaginably alien creatures, the Dread Walkers were apparently summoned during the ancient War of Mages that ravaged this once verdant land. The mage finds a good place in the shadow of a partly collapsed spire and makes camp, setting magical wards about the place before falling asleep.
Several days later...
Against the Wastes' stark western border stands the gleaming jewel of Bourgund, a city which many consider an impossibility so near the badlands with nary a crumbled tower nor pockmarked wall. As Graves passes the gleaming walls into the city, he's momentarily dazzled with the pristine streets, the capering cadence of a populace held safe from the ravages of the lands just beyond. He moves aside to allow a passing ox-drawn cart laden with construction materials to pass, its wheels rattling on the cobblestone. One glance at a nearby clock tower reminds him that it's far too late in the day to make his delivery now. A strict curfew and stricter White Knight patrols are a few of many things which keep this city at peace.
"Best find an Inn then." He remarks, as he slowly makes his way towards the trade district. A few pedestrians stop to stare at the handsome man as he passes, with his sleek, black, somewhat windswept long hair. His amber-colored eyes and barely pointed ears do not go un-noticed either by at least one blushing maiden as she leans out from the window of her apartment where laundry is hunt to dry. Before too long however, Graves finally spots a discrete-enough looking inn, the garishly colored sign outside being the only thing about it to catch the eye. He heads up the set of stairs and presses open the weathered blue door.
Just outside the inn, and down a nearby alley, a tall, leather-clad man watches the adventurer enter into the tavern with narrowed eyes. Swiftly he turns, heading a bit deeper down the alley, avoiding the pile of refuse around which a small swarm of rats is shrieking their delight. A beauty of a woman awaits, wearing a resplendent gown that would be suitable for a day at a royal court rather than this questionable locale. Her long purplish hair and creamy complexion are a rarity in a land where many are tanned from labor, and where such a phenotype could only mean royalty to some degree.
"The mark has arrived. He's inside." The man says, his voice harsh beneath the raised black mask. The woman looks up from where she'd been examining a picture within a locket dangling from her neck, snapping it closed in the process. "Good. I'll take it from here Rodus, but stand ready to assist if things go south. He's a powerful spell-caster after all... Do you have the inhibitor?" The rogue named Rodus produces a small leather sack, which she takes and stashes upon her person. "I'll be inside then. You know the signal, should I need you." And with that, she passes him and goes to enter the Inn as well.
Within the tavern, named the King's Coin, Graves has made himself comfortable near the large stone fireplace on the far side of the hall. The thing is a marvel to him, carved to look like a demon's face with its mouth wide open. A fat ruby glows in one eye, while the other eye socket remains empty. He's sipping cooled ale from a dwarvish tankard when he hears a feminine voice, interrupting his revery. "Rumor has it that ruby is held in place by powerful magic. Though an adventurer like you might be daring enough to try~" He glances up with a bit of surprise, finding himself looking at the most gorgeous woman he's laid eyes on in a long time. Her long purple hair, her creamy complexion, and the daring if luxurious gown which dips down into her bountiful cleavage immediately causes his throat to go dry. She seems to have simply walked up beside him and is gazing at the demonic fireplace with a hint of a smile on her ruby lips.
"Ahem... I do not believe it to be enchanted my lady. Nor truly a ruby as you say, otherwise some daring thief would have stolen it by now, surely." He manages after clearing his throat and putting on a friendly smile.
"Perhaps." She shrugs, looking down at his smile and noting the amber-colored eyes gazing back up at her. It really is him then. She gives a small shrug, twisting a lock of her hair about a finger, "Perhaps it's simply a rumor to lure would-be patrons to this place then."
Now it's Graves turn to sniff with amusement. "Perhaps... Pardon my lady, but you're not exactly the typical type of patron I'd expect to see in a place like this. I find myself wondering what your name is?"
"Patrizia." She chimes. "And indeed you are correct. I'd not have come if not for the silly rumor you so offhandedly dismissed." She sighs wistfully, looking at the demon's gemstone eye. "Tis a shame~"
Graves laughs, "I'm sorry to dismiss it then. Are you with company? If not would you join me for a drink? My method of apology." To which she beams and nods, tucking her dress under her legs as she takes a seat nearby. "I graciously accept mister?...."
Graves is waving his hand to attract the attention of one of the barmaids while glancing secretly at Patrizia from the corner of his eye, wondering at his fortune to have met such a beauty in a place like this. "Graves. Pleasure to meet you Patrizia." He tips his head towards her.
"Likewise." She looks up in time to accept the drink from one of the barmaids. She sniffs the contents and snorts, her nose wrinkling up. "Ah. Ale."
"Not to your liking?" Graves grins around his mug as he downs another hearty gulp.
"I make do with what I'm offered I suppose." She eyes him before taking a sip of her own. "So was I right earlier?" She asks, setting the mug aside for now. "You are an adventurer aren't you?"
Graves lowers his mug, looking to the small fire crackling in the demon's mouth, wondering how to play her into his hand and perhaps his bed... "That I am. And a damn good one, if I may take small pride in myself in such pretty company."
Patrizia flushes slightly, smiling as she bats her lashes at the man. Gods, but he's handsome. If not for her mission, she'd have likely gone after this one simply out of desire alone. "I myself do not shirk such company. You must have many stories of your exploits to tell? What of your latest?"
She's definitely interested. Graves smiles to himself, trying hard not to gaze at her curvacious form longer than is necessary. "If I must... I was tasked with traveling into the Wastes to retrieve several samples from creatures known as Dorrequi, who often are found swarming about Roggsothof, a Fungal Horror and Dread Walker."
True surprise widens Patrizia's eyes as she gasps. A Dread Walker?! And this man was foolish or brave enough... or perhaps strong enough to walk in its shadow?! "I-I know little of such things! What is this dread walker you speak of?"
And so Graves tells her, his tale going for another hour or more as he recounts his harrowing journey into that puckered, ragged scar of desiccated land that tears along the edge of the Green Duchy of Verrayne and down the coast of the giant-haunted Carnessian Peninsula. He tells her of the Bone roads and the ghastly Dust Goblin tribes who follow after the Walkers, worshiping them as Gods.
"After being ambushed by those goblins, I was close enough to the border that a bit of caution was all that was required to make my way back safely here." He concludes, setting aside his empty tankard.
Patrizia's eyes gleam with wonder at this man's story. "Such a tale~ You are indeed an adventurer like no other. Please, let me fill your cup as thanks for your shared stories. And to keep you as company perhaps a bit longer?" To which Graves' cheeks color pink as he nods. Patrizia calls over another barmaid, delivering a full cup into Graves' hands, but not before very quickly slipping the contents of her leather sack into the mug, the white crystals inside instantly dissolving in the alcohol.
He nods his thanks, accepting it, and blinking as he watches Patrizia raise her mug, still her first, towards him. "To the Goddess of Fortune, for seeing you safe from that place." She says softly, smiling warmly. He grins, raising his own in good custom. "And to the Goddess of Beauty, for seeing her best work yet to see me company." As his eyes glance down and over her form before taking a powerful gulp from the mug.
Patrizia blushes scarlet as she sips from her own, still her first. She waits for him to have drunk his fill before continuing in a gentle tone. "So many weeks in the wasteland, with no true company. Surely you must feel somewhat lonely after all of that?..." She asks, as she leans towards him somewhat and places a hand on his knee.
Graves' eyes can't help but be drawn in by the bountiful cleavage pressed together as she leans towards him. "My lady. I have missed such a gentle touch as yours, that is more than certain." Words meant to seduce.
She bites her lower lip. He's surprisingly shy for an adventurer, but well-spoken. "This chair, it causes me an ache..." She shifts as if uncomfortable, ever so subtly jostling her breasts for his watching eyes. "Perhaps we would find a more comfortable arrangement upstairs?..." She holds her breath, watching his face. It all comes to this.
He's done it. Graves bites the inside of his lip with joy as he smiles and nods slowly as he takes her hand and rises. She follows, releasing her breath softly as she leans a bit against him. With a gentleman's kindness he puts his arm around her and leads her to the stairs, heading up to the rented room he's claimed. As they enter, the door locking softly behind, one of the other patrons in the tavern, a tall, lanky man in black leather, raises his head from behind the newspaper he'd been reading. He simply folds it up and sets it aside, before heading out into the night and immediately clambering onto a neighboring rooftop to watch from the window...
Their lips are locked in passionate embrace only two steps into the room. Her hands fly to his shirt, unbuttoning it as he grabs her hips, holding her to him and guiding them both to the waiting bed, articles of clothing falling to the wooden floor along the way.
Patrizia giggles as she grabs his shoulders, twisting at the last to cause Graves to stumble backwards into the bed instead of simply letting him press her back as the man had intended. He looks at her curiously, his masculine chest bared to the room, scars crisscrossing his pecs and abs. This part, at least, wasn't exactly a part of the plan. All that she needs do is signal Rodus who no doubt is lingering somewhere out the window to come in and help subdue the man, but she can't help but feel a deeper desire to give this gentleman a night of pleasure first....
She shrugs off her dress, letting it pool to the floor about her heels and revealing her nakedness before him, taking a personal pleasure in the lust reflected in his eyes as she traces her fingertips up and over her curves slowly, bringing them to delicately rest atop her exposed breasts hanging heavily before her. "You've only just returned from your journey mister Graves~ Allow me." She coos, sauntering forward, reaching out to place her hands against his shoulders and begin to ease him back as she crawls on top.
Graves can't believe his good fortune as he is laid back, watching as this undeniable vixen, this ravishing beauty, crawls over his now prone form, her bountiful bosom jiggling with each movement and her hypnotizing hips swinging, and her beguiling eyes seeming to drink him in with that little smirk upon her lips as she watches his each and every reaction. He smiles, reaching out to graze his hands along her svelte body. "Gods, what have I done to deserve such treatment?"
Patrizia giggles, swatting his hands playfully as she comes to rest comfortably on his thighs, leaning up and looking down right at his face as her hands go to work untying his breeches. "Perhaps the Goddess of Lust?~" She coos, finding his manhood already swollen with desire for her as she grasps it gently and brings it out. She gasps with delight as his cock stands to attention before her, her lithe fingers gently stroking as she hears him groan with approval. He's a good size for a half-elf~ "
Oh, this 'will' be fun~" She chimes, Graves watching with awe as she rocks her hips upward and guides his cock to press between her folds. The man grits his teeth as he feels the sensitive head rubbing back and forth across her already positively moist nether lips, before slowly sinking inside with a feminine sigh of satisfaction from Patrizia as she sits down, engulfing his member within her silky warm depths.
"Oooh~" She coos, rocking her hips about slightly and feeling him stirring inside. "How easy it was to eat you up mister adventurer~ Makes me wonder why no monsters have done it sooner." She says, giggling as she allows her hands to rest upon his chest, squeezing her tits together for his viewing pleasure as she does so.
Graves grits his teeth around a powerful groan as he feels his organ enveloped, his hands immediately going to her luscious, thickly padded hips as she grinds atop him. "If any monsters looked halfway as sexy as you Patrizia I daresay I'd let em do it..." He answers in a husky tone, grinning as he flexes his buttocks, thrusting upwards in tiny movements which cause her to bounce slightly as she gasps and then gives a playful glare.
"I'm the one supposed to be rocking you, mister~" She coos, as she begins to very gently bounce her butt in his lap, eliciting small moans as she feels his cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy.
Beneath her, Graves lays back, content for now to simply watch this beauty work herself up and down his shaft, his eyes following the bouncing of her breasts and the way her lips form an 'O' as she moans cutely, the way her pussy lips grip at the stem of his shaft... He's about to lose it! He grabs ahold of her hips again tightly, fingers sinking into the soft flesh as he juts his own hips upward, burying his cock within as deep as it will go. Patrizia gasps in excitement, feeling the swelling tension building, building and then suddenly exploding upwards and within her, suffusing her shivering insides with an ecstatic liquid warmth that quickly begins to slither down and out of her wet hole, squelching around his shaft as they begin to slow down from their combined high.
He's breathing heavily beneath her now, likely awash in the afterglow. That was good, but not 'quite' enough to get her there, she thinks a tad disappointed. She grins, an idea forming as she leans forward all of a sudden, pillowing her breasts together with her arms and dropping them squarely upon the handsome man's face.
For Graves, the light all suddenly goes out as a heavenly softness squishes in from every angle as he hears Patrizia giggling. He grins, trying to turn his face to one side to get some air, but Patrizia follows, her hands holding his face in place with surprising strength as she forces him into the air-tight cleft of her soft cleavage. "Hm Hm Hm~" She hums merrily, looking down at the enticing male as he begins to struggle a bit. "You're staying right in there mister." Graves begins to reach down to grab her up and off of him, but Patrizia sees it and lashes out with her knees, effectively pinning the taller male entirely beneath her naked body.
He's really having trouble now, the edges of his vision growing darker as he thrashes weakly, something akin to drowsiness alarmingly tugging at his senses as he feels himself grow weaker. What in the Nine Hells is happening?! Graves tries to open his mouth to yell out to her to stop but it only comes out as a muffled moan from between her tits that just makes her giggle all the more. "Just pass out already silly~ I won't bite!" She exclaims, watching with glee. It takes several seconds longer, but eventually the man's vision fully dims, growing darker, darker, as he passes out underneath her...
Roughly half an hour later...
With Rodus' help after he came in through the window, Patrizia and her assistant have managed to tie the adventurer up and string him upside down from the ceiling just over the bed. As consciousness steals back into his mind and his eyes begin to flicker open, Graves can feel a pounding in his head as he sees the room as upside down. Patrizia is standing beside the bed, a towel wrapped about her nakedness, and behind her a taller man clad in leather armor and looking very roguish indeed.
"W-what the fuck?!" Graves' eyes widen, "Patrizia? Why am I upside down? D-Did you knock me out with your tits?! And who the Hell is that guy?!" Graves is set swinging somewhat from the dangling rope as he struggles against the bindings to now avail. He clenches his eyes tightly shut, trying to summon up his magic in an effort to simply burn through the rope and land upright, but try as he might, he simply can't form the necessary image of the flow. His eyes open in utter shock. Cut off from his magic like this, he's practically helpless.
Patrizia seems to sense his distraught state. "Shhh~ All will be explained," she coos, before looking back at her assistant. "Thank you Rodus. I'll take it from here. Watch the hall, but make sure you're not noticed." The masked man nods, slinking out into the hall and closing the door behind him without so much as a creak in the floorboards. Patrizia latches it locked behind him before looking back at Graves. "I work for the Ebonclad mister Graves. And they've decided that your quest cannot go fulfilled because of certain arrangements of theirs between Zobek and here that would become obsolete."
The man twists slightly, trying to swing himself a bit so he can look at Patrizia, his eyes widening in some shock as she name drops the most powerful crime syndicate in all of Midgard. "The Ebonclad?! Why the hell do they care about an adventurer delivering a bunch of gods-damned mushrooms? Well that explains whatever weird drug you must have dumped in my drink earlier... Fine! Whatever, you can take the stupid things and I'll just go my own way. You really didn't have to go to so much trouble." He adds with a hint of venom, meaning more than the ropes.
She frowns at his tone, walking a bit closer to sit on the side of the bed. He can catch a great view of her bosom nestled just beneath the wrapped towel. "I-I don't really know their reasons myself Graves. I'm just a cog in this machine, same as you. And I have people to answer to," She adds, her thoughts momentarily going back to that image in the locket about her neck. She shakes her head. "I 'wish', sincerely that I could simply take the package and we could call it even. But..." Her eyes slowly raise from where she'd been staring at the ruffles in the bed cloth where they'd made love, looking up to the man dangling over her. His eyes are wide, the weight of her next words palpable between them. "But 'what'? Patrizia, it doesn't have to be like this..." He adds, more quietly, already knowing what she means, his heart beginning to pound with fear. She's going to kill him.
Her eyes have sadness in them, but there's something else as well. "You spend enough time in this business and you learn that you have to find something in it that you enjoy, or risk losing yourself. But you were fun. I'm not going to do you like I do many others. My methods are a specialty even among the Ebonclad, courtesy of the courts of the amazonian Perunalians. Surely you've heard at least some rumors?" She asks nonchalantly as she scoots a bit further up onto the bed and begins to disrobe, revealing her milky white, naked skin to the room and beginning to prop up a few pillows.
The man's face screws up as he recounts what little lore of the distant land of Perunalia that he can. "They're powerful female warriors, protected by a demigoddess... and man eaters." He finishes, sensing at last his supposed fate. He watches her getting comfy below him, shaking his head, "This is so fucked! GUARDS!" He begins to cry out, which earns him a powerful glare from the woman as she quickly kneels up beneath him, grabbing ahold of his cheeks and pinching his nose closed. "You'll do no such thing." She says in a low voice, watching as he gasps for air, resisting at last until he is forced to breath through his mouth, at which point she shoves her underwear inside, jamming it in far enough that he may even choke let alone get a single meaningful word out. Graves glares back at her indignantly as scream after muffled scream comes out of him, his face turning even redder than it had already been from all of the blood accumulating there.
Satisfied, she lays back down beneath him, using the pillows to prop up her lower body in an awkward position that leaves her lower bits facing straight up towards him. She notices his momentary lapse in screams, confusion in his eyes, and smirks. "Oh. You thought I was going to consume you like in the rumors? Swallowed and digested?" His face screws up awkwardly, not understanding her, which only amuses the woman more as she smiles wickedly. "Oh no~ You didn't quite finish me off earlier~ I know right where you're going." She coos, letting her hand slide between her thighs and pat her labia, spreading her outer lips apart to let him catch a glimpse of the dark tunnel lined with pink. She flexes her internal muscles, winking her vaginal opening at him like a hungry mouth opening and closing,and giggles as she sees his eyes wider than they've ever been.
"Now you get it lover boy." She coos in a sultry tone as she reaches for the end of the rope wrapped like a pulley about the headboard of the bed, just above where she's laying. As she undoes the knot and takes hold, Graves feels a sudden drop as he's quickly lowered several inches towards her waiting pussy just below. "MmmmM! MMMMHHM!" He screams, wiggling as he tries desperately to swing aside. But Patrizia has control of his descent now, the rope clenched in her hands as she angles her hips, following his small wiggling movements in the air over her pussy. "Ah ah ah~ You're not going anywhere but 'in'!"
She lets several more inches of the rope slide from her hands, letting him drop face-first onto her wet, gaping hole, shiny and slick with fresh arousal as she feels her pussy lips begin to quickly stretch about the crown of his head. "OoooH~ Yeaaah~ Caught you now~" She wiggles her hips, making the seal a bit more snug as she steadily lowers several more inches of her newest toy down inside. Her vulva rolls up lovingly over Graves' chin as his vision is plunged again into blackness, a wet, churning channel of moist muscular and velvety walls roiling about his skull in a passionate embrace, her heavy feminine musk now stronger than ever as he hears her distant beating heart resounding in his head and her vast moans surrounding him as more and more of him is lowered. Soon enough he's inside up to his neck, his disbelief that such a thing were even possible absolutely shattered as he realizes he's going to die in this woman's pussy tonight. He begins to struggle all the more frantically.
Patrizia bites back a scream of mixed pain and pleasure as she reaches the writhing man's shoulders, the hardest challenge. She can feel his head wiggling inside of her, sending ripples of pleasure up through her nervous system as she reassesses his progress, eyeing her abdomen which has begun to bulge noticeably with his head inside. "You feel so good inside me Graves~" She moans, allowing one hand from the rope to grasp at one breast, even pinching her nipple as she shudders. "Be a good boy and wiggle a lot once you're all in, ok?" She bites her lower lip as she arcs her hip to one side, pressing upwards with her hips even as she lets a few more inches of the rope go and Graves' shoulders begin to sliiiiiide in at a slight angle. Her eyes roll back into her head as inch after lovely inch of the man's widest portion are slowly but surely consumed, her pussy lips stretching to near their limit, her belly beginning to balloon out as he's lowered in, her trained insides easily opening to begin admitting him to her womb.
For Graves this whole experience is akin to being lowered into a monstrous mouth, but one which has the indescribably intoxicating musk of a woman's sex, and is altogether much more preferable he's beginning to decide. Still not desiring to die today, he's managed to spit the underwear from his mouth. "Patrizia?!!! Please for the love of all the Gods stop!" His words are inhibited by fluids seeping into his open mouth but he manages to shout that much out, to which she simply replies with a long, shuddering moan which sees her insides clench painfully around his entire skull and now his shoulders as well as they're slowly swallowed into the slick tunnel behind him. Patrizia sucks in a breath, looking down at her bulging abdomen with a grin. "Were you saying something? No? Oh well~ Get. In." She demands, allowing her tongue to loll out as she licks her lips desirably, each delicious inch of his abdomen sliding in like a dream in comparison to the hurdle that had been his shoulders.
His face mushes into a spongy sort of inner wall as Graves realizes he's gone in as far as his form can, and as more of him is lowered he's forced more and more to curl up. Try as he might to sit up and struggle, it's in vain, her insides are too slick and give far too easily, the stretchy, malleable walls seeming quite content to let their prisoner thrash in futility. In fact it just seems to be what Patrizia wants as she gasps and moans all the louder, her lowering of him having paused as she holds onto the rope. "Oooh~ You've really stuffed me baby~" She gazes longingly at her engorged midsection and then up at his legs, still dangling up there. Still outside. It's time, she decides. She wiggles her hips and begins to twist on the bed, twisting her form around and around and kicking the pillows aside, all with her ass in the air, the man inside of her literally stirring up her insides as she gets into a better position for the next leg of her task.
For Graves, his entire fleshy world has begun to writhe and twist as the woman realigns herself with her toes now on the bed and her forearms supporting her upper half, her belly now below her. The change is so dramatic that for a moment he's begun to believe that she intends to try and pull him back out. But that hope is shattered as he hears again her voice, deeply laden with lust: "See you next fall~" She lets go of the rope, the rest of his lower half immediately falling down, sliding in to join the rest of him with one heavy SCHLORP! A bit of fem-juice squirting upwards as her pussy lips slide closed behind his vanishing toes and her man-stuffed gut practically leaps beneath her as it's stretched to max occupancy. "OOOH!" She grunts heavily, mouth agape and eyes rolling back as she allows her hips to fall, resting her entire weight now on top of her massive belly and relishing the squirmy goodness inside.
Graves thrashes about in disbelief and horror. "NOOO! You fucking monster! Please! Patrizia! Let me out! I don't want to die, I've not even lived that much yet! Please!!!" Strangest of all to the man is how his body is reacting, his cock at full mast even as he mentally recoils from this predicament. His senses are on overload as he feels her womb squeezing in, both caressing and beginning to crush his entire body. Patrizia's senses are also becoming overwhelmed as she pants, moaning softly as she reaches down to feel her guest, feeling the bulges of his arms, legs, and occasionally his face, and smiling rapturously as she gently presses them back in. "Yo-you're do-doing a, Oh! Rea-really, reeaaaally good job for me Graves~ Ooh! Keep struggling~ It will be over soon, I promise." Juices dribble down her thighs, running over the bed as she rides wave after wave of orgasm.
"Pa-Patrizia!" Graves shouts within, sputtering and coughing as more and more steamy juices begin to rise about him, her insides absolutely clenching about him at this point. He pushes out with his hands, trying desperately to find the fleshy tunnel by which he had slid in, but her cervix is sealed tightly shut, her Perunalian training taking its full effect. He realizes that his hands are beginning to liquefy, steam rising from his flesh as they practically begin to melt into a viscous creamy substance which has begun to pool beneath him. Outside, Patrizia smiles to herself as her hands feel her thrashing belly slowly begin to round out as more and more of Graves becomes liquified inside. "So close now~" She coos softly, rubbing her bulge. "Just give in~"
Perhaps its her soothing tone, or perhaps the fact that already half his body is submerged in the liquifying, bubbling goop, but a sudden peace comes about the man as he accepts this fate. He may not like it, but it's far too late to do anything now. Without another word, he allows himself to collapse, simply giving up as he is completely submerged in the churning femjuices, his entire body melting away, and with it all consciousness. Patrizia lets out a sigh the moment she feels the man within her finally give up, her belly stopping its struggles and simply gurgling softly instead as she slowly sits up, smiling and rubbing her rounded abdomen. "Thank you Graves~" She coos as she shifts her hand down past her belly and begins to toy with her pussy. "It's all over, you can come out now..." She groans softly, building her pleasure higher and higher as she rubs her slick folds until, with a great orgasmic crash it all comes surging out at once. The cummified remnants of her erstwhile lover come flooding out to completely drench the bed beneath her, soaking into the sheets and creating a slick puddle in which the slightly frayed, thin ropes are deposited as well. She makes a face, grabbing the rope at least. Better to leave as little evidence as possible at the scene, as she gets up to dress, grabs the sack filled with the weird mushrooms he had been asked to deliver, and then heads out into the hall, making sure to lock the door behind her.
"It's done?" Rodan is at her side in the quiet hallway, looming as he takes the bag from Patrizia. The purple haired woman simply nods. "Yes. Let's go report. Successful interception. And disposal." She adds the last with a hint of a smile, her thighs unconsciously rubbing together.
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A quest delivery goes very poorly for the adventurer, but very well for the assassin hired to take him out.

This is my first upload to Eka's!

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Well written and a great first upload. Looking forward to more from you in the future!


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What a fantastic introduction to Eka's! Lovely story and I hope to see more from you in future!