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Buffy was the slayer of her century which gave her the power of vore which she had to eat people to keep her powerful. Buffy Summers woke with a yawn on her new day at school. Buffy looked down to see her belly was a lot smaller after eating one of the girls at school last night. A small gurgle came up and Buffy got up. Her thighs were thicker and boobs fuller then the night before just how she wanted them. Buffy got dressed and was ready for school. Willow drove to pick her up and both busty girls got to the high school to might Xandar.
 "Buffy it seems the poor girl is gone now" said Xandar
 "Let her out this morning" said Buffy
 The night before Buffy needed her daily meal and at the club this plump girl was dancing so Buffy said hi. The night went on and Buffy walked the girl to her car, when she opened the door she turned to face Buffy to thank her for a good time. She was met with a gaping maw. Buffy ate the girl to keep fighting vampires and other creatures, of course Buffy let her know that she was going to a good cause and like the others she ate they added to her body and were let out the next morning. She felt comfortable telling Xandar and Willow this secret which they kept. Buffy went through her day scoping for her meal tonight when Cordelia bumped into her and was being a typical bitch. Buffy found her target and licked her lips, tonight Cordelia will be her meal. Buffy met Xandar and Willow in the library. She sat next to Willow and Xandar was on the other side of the table.
 "Hey Buffy can I ask you something" said Willow
 "Sure what's up" said Buffy
 "Well me and Xandar were thinking well we want to be your meal tonight" said Willow
 Buffy starred at both of her friends back and forth puzzled. She never had a willing person to eat so this was new
 "Um well I already have a target tonight so I guess not but why do you want me to eat you, you would die" said Buffy
 "Well me and Xandar always had this fetish to be eaten alive which seemed impossible at first but when you told us you could it made us want to be a meal" said Willow
 Buffy looked at Xandar and he nodded to everything she said
 "I guess tomorrow you could be my meal. We could make it special" said Buffy
 Willow and Xandar smiled while Buffy did give a smile it was a little awkward for her. The rest of the day she thought how she was gonna eat her friends but tonight Cordelia was her meal so for now it was fine. School got out and Buffy was driven home by Willow. They arrived at her house and while Buffy walked to her door Willow said
 "Can't wait to inside you"
 Buffy smiled and went inside. She went upstairs and got into a pretty tight dress for the club since Cordelia wad gonna be there. Willow wanted to come and see her eat Cordelia for sexual and revenge reasons. Buffy was fine with it and Willow picked the stunning Buffy up. They arrived at the club and watched Cordelia go to the back for a smoke. This was her best chance Buffy thought. Buffy walked up to Cordelia with Willow trailing her
 "Her Cordelia how is it going" asked Buffy
 "Um fine what do you want" said Cordelia
 Buffy was already sick of her so she told the truth and gave the most serious face
 "Well I want to swallow you whole and feel you struggle as my stomach rips you apart and after you digest I will then proceed to squeeze you out of my ass the piece of shit you are" said Buffy
 Cordelia was stunned and just said
 "What the fuck"
 Her confusion was short lived as Buffy grabbed her shoulders and unhinged her jaw. She then brought Cordelias head to her mouth and stuffed it inside. Cordelia tried to scream but was unable to with her mouth already going down Buffys throat. Willow watched on as Cordelias face bulged from Buffys face and then disappeared as Buffy gulped more of her down. Willow started to squeeze her tits to treat her horniness. Buffy was having a ball though, she slurped up Cordelias round tits and could hear her cries for help. Inside Buffy Cordelia was screaming and crying, she was all slimy and could barely breathe. Buffy went down Cordelias body swallowing her stomach and was half way done with her. Buffy looked back to see Willow biting her lip trying to save masturbation for when Cordelia was fully inside Buffy. Buffy enjoyed having someone get horny as she ate someone and thought mabye eating Willow and Xandar will be better then she thought. Cordelias head slipped into Buffys stomach making it bulge which made Willow say holy shit. Buffy tilted her head back and gulpes the remaing legs of Cordelia and one last swallow sent her down. Willow watched Buffys belly get huge and a human outline appeared making Willow ultra horny. Cordelia struggled and yelled to be let out
 "Urrrrrppp scuse me" said Buffy
 "C'mon Buffy lets get your house and have some fun" said Willow
 Buffy burped again and nodded. They both got in Willows car and started to drive. Buffy rubbed her squirming belly and started to talk.
 "Well Cordelia you will be going to a noble cause to keep my slayer powers and of course be my meal which I am thankful for but finally you are done bullying people" said Buffy
 Her belly groaned in response. Willow and Buffy made it to her house and went upstairs to Buffys room. Willow sat on a chair and Buffy plopped onto her bed.
 "Well Willow I'm very tired so you can masturbate and rub my belly or even listen to her digest just dont cum on me okay or wake me up alright" asked Buffy
 Willow nodded already getting naked. Buffy immediately dozed off leaving Willow with her belly. Willow sat on Buffys chair and started to finger herself and squeeze her tit as groans filled the room and Cordelia fought digestion. Inside the acids were rising quickly tiring Cordelia. Willow cum on Buffys floor and went to touch her belly. Willow rubbed Buffys belly feeling the softer Cordelia move around and heard her final screams. The acid finally rose over her head and Cordelia passed out, Willow put her ear to the big tummy and listened to Cordelia demise. She heard snaps and groans as the stomach broke Cordelia apart melting her down. Willow couldn't belive that finally she was gonna be the one digesting the next day and for horny hearing Cordelia digest. Willow fingered herself as Cordelia got softer and softer till Willow couldn't feel any more hard parts. Instead of a human shape Buffys belly was a round noisy orb with mush inside. Willow watched as Buffys stomach shrank and watched her thighs and booty get bigger as well as her tits and could not wait to be there as well. Willow slept in Buffys chair tuckered out from cumming twice. Buffys alarm went off and both girls woke up. Buffy squeezed her thighs and saw Willow nude and smiled. Willow got dressed for school as well as Buffy.
 Scat Part 1
 Willow heard Buffy fart knowing the next phase was happening.
 "Can I watch you shit her out" asked Willow
 "Well you did want to see everything so yes" said Buffy
 Buffy and Willow went to her bathroom and shut the door and locked it. Buffy pulled her pants down and Willow put her hands down her pants getting ready to finger herself. Instead of sitting on the toilet Buffy wanted Willow to see everything and bent over the toilet to make sure Willow could see and get everything in the bowl. Willow got to Buffys side and Buffy squeezed. Willow watched as her friends asshole opened and a brown turd started to come out. Willow fingered herself as the thick log came and splashed into the toilet. Another few logs came and Willow wanted to feel Cordelias remains and when a log fell Willow caught the log and squeezed it in her hand. Buffy was loving that Willow was having fun and finally the last log came and went. Buffy wiped and flushed Cordelia down forever. Willow and Buffy washed their hands and off the school they went. Like yesterday she met Xandar at school.
 "So Willow how was watching this lovely women digest someone" Asked Xandar
 "It was magical, the whole process was just like in the pictures and stories we read. I can't wait for you and me to be next" said Willow
 Xandar smiled and Buffy was finally okay with eating het friends. The whole day all 3 people imagined how it will go down and couldn't wait. School ended and all 3 got in Willows car and went to Buffys to get this going. They all went upstairs and started to kiss. Buffy wanted this to be special so a three some will start the night. They all got nude and on Buffys bed. Buffy and Willow made out as Xandar rammed Buffys ass and soon did the same for Willow. Buffy cummed on Willow, Willow cummed on Xandar and Xandar cummed in Buffys mouth which she swallowed down.
 "Well I'm hungry now so its time" said Buffy
 Willow and Xandar were excited now and didn't know what to say
 "Who wants to go down my throat first" said Buffy
 "I want to watch like Willow did so she can go first" said Xandar
 Willow smiled and mouthed thank you to Xandar. Buffy unhinged her jaw ready for Willow. Willow placed her feet on Buffys mouth making this Buffys first time eating feet first. Buffy swallowed and Xandar was hard again. Willow fingered herself as she watched her body get devoured by her friend. Buffy loved Willows flavor and started to speed swallow. Buffy slurped Willows thighs down and got her ass into her mouth.
 "Yeah swallow me down make me your meal" said Willow
 Buffy complied and gulped her ass down. Xandar stroked his cock watching Willows ass bulge out of Buffys throat and then disappear. Buffy stated into Willows lustful eyes and gulped her stomach down reaching her tits. She slid those in her mouth and sucked on her nipples before making those go down as well. Only Willows head remained on the outside.
 "I can't wait to slide out of your ass" said Willow
 With that Buffy closed her mouth around her head and gulped her head down. Willow traveled down to Buffys stomach and balled up.
 "Finally, where I belong" said Willow
 Buffy burped and beckoned Xandar over to her. Xandar came over and Buffy grabbed his shoulders and stuffed his head in her mouth. She didn't eat many men but they tasted fine. Buffy wanted him in her belly already and gulped him down quickly. Buffy got to his dick and licked it till his salty seed gave more flavor and swallowed it down. Buffy slurped up Xandars legs and sent him down with Willow. Willow and Xandar were 69ing in Buffys belly eating each other out. Buffy never ate two people before and was stuffed. She laid back and let out a last belch before falling asleep. Inside Willow had Xandars dick in her mouth as Xandar stuck his tongue in her pussy. They had oral sex as the stomach pulsed around them and digestive juices rose up to coat them. First Xandar was under and passed out but Willow sucked him off till his cum filled her mouth and then she finally passed out with the acid rising over her head. The two were torn apart, there skin melted and fused together as their bones snapped and melted down. In 2 hours both of them were only mush and Buffys belly was round like the night before. The remains of Xandar and Willow went to Buffys intestines and her assets sure grew. Her tits were triple ds, her ass was now the fatest in school and her thighs would break her shorts if she wore them. Morning came and only a 6 month pregnant belly was left, Buffy smiled knowing the 2 had a fun time before realizing her tits, thighs and ass were huge. Buffy got out of bed and slapped her ass and squeezed her thighs
 Scat Part 2
 The fateful fart came out and Buffy smiled excited to see her friends again. Buffy went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. She squeezed and biggest thickest shit came out. It stretched her asshole to new lengths making her yelp and finally it came out. Log after log spilled out of her anus. Then 2 skulls came out but were buried in shit. Buffy finished up and looked back at her friends remains. She saw their skulls with shit coming out of their eyes and mouth making her smile knowing they got what they wanted. Buffy flushed them away and went to school looking for her new target
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A Normal Day For Buffy By Coolwoman -- Report

A long one

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Posted by SuperheroFood 11 months ago Report

Yay, I love Buffy, and there is a shocking lack of Buffy Vore given the subject matter. This was fun, but I'd really like a sequel with Buffy eating Faith or Dawn.