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Don't mess with the Queen ! [LINEART] By DemHoundDays

Being digested by Jacklyn is hardly a pleasant experience... If you're lucky, you'll pass out before things start to get nasty. Otherwise, you'll still be conscious when the walls of her powerful stomach start literally crushing you while you drown in a bath of boiling acids. Such was the fate of two hoodlums who discovered first hand why this huge hyena is the Alpha bitch of her hood.

Don't get on her bad side, otherwise you'll end up on her inside.

I just drew this in a single go, from basic sketch to lineart. Gotta say, I'm quite proud of it, especially the way her head turned out. At first, the sketch looked downright goofy, but then... It evolved into this glorious murderface :3

I'll get the colors done once I'm fully decided on her color patterns.

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 11 days ago

She's damn beautiful <3


Posted by Gabriel0813 10 days ago

love big women


Posted by DemHoundDays 10 days ago

She's pretty big indeed... And once she's done digesting those guys, she'll be even bigger~


Posted by Gabriel0813 10 days ago

good very good let her become bigger