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Getting Through the Forest By maniacalfork

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Cheryl isn't tremendously smart, but she means well. Unfortunately, Dawn really wanted that shiny. Catching Cheryl will have to do. Dawn certainly got some HP points from eating her...

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Posted by WindowsVistaFan7 8 days ago

Being Honest, all is great but i see her legs to big?

The K

Posted by The K 7 days ago

I feel ya Dawn. I remember Cheryl knocked out a Buneary I wanted to catch. At least Dawn got a meal out of this.


Posted by plazmamaster 7 days ago

I remember playing through platinum years ago and running into a shiny in the forest (forgot what it was), but Cheryl killed it before I could catch it. This is justice at its finest. Great art as always.


Posted by TruciiGram 7 days ago

Lovely idea, and great execution! I think either Cheren or Hugh (Can't remember who) can do that too in B2W2 at the part when you go into the sewers.


Posted by ChrisW 7 days ago

Hugh. Just played a bit of BW2 recently.


Posted by TruciiGram 6 days ago

Right, thanks.


Posted by MSPfan 7 days ago

ya that a good reaction to see a shiny getting knock outed by your partner.


Posted by Megamorph1213 7 days ago

She deserved it. She knocked out a shiny pokemon.


Posted by Sharktooth 7 days ago

The one thing I hated about diamond and pearl


Posted by Despacito20 7 days ago

I feel this picture on a spiritual level

Minus the Vore obviously


Posted by SorenTheCookie 7 days ago

Excuse me. If we say this is diamond/pearl, then it's a level 15 Chansey against a level 10 silcoon. After this, if we assume this silcoon has 0 defense IVs, and Chansey uses egg bomb with a 31 IV egg bomb, then it first has to hit, and after that, even with a max damage role, it'd only do 48.4 - 57.5 damage, and if Silcoon has 0 HP IVs, then it's 53.3-63.3% chance, so not a guaranteed OHKO, and again, this is being generous to the Chansey in every possible way. Even if it was brave nature, it'd still do 53.3-70% damage! I call false material!
*yes I went through all of this just for a Vore picture. :D*


Posted by SorenTheCookie 7 days ago

And even if it was a critical hit, it'd still have a 78.7% chance to survive! :D


Posted by SorenTheCookie 7 days ago

"What about negative defense nature?" I hear you say... Well.... Still a 37.5% chance of survival. :D


Posted by smallsmallrose 7 days ago

However, if we factor Pokemon Plantinum, then the Chansey is a level 20, making this scenario more likely. In addition, a critical hit could have occurred and done more damage than your typical high roll. There's also the possibility that Dawn could have hit it first in wanting to capture it.


Posted by SorenTheCookie 7 days ago

One moment. Let me do the calcs.


Posted by SorenTheCookie 7 days ago

Okay. Let's give Chansey every favor possible. Max attack IVs, adamant nature, critical hit, as well as silcoon (who is level 12 is platinum) having 0 HP IVs, 0 defense IVs, and negative defense nature (we'll say Gentle nature for this), then yes, it's 100% chance OHKO, with a damage roll of 100-123.5% damage. But now, let's say, Chansey has.. 13 IVs in attack, then even if Silcoon has every hindrance possible, unless it has already been damaged, it'd do 70.5-82.3% damage. Again, I find it highly unlikely that this would be a possibility, especially since trainers don't have IVs (to my knowledge), making it even less possible for this to happen. Either way, I rest my case on this. This would not be possible, and this picture is lying to people! OwO


Posted by maniacalfork 7 days ago

egads, I've been had!


Posted by SorenTheCookie 6 days ago

How dare you lie to us! OwO I demand extra pages to this, going through the details of a critical hit, and somehow showing max attack IVs and a positive attack nature! OwO


Posted by SorenTheCookie 6 days ago

OR you could just make an extra page where Dawn damages the Silcoon to catch it! OwO


Posted by Turbotowns 6 days ago

Assuming she one shotted the weedle...


Posted by Turbotowns 6 days ago

And successively caught it in one try...


Posted by SorenTheCookie 6 days ago

AHEM! That, my good sir or ma'am is not, and will never be, a weedle. That is a wurmple. Do not mess that up again. OwO


Posted by Turbotowns 6 days ago

Sorry. XD


Posted by boomerangfish 7 days ago

I love this. Awesome work


Posted by jrogelio1 7 days ago

i hope dawn do that to every zone companion and #DawnBestGirl