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The Bouncer

By Foxgut

Contains M/M vore, unwilling prey, full tour, fairly heavy scat/disposal, flushed prey

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 Ah, shuddup... I ll let you out when I feel like it.

Derek the badger gave his belly a couple of hard pats, before looking to the slightly nervous looking rabbit standing before his ten foot tall form, holding an ID up. He reached down to pluck the plastic card out of his hand, eyeing it over carefully for a few seconds, before handing it back.  Enjoy your stay. The half sized bunny nodded, quickly walking away.

The bouncer was beginning to feel like he had to poop, and figured he d let his digestive system s occupant go as soon as he felt like he couldn t hold him in anymore. He was tall and fat, though having an average sized anthro inside made his gut bulge enough that most people could glance and figure out that somebody was inside. It served as a good deterrent to trouble. Not one person had tried to slip a fake ID past him, and everybody in the club seemed well behaved tonight.

The previous night had been rougher. Nothing out of the ordinary, just a few underage folks that tried and failed to get past him, and a one fox that needed to be escorted out - though not in a way that involved his digestive tract. There was one other rowdy person that needed to be taken care of however. A cougar that had too much to drink, and began to flirt with the vixen bartender. She could ve brushed it off, but he began to get loud and aggressive when she wouldn t show any interest, eventually standing up and shouting to the rest of the bar that she was a whore for not wanting to sleep with him The badger would ve just been shown the front door for that outburst, if not for what he tried to do next.

As he was being walked towards the door, the feline suddenly ran back towards the bartender, bearing claws and teeth as he attempted to attack her, but drunkenly tripped and fell to the ground. The badger decided he wouldn t have any of it, and picked him up by the scruff. The drunk cat didn t realize what was happening until his legs were already down the predator s gullet, though by then it was far too late to try apologizing. It only took a few seconds before the bouncer had swallowed the entire feline, in front of a packed bar. Some ignored the drama, some looked on in disgust, others in curiousity, but most seemed to approve. A few even applauded when Derek let out a sickening belch, before heading back to his seat at the front entrance.

Of course the cat yelled and struggled, but the badger s gut easily contained him. It could ve easily digested him as well, if the bartender hadn t been feeling merciful... She didn t want to see the guy get digested over it! But Derek also wasn t feeling up to puking him out. And so he begrudgingly swallowed some antacids to halt the enzymes in his stomach that d already worked a bit at his prey, along with some laxatives to ensure he d make it out.

The badger cleared out the leftovers from the bar s mini buffet, which he likely would ve done anyways, though he was extra through tonight. Just because he had to let his prey out alive didn t mean he had to make the trip pleasant! The feline of course complained as chewed up food piled up around, and nearly overwhelmed him, but this only encouraged the badger to eat more throughout the night. After a large fast food order on the way home, and a generous amount of picking and grazing in his own kitchen, he finally felt satisfied enough to rest. His occupant kept up the fight and complaining for a little while, but eventually realized it was a futile effort to try and get the bouncer to spew him up. His only choice was to wait for the agonizingly slow process of being pushed all the way through, and out the predator s ass.

Derek slept soundly as his overfilled stomach glorped and churned around the prey and other food, eventually shoving the mess down into his intestines. The antacids he was compelled to take didn t completely neuter the digestive enzymes in his gut - Most of the food ended up reasonably well digested, and the cat s skin began to feel quite tingly before he was expelled from the stomach. But once he was out of the badger s stomach, it was a reasonably sure thing that he would make it out of his body in one piece. He would just have to wait, and wait...

The night ticked on uneventfully. The feline was slowly inched through the tight tunnel, directly in the middle of a huge mass of digested food that was being further processed by the badger s body. Gradually being refined into its baser elements, with the bits useful to the predator being absorbed by his bloodstream. Of course much of the mass was left behind - the waste products that were of no use to the predator. The prey was acutely aware of what all that food was starting to turn into. He groaned and protested a bit, and struggled some more when he got the first whiff of the process, but failed to even make his captor move a little in his sleep.

The badger awoke sometime in the afternoon, as he typically did thanks to his late night job. He felt the weight in his belly, but had almost forgotten it belonged to a still living preything until he felt the cat shifting around.

 How d ya sleep last night? He asked in a taunting tone as he pressed forcefully into his belly, though he didn t get a response. More than likely it was because his captive didn t want to risk opening his mouth.

 Well if ya feel like shit now, just wait until tonight! He bellowed with a hardy chuckle, giving his own gut a slap before he got up to go about his day. He took it fairly easy, mostly lazing about and playing some games. It was easy for the large creature to forget all about the still living preything in his intestines as he rounded the seemingly endless twists and turns, while his hot and cramped surroundings grew ever more unpleasant. He had long since lost track of how much time had passed, though it was around the evening time when he finally began to slide into the roomier, but even messier colon.

Derek felt a soft pressure, and heard the wet rumbles as his prey was passed into his large intestine. He chuckled, realizing that jerk was getting close to the end. It happened to be around the time he was getting ready to go back into work. He put on a heavy jacket to sort of hide his distended gut before heading out, aware that he d probably be passing that cougar before he returned home.

And thus we return to the present time, when the badger had just let in that rabbit, while he felt his prey packed into his rectum. He was hoping to wait until his next scheduled break to poop, but it was becoming increasingly difficult to resist the urge to relieve himself. He tried his best to smile as a rather nervous and young looking border collie walked up to the entrance. He examined the canine s ID with close scrutiny, pretty sure it didn t look right.


He gritted his teeth as the pressure in his rump nearly became unbearable. Glancing to the now visibly grossed out dog, and back to the ID.

 Eh... enjoy your stay. He practically threw the card back at the clearly underage guest as he turned tail and rushed inside. Clenching his tailhole as he made his way behind the bar and past that same vixen bartender, into the back room and to the staff bathroom. Thankfully it had a toilet that was large enough for both someone of his size, and his diet. He undid his belt buckle, sliding his pants down before he sat on the seat, sighing with relief as he finally got to relax.

He pushed a bit on his belly as a bit of gas burst out below, along with a few logs of waste relatively normal for someone his size. Then he felt something big pushing against the inside of that tight ring of flesh. He clenched the sides of the seat, groaning as he finally began to expel that feline s feet. Stuck together by all of that thick digested food, it proved quite challenging for somebody who was only used to pooping out digested prey. He winced and pushed as his legs, and hips slowly emerged. They weakly kicked around as they were exposed to the air, and dipped into the cold water below.

 Uggh... Now you don t wanna come out... The badger complained, as his prey s belly sat wedged in his butt for several seconds. But eventually with a tight squeeze, he was able to push past the cat s widest point. After that the rest of him practically glided out of his body. He froze as he felt the sudden relief of an empty colon, letting out a soft, relaxed sigh as the rest of his prey splashed down in the water below.

 Wow... that was a pretty good shit! He said with a chuckle, as he stood up and turned around to look at the cat. Even the parts of his fur that weren t covered with brown muck were clearly soiled from the bright yellow it had been before his trip. He sat motionless, panting as he stared up to the grinning badger.

 Welp. I let ya out undigested. He pulled his pants up, and before the cougar even realized what he was doing, he had pressed the flush lever. A torrent of water flooded the giant bowl, and swept the cat out of sight and down the sewer pipe. He turned to leave without even washing his hands to finish off his shift, and to let the bartender know the cat had come out of his ass alive - but that he rushed out the back entrance before he could do anything.

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Derek is mostly used to showing drunks the door, but sometimes the situation calls for more forceful measures.

Big thank you to Zarpaulus for pointing out a couple of mistakes and suggesting an improvement.

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I like it


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Thank you.


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This is a great story!


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Thank you very much.