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Stacy was the definition of perfection, the type of girl who your parents would be more proud of than their own son, even though she wouldn’t want you to feel that way. Stacy was the type of girl every guy in American dreamed of marrying one day and starting a family with. Stacy was tall, smart, athletic, good looking: The whole package. It was a lovely Sunday afternoon, with the sun shining calmly through the upstairs window of Stacy’s room. While the light would usually wake most people up, Stacy was already wide awake, fully dressed, and doing her morning routine of stretches and weight lifting, her toned chest and legs glistening with a healthy amount of sweat.
Sunday’s for Stacy were one of her favorite days of the week. Not only were they usually beautiful, but she also got to see all the smiling faces down at the towns homeless shelter. After her workout, she felt a nice nip of strain as she flexed her well developed limbs in front of her mirror, giving a quick smile and nod before heading into the shower. Stacy hummed some of her favorite songs from the last week as she quickly rinsed off the sweat and grime, before shutting off the water and toweling off. Yep, this morning was going great. Well, that was until she was about halfway down the stairs, then she heard: “it”.
“It” was her sister Tori. Tori was the exact opposite of the proper and caring Stacy. Tori was the definition of sloth, weighing over three hundred or so pounds, her eyes dark and baggy, her long hair a disgusting unclean greasy sheen. The noise that Stacy had heard was a loud ripping of wind, with the scent travelling up the stairs, forcing Stacy to pause and quietly shudder to herself.
Taking a quick deep breath, Stacy put on a smile and strode down the rest of the stairs, spotting her sister in the usual position on the couch. Tori was laying on the couch, her body having left an imprint of her fat blobby form stuck into its base and pillows many months ago after it was bought, Tori claiming it for herself. Tori spotted her sister and shot a glare at her, but said nothing, instead deciding to dig her uncut, and dirty fingernails into her hairy navel, scratching it around, digging out some lint from her pussy connecting treasure chest.
Although Stacy did her best to stay smiling, she winced a little. Tori of course was wearing absolutely nothing but a pair of dark black panties that were more like a thong, and a shirt that was adorned with a video game mascot, that was way too tight for her, barely being able to be called a tank top. The shirt was a triple-XL shirt. “Good morning Tori, how are you?” Stacy said, her voice maintaining a chipper and pleasant sing song quality to it. Another glower was shot at Stacy from the ogre of a women, who simply let a blech lazily escape her lips. “Like you give a fuck, I could tell you that I kicked those fucking newbs asses online, but you wouldn’t know what any of that means. And here I was thinking you were supposed to be smart” Tori said, turning her eyes back to the anime laiden TV after the insult was thrown.
Stacy simply stared at her ghostly looking sister, her smile faltering a little. She immediately smiled again and replied “Oh that’s great! I am really happy you’re having fun with your game! Well, I just wanted to let you know that you will have the house to yourself today, so please have a good day” Stacy was met with a cruel smile and a noxious fart from Tori. “Whatever, you always go help those stupid idiots every Sunday. If you ask me, it’s a waste of time!” Again, Tori’s fingers were digging and scratching at the trailing dirty stomach hair, a scowl on her face as she thought about how disgusting the thought of helping others was.
Stacy ignored the nasty and uncaring comment as she simply said a calm “see you later” and walked out the door. The warmth of the day washed away the negativity from seeing Tori, as Stacy gently jogged her way down the street, waving at basically everyone passing, and just doing her best to wish others a great day. Stacy finally arrived to all the familiar faces of the shelter, everyone greeting her as she greeted them back. Today was going to be a great day Stacy thought to herself, getting ready to do some good.
Stacy waved goodbye to everyone inside the shelter, a wave of “Thank you’s” and “See you next Sunday Stacy” echoes out, as the beaming Stacy closed the door and took in the sun. The day was still quite fresh, and that meant that Stacy could take the long job home, which just so happened to be her favorite path. Stacy stopped by her usual smoothie place, before bouncing her way home to the beat of the radio playing the stations top 20.
After a good while, Stacy got home, a nice glistening sheen of sweat on her forehead and dampening her clothes, she panted as she paused at the door to get her breath back. “Whew!” Stacy explained to herself, letting out a little laugh as she could feel a soft burn in her chest “Am I really THAT out of shape?” She joked to herself.
Stacy took a nice, long intake of air, before opening the front door. Stacy stepped inside and was met with an overwhelming reek of energy soft drinks, junk food, and shit, prompting her to gag, her eyes watering a little. Tori was bad, but never THIS bad when it came to hygiene. As Stacy took another step forward, her head pinged, a ringing bouncing around her skull. She wanted to scream, but all she did was fall over painfully, her head hitting the carpet thankfully covering the wood floor. Her vision blanked to nothing but black.
Stacy’s head was spinning like an out of control top, and it felt like the tip of a top was also drilling its way into her brain by the time she had regained consciousness. Her whole body felt like she had just taken the beating of a lifetime, and couldn’t understand why. She grumbled, and slowly tried to open her eyes, which seemed to take quite a bit of effort to even do just that simple act. Before the sense of sight came back, her nostrils started to catch a flame after taking a whiff of the surrounding odor. Only one word that came to Stacy’s mind: Tori.
Stacy’s eyes shot open, and were met with a mild reflection of herself looking back with wide, slowly adjusting eyes. The room was dark, the only light that filled the room was a PC screen blaring it’s source of illumination at Stacy, whose mind was still trying to fully understand what was going on. Stacy couldn’t believe her eyes when her mind fully processed what she was seeing: Tori’s room was the size of a planet, and after a quick glance around where she was sitting, her clear prison was effident as a gunky, unclean smelling mason jar.
Stacy started to uncontrollably shake. For someone who was usually so knowledgeable and in the know to what was happening, Stacy knew nothing about what was going on, realizing that she was completely naked, her toned flesh and perky breasts, among other parts, on full display. She quickly tried to cover herself up, but realized it was totally pointless for many reasons. While Stacy tried to get stand up and steady herself, which was a surprisingly difficult feat to do, the door to the musky, den of a room was opened, the blinding light forcing the now wincing Stacy to cover her eyes, falling onto her ass, before curling into a ball.
Tori opened the door to her room, grumbling horrible muffled obscenities and slurs as she pushed her ginormous ass into the door to open it. A piece of pizza was clamped in her mouth, and her entire body of fat flab jiggled as she closed the door behind her, shutting off the blinding source of light, letting Stacy rub her eyes to try and clear them.
Tori waddled over to her gaming chair, that thankfully, after all this time hadn’t broken, and sat down in it, her stained and sweaty ass down, as it pillowed over the side, practically taking in the seat into her ass cheeks. For the countless time after awakening in her glass prison, Stacy had a double take as she looked at her monster of a sister. Stacy was good at math, and had to roughly guess she was just a bit smaller than half a foot. Stacy tapped on the glass, but it was no use, as Tori just clicked through page after page of pirated manga and doujinshi, sloppily munching away at her dripping and falling apart slice of pizza.
Stacy kept tapping on the translucent wall, but it was all in vain. Tori had her headphones plastered on her head, and if that wasn’t enough, her thunderous shouting as she blew aliens away into graphic chunks of vile gore didn't help. All stacy could do was wait and hope that her sister would help her out of this. She knew that tori was… Not the nicest person, but she was still her sister, and that had to count for something. Stacy just had to wait. Round after round of “Fuck you alien fuckers” and belches, and even the terrible smelling farts passed, before finally, Tori violently threw down her headphones in an annoyed fit of rage after the screen flashed a menu asking her to load her game back up again. That’s when she got up, and grinned at the Stacy filled jar. Stacy’s expression was the exact opposite of her sisters grin, turning into a look of knowing horror: Tori put her in here. She knew.
The towering Tori loudly shuffled her way over to where the jar was placed, her tongue licking alongside her grease and sugar covered pink lips, her once white teeth showing no recollection of that time, now a grimey dirty color, that of someone who thought getting up each night to brush for 30 seconds was an invasion of her gaming time. “Hey sis! Wow, look at you! Is this what exercise does to you? Make you short, manish, AND ugly?” The insult was poorly crafted and that of someone who lacked any social skills. I.E. the perfect Tori insult. The only thing it was missing was a slew of nasty words, which came out like one of Tori’s poorly timed anal wind evacuations. “Haha, I took a shit bigger than you a while ago little shit!” Tori said, picking up the glass and shaking it a little, throwing Stacy around like a pinball, Stacy’s body limply being thrashed around the circular torture chamber.
“You’re so lucky I found you! I almost crushed you, thought you were the bug you are… But, I noticed your clothes just laying there, and there you were, your tiny, pathetic form” although this still didn’t answer any of Stacy’s questions about what all had happened, she was at least glad that this little spout of non-information had momentarily stopped Tori’s spinning of the jar. Stacy shivered and looked up at her sisters overly detailed face, noticing all the acne, spots, and blemishes that distance had spared her gaze. Now she was up close and personal, and Tori’s vile breath wafted into the jar like a gas chamber, making Stacy weeze for air. She wasn’t going to get it, and the universe wasn’t going to grant her the gift of falling back into the black void of unconsciousness, or even death.
“Finally everything is going as it should, I always said I was better than you, and look at you now! You’re a weak, little ant! Like you always were… You could never just admit I am the better sister could you?” The bitter words oozed from Tori’s sauce stained lips. “T-Tori… Please… You, you have to help me!” Stacy was trying to stay calm, knowing how Tori could get, hoping and praying that Tori was just letting out some steam after losing her game. “Help you? Why the fuck would I do that?!” Tori spat, her already beady fishbowl eyes narrowing more, glowering at her pint sized sister. “There is no reason I should! In fact, you’re doing exactly what you should be doing, and what you should have been doing all this time! Being the pathetic waste of life you are!” Tori snarled, drilling in her slowly defeating words into the usually ever positive Stacy, whose face just started to fill with tears.
“B-But you’re my sister…” Stacy whimpered, pleading up at her ghastly looking brute of a shut-in sister. “Sister? I am a fucking Goddess compared to you, you little shit stain! You’re so fucking lucky I don’t just smear your insignificant form on my ass like a piece of TP!” Tori yelled back, some of her spit landing on the other side of the glass like a tsunami wave. “No, you’re my pet now, maybe not even that since I don’t think bugs make good pets…” Tori paused, thinking about what Stacy was going to be seen as, before returning back to her tiny captured sister “I will grant you with the validation of being a pet, a stupid, braindead, retard of an animal!”
With that, Tori got an evil, horrible idea, slowly lowering and positioning the jar right below her pale, saggy, barely panty clad ass, putting the opening of the jar right at skin contact, and let a growling wind rush straight out of the two cheeks like a wind tunnel. Stacy was going to scream, but all she could feel was her eyes and lungs shred and burn, as the she could taste all the digested, gassy remains be blown right in her face, making her scratch at her unclean feeling skin, falling to her side as Tori just brought up the stinky stacy filled container back up to her. She watched as Stacy flailed around like a temper tantrum throwing child, Tori not even being affected by a smell that was as natural to her as the morning air.
“You’re gonna come to realize real quick, that this is Hell, and you’re going to wish you were dead… And I may just grant you that wish if you will just utter a few words” Tori imitated Stacy’s sing song voice with a sickly sweet rendition as she uttered that down to the struggling Stacy. “But since I hate idiots who spoiler, I will let you guess that for yourself” Tori said, shaking the jar, hearing little clinking sounds as Stacy’s immobilized body bounced around, thankfully not cracking her head on anything.
Stacy, through whatever miracle was able to shake away just enough of the fumes from her head, and finally taste some semblance of breathable air, however hard it might be. Stacy was at a complete loss of words, nothing she could say would even come close to how she felt, as the disgustingly awkward beast that rivaled those of Greek myth ass-clapped her way back over to her unwashed bed. Stacy remembered when she had asked Tori to wash it. That was nearly a year ago. It showed, with stains of varying hues of brown, yellow, and dark.
Stacy screamed as Tori left her feet, and let her whale of a form flop back onto her creaking and screeching bed, the metal supports bending ever so slightly as Tori got in her usual position. Tori’s gut jiggled all around like a hairy and smelly jello mold, some of her treasure patch leading down to her womanhood stood out, even in the dark due to its density. “Alright pet, play time!” Tori said, slowly tipping the jar at an angle, Stacy slowly slipping and starting to fall out as she tried to grab anything that might allow her to stay in the smelly jar, instead of fall down to the fleshy abyss below.
Stacy had no luck, and plummeted down with a soft squish to the unbelievably big gut of Tori, whose beady eyes gave a bored scan to Stacy. “You always wanted me cleaned up? Well, here you go, clean me up pet! Use that tongue of yours to make my temple of a body like how you always said I should be!” Tori chuckled, her stomach dangerously shifting around the ever unbalanced Stacy, who just tried to maintain a grip on her on four stance.
Stacy refused, she would not to what Tori was demanding of her, no matter what. This stalemate of Stacy just staring blankly up at her cruel sister went on for a minute. Then Tori got annoyed. “Oh? Not good enough for this? But you’ll gladly go clean up and help those gross fucks down at the shelter?! FINE! I’ll give you a hand!” Tori forcefully grabbed Stacy with her thumb and index finger, Stacy letting out a scream, as she was jammed head first into the hair and lint filled cavern that was the endless navel of Tori’s.
Stacy had her eyes shut, as she could feel the terrifyingly sharp hairs poke and prod her as she was shoved deeper and deeper into the navel. Finally, after what seemed like miles of travelling, she was finally deposited, Tori letting go of the grasp, and pulling her fingers out, the tunnel and source of light slowly closing as they did. “Alright!” Came Tori’s muffled voice “Start cleaning! You’ve got a lot of ground to cover, and I’ve only got so much manga to catch up on today! If you aren’t done with at least a few inches, you won’t be happy, because I won’t be happy!” The muffled voice snapped, as Stacy just tried to let her wet eyes adjust to her incredibly dark, and barely lit surroundings.
Stacy thought about running, trying her hardest to get out of where she was, but she knew that would do her no good. The best she could hope for, was that Tori didn’t have that much manga, and would be done with that soon. A horrid thought crossed Stacy’s mind, when she thought about Tori possibly forgetting her shrunken pet… NO! Sister! Trapped away in her navel. Stacy took a moment to just sit down and have a good cry, before getting to work.
Stacy tried to claw at the gunk, but realized, through God knows how long, that it was plastered there, and some simple arm work wasn’t going to cut it. Stacy held back a gag, as she brought her tongue and teeth to a particularly stubborn chunk of link and who-knows-what and started to apply her perfect pearly white teeth and tongue to it… The universe laughed as it worked better than her hands did. For the “little” pieces of lint, stacy just hungrily lapped it up, her stomach starting to swell with each filling she got.
Stacy did what she always did: Work hard at the task she was given. Her stomach started to swell just a little with how much of the muck she was intaking, but she was at least making progress. That was until she got to where the hair started to trail out, and she realized that now she had other things to contend with, a defeated look masking an even worse feeling face.
Stacy’s whole life felt shorter than the slavery she was subjected to at this current moment. She felt as though it would be the future when Tori pulled her out of this stank ass pit. Finally, she felt something enter back into the navel, one of Tori’s fingers, which swished around, before it painfully knocked and hooked Stacy, ripping her out of the belly button at a high speed. Stacy shielded her eyes from the quickly shining light, as her body was plopped right down on the outside. Tori’s rooms atmosphere was the farthest thing from a clean air supply, but compared to inside the tummy tunnel, it smelt as fine as a fresh spring mornings air.
“So, have fun?” Tori’s husky voice and foul smelling breath washed over Stacy, it smelt of pure Monster and nacho cheese chips, the physical evidence of this laying right next to Tori, spilling out the last little drops onto the bed. Tori stuck her fat sausage finger back into her deep navel, and scratched around again, the noise hurting Stacy’s hears. With a pop, Tori’s finger exited the Chinese finger trap of skin, and gave it a smell, then to Stacy’s stomach turning disgust, a suck. “I hate saying this, especially about a little mite like you, but you did a good job…” From the mild frown Tori exhibited, a devilish, baggy eyed grin was shot back to Stacy “Which is good… Since this is one of your new permanent jobs bug!”
Before Stacy could even make a peep of disagreement to what was just thrust upon her, Tori’s face flushed red, her pupils growing more than they should. “Oooo~... I… I have an idea” Tori cooed, biting her lower lip, as she looked down at her decently sized shrunken sister. “You’re… Still a virgin right Stacy?~” Tori said, her usual cruel voice taken over by a teasing one, that was actually a bit more terrifying than her usual gruff voice. “U-Uh…” Stacy paused, her brain not even focusing on answering the question, more so wondering why Tori was asking it. “W-Why do you ask?!” Stacy piped up at Tori, who smiled harder, her face growing ever redder, before swiping Stacy, pulling her panties forward, showing more of a forest than the Amazon. Pubes as far as the eye could see. The connector between cunt, ass, and tummy layed there. You couldn’t even see the darkly discolored lips if you looked hard enough. “Well, if you aren’t, you’re gonna lose your virginity to a Goddess!” With that, the screaming Stacy was once again shoved in a dank, rank hole.
The millions upon millions of pubic hairs cut, and tangled, and choked, and just flat out hurt Stacy as she was pushed through the depths of cunt, before the sweet and salty smell hit her nose, right before her face finally had impact with the hidden lips. With just a tad bit of force, Stacy’s cries were silenced by a wet sound of flabby pieces of flesh opening to swallow the girl up. “FUCK!” Tori said, her head shooting back as she pressed her Stacy holding finger deeper and deeper in, feeling the thrashing struggles message her cunts inside.
Inside the unwashed pussy, Stacy was fighting for her life, her entire little body being violated by every pulsating side. Sticky nectar was gushed all over her, as it invaded her mouth, chafing her body with the combination of salt and the friction of being shoved every which way, in and out, in and out. Stacy shrieked her lungs out, while Tori was moaning and panting out in pleasure. Both sisters were the complete opposite of each other in emotions, as they were in everything else, with Tori grabbing one of her husbando body pillows and giving it a good bite to maintain her composure as she dug her claw like hands deeper and deeper, knowing full well that she could kill her sister… This just made her get even closer to orgasm.
Finally, Tori’s eyes widened, her body tensed up like a deer in the headlights, and let out a disgusting combination of a wet fart, a grumbly belch, and a long, messy shot from her cunt, pussy juices shooting all over her panties, bush, and of course bed. Due to the fact that the final act that achieved orgasm was an inward thrust, Stacy was trapped inside the entire time, her entire body drenched in cum. But it wasn’t just that, it was the force that cum had hit and rushed around the now limp girl, as if Stacy’s head had been looking up, the guyser would have taken her head clean off. No, thankfully Stacy’s instincts were to try and limply curl up, and this managed to only have her skin be bruised and basically sanded by hot streak of juice.
Stacy’s prayers were answered when the long, fat fingers finally coiled themselves, and her, out from the vagina. Stacy just hung limply from the grasp she was in, her eyes stung red, her body pink. “Wow! Fuck aren’t I just the sexiest being alive or what? Hahahaha, I bet that was the biggest orgasm you’ve ever felt huh? If you’re fucking disgusting body could even feel one!” Again, Stacy just hung there, letting the insults sink into her skin, she didn’t care, she just wanted to be put back into the jar to sleep for a little bit.
“God, I was thinking about this guy I saw online fucking me good, and when he came, I-” Tori paused, and grimaced, as a wet, shittastic fart whimpered it’s way from the two bags of fat Tori called at ass, prompting her grimace to turn into a smile. “Come on, I think it’s time to show a little shit like you, what a big shit is really like…” Tori got up, and made her way off to the shitter.
If you called Tori’s bathroom that of a gas station, you would be giving it a compliment. It was simply filthy, random hair dye bottles lay around the room, cum tissues lay on the sink, countless soft and energy drink cans, and even a few bottles of piss for when she was too “in the zone” to actually go when she needed to. Tori let her panties fall completely to the floor, which honestly took a little bit of her jiggling her fat legs and ass around before it finally dropped properly, and help Stacy upside down, with only a loose grip from her main fingers. All the blood was rushing to Stacy’s head, making her feel extremely light yet heavy headed. She wanted to puke, and that was added on to how she already felt.
Stacy didn’t have even a moment to scream as Tori decided it would be fun to fling the little body of her sister right into the toilet bowl. Thankfully in some cases for Stacy, she landed with a slop right on top of a wad of used toilet paper, again thankfully being the relatively cleaner side of it. Stacy rolled over on her back, and was met with something even most porn browsers would look at disgust at.
There, starting to plant itself on the once-clean-white seat was Tori’s spread out asshole, pulsating down at Stacy, who loudly begged her sister to stop and do anything but this. The sound however was trapped in the round contraption due to the top being sealed off by the lardy flesh. Tori hummed a terrible rendition of one of her fave game songs as she started to squeeze out something from within her body.
Although Tori could feel the shit snaking its way down to the exit, Stacy was not entirely sure what was going on, before, to her horror, she saw the anus open up, and the turd greated her by started to come down at her in terrifying force.
The first piece of shit was racing down at Stacy, but it was falling down at her in adrenalyn induced slow-mo. Her eyes just went blank as the brown loaf splashed a crash right near her, causing a massive toilet water tidal wave to start rushing towards her small TP raft. Now that the asshole floodgates were open, random and inconsistent pieces of crap kept falling out with loud bursts of gas. Some of the time it was solid, others it was more leaky, but it was all brownish green muck. Stacy started to puke her guts out, her mind letting go of control of her body as she got taken under the piss and shit soaked water every other minute.
Finally, a final fart signaled the last of the droppings, as a sigh of contentment escaped from Tori’s fat face. She got up, not even bothering with wiping her still messy behind, and pulled her overly stretched panties back up. Tori was just about to flush the toilet, when she saw the insignificant speck that was her sister try and stay surfaced among the swampy shits.
“Oh, that would have been a real shame to flush my pet away…” Tori said, uncaring, just as uncaring as she reached down and plucked Stacy out of the murky waters, and dropped the silent girl down into her pussy bush. “Stay there for a while-” Tori was cut off by a phone ringing, and it sure as Hell wasn’t hers. A smile crossed her face as she knew exactly who the chipper and upbeat ringtone belonged to, and who the ringtone signafied as the caller.
Stacy couldn’t hear anything except muffled voices, her body was contorted, her arm twisted the wrong way, but thankfully not enough to fully break it without a bit more force. Stacy didn’t know what was happening, the only thing her slowly slipping brain was aware of was that the walls around her were shifting as if Tori was walking. Which Tori was indeed in motion, chatting up away on the phone in a horrible attempt at being sultry, a few belches being blown into the receiving end of the phone, as she motioned a kiss goodbye, and laughed, starting to strip down from the already bare essentials she had on. After she removed her t-shirt, she fished Stacy out from her pussy, and paused to look at the still life form. “Hey, little shit! Are you awake?!” She said, agitated, shaking the limp body a little. This prompted Stacy to cough and reassure that she was still alive, although barely.
“A very special guest is coming over, and I don’t want my little pet stinking up the room by dying on me!” Tori said, taking her near broken sister to the night stand near the bed. “He should be here any minute now!” She squealed with glee like a schoolgirl, as she let Stacy fall onto the penny and gum covered stand, Stacy just laying there, not sure who or what was coming over. Then her eyes bolted open, she heard a voice. A smooth, masculine voice. It was her boyfriend.
“I’m upstairs!” Tori shouted back, opening the door to her room to be greeted by a strong, well built, handsome man. He wore a smile on his face, as he opened his arms and embraced Tori, locking her into a kiss. “T-This isn’t happening… W-Why is he doing this… With her!” Stacy stammered, watching the two gigantic beings fondle each other, as Tori stripped her new prize down, licking his enticing form and watching as his stiff cock popped out from his waistband before shoving the member into her awaiting mouth.
“Hey, let’s just fuck~” She said, pulling on his hand, leading him over to the noxious unsanitary bed. Tori pushed the stud down, and climbed her meaty body onto his fit form, slowly straddling him as he let out a slightly discomforted grunt, which turned into a smile as the fat enveloped him.
Stacy just sat there as her boyfriend threw away years of what she thought was true love and passion, just for a fuck with her greasy fatass sister. Tori grabbed some of the old, stale food from the side of her bed, chewing on it loudly with an open maw, before pulling her lips together with the man she was straddling. “Oh shit, fuck, hold on…” Tori got up, a wet gas bubble leaking from her behind as she playfully slapped her boytoy. “You haven’t eaten yet right? Well, this food is for me, so I’ve got a special meal for you~” Tori hummed, positioning her flabby rear over his gleeful face, as she sat down with enough force to kill lesser men. Stacy’s heart and mind were breaking like a child playing and snapping twigs. She saw her sister facefuck and violate the man she loved with shitty farts… Stacy was done.
All Stacy had ever done in life was try and make other people happy… And now it was apparent that the universe was telling her this was her final goal, to make her sister, the chosen female, happy, even though it meant ending Stacy’s world, her very life. Stacy got up, her eyes glazed over with a stare to rival any military veteran, and looked over the edge of the bed. “Goodbye” Stacy mumbled, before taking the exact moment Tori threw her head back in pleasure, to throw her miniscule form into the awaiting beasts mouth.
Tori didn’t even realize that she had a new addition to her mushed up burger in her mouth, swallowing without a second thought after tonguing it for a moment. After a painful trip down Tori’s vibrating throat, Stacy landed in the wasteland that was the stomach, with chunk of food melting into shit surrounding her. This was her resting place, but she wouldn’t know any rest. The last thing Stacy would ever get to experience would be the acids slowly rising, slowly eating away at her once perfect body, the last thing she ever saw was a white liquid entering in through the hole she had entered in from. Her boyfriends cum splashing on her face, melting it, one last scream from Stacy ending in a gurgle, where the acid began.
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Tori The Total Bitch By radmann -- Report

Uh oh, a NEET girl getting to completely and utterly destroy her preppy sister in some of the most horrible, degrading, and inhuman ways a gross ogre of a girl can do?... Yes, this made me very, VERY happy to write. Big thank you to  madsci for commissioning this to life!

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Posted by InsertName 8 months ago Report

Honestly, this is just sad...
And I love it <3


Posted by radmann 8 months ago Report

Isn't it though? (It's more sad that it didn't happen to Stacy sooner hehehehe)

And many thank yous! Glad to hear you enjoyed it!!


Posted by Kelly 7 months ago Report

AHHHH this is one of the best story I ever read on here <3 <3 <3


Posted by AngelTheGood 5 months ago Report

Great characters!


Posted by TheLordVampire 4 days ago Report

This bitch needs a series!