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"Hey, what are you-MMPH!?!" Jinora began to question before a pair of pink lips captured her own. In the resulting oral battle she tried to beat against the female that was assaulting her but felt her wrists grappled and pushed along with her back against a wall. A knee sliding between her legs to grind against her inexperienced crotch, she felt a wave of flushed heat flow up from her buttery filled middle to her rosy colored cheeks. Despite her efforts, the physical seduction was too much for her to handle and her lips eventually parted to let a tongue slip into her mouth. With a groan she kissed back, much to her chagrin as her body was being ravaged in the dark confines of the foreign room.
How she got there was through a series of bizarre circumstances.
She had been busying herself with the duties of an Air Nomad doing good work for the world as Korra set out to right the imbalance of the third portal. Since that was being dealt with, places around from Republic City to the New Earth Republic needed her and the new Air Nomad initiates while Tenzin delegated with both teachings and assisting in what was left of New Republic City. What with the infestation of spirit vines and new spirit neighbors it was getting hard for everyone to get along but somehow they managed even without an Avatar.
During the course of years that had passed she'd grown into a fine Air Nomad Master. With it her beauty was enhanced, her face gaining more strength and refined beauty while her hairstyle remain unchanged but hid her back-long brunette hair. She even possessed a more voluptuous accentuation to go with her days treading adulthood; more curves along her legs and waist, a succulent plump ass along with toned muscles from her daily grind. Even her bosom became one to be compared as larger than many in her school of practice.
When there was talks of a distant swamp emerging in the outskirts she found it irrelevant to investigate despite it was Asami who brought it up. It was only a matter of time till she was bothered by it a again when she was back in town after weeks of helping in the villages in the New Earth Republic. By that time she found that her to receive a mysterious floral scented note to be left back at the Air Temple telling her to come to what was a motel room about something she found.
She knew it had to be about the swamp that had a rumored spirit dwelling there that was out of the norm; well, about as strange as spirits went. Still she was curious enough to tromp back. Making sure her Air Nomad uniform was well kept she brushed her brunette colored hair and fastened a large bun at the top. When she entered the manager directed her almost dispassionately to the room number she was expected at. Walking up she could almost smell a sweetness in the air that was uncanny for such an average establishment. By the time she entered, it almost appeared abandoned.
Then she saw Asami appear out of the shadows and looked very much out of the usual. A pink dress with an ovular shaped skirt that billowed over her hips and hid her legs in a way that was depicting of an old style garment but akin to a ballerina's she noticed her lack of shoes or any effects whatsoever. Her eyes and lips were a rare shade of rosy, matching her sparkling dress and nails, giving an eerie sense of kinkiness that was so unlike the mature young woman. There was also a musk behind the sweet scent of flowers pungent around her, something that made Jinora so confused and apprehensive.
"Yessssss," She purred out as she approached, forcing the young Air Nomad into a corner as she sized her up with her unnatural eyes. She took care to slip out her tongue and drag it against her glossy lips before smacking it with a wet, sultry pop before she let out a wanton lustful groan. "You'll do just fiiiiine, little blossom. But first, why don't we have some fun?"
"A-Asami," Jinora stuttered out as her back was pressed against the wall, Asami's generous bust and middle pushing her forcibly into the wall.
"C'mere cutie," Asami moaned with a finger tip of Jinora's chin so her mouth could devour hers. The resulting aforementioned struggle ended with her complete domination of the young yet beautiful Air Nomad, her saliva mingling with hers enough to ooze between the cracks of their mouths. Smacks were made between their lips as their kiss became intensely passionate, dragging her lips to suck hotly over Jinora's tongue over and over, bringing out much joy within the younger girl's matured body.
As the transformed woman continued to make out with the younger girl, her hand still holding her head undid the bun allowing her hair to drape down her neck. Stroking it lovingly her other free hand swept its digits across her neck down to her collarbones, slowly undressing her uniform top. She felt the girl shiver as they swapped spit, their tongues dancing in the open before they wetly kissed in a crescendo of smacks before sliding the lips back over to invade each other's orifices. Once free of the upper garment both hands tickled the bare bosom with circling ministrations, ushering a singing mewl within her mouth.
Freeing her captive of her oral battle she kissed and licked across her cheek to her ear, breathing hotly as she tongued its inside while nibbling on the lobe. Sucking her neck down she claimed one large mammary with a hot sucking pulse of her lips, teeth and rolling tongue, causing Jinora to roll her eyes with her neck leaning against the wall. Bringing up both legs to wrap around the older woman's waist, she continued to grind against the leg that burrowed into her silk covered nethers that continued to moisten and drip through their colorful confines.
"Oh...ahn! A-Asami!" Jinora cried out as her eyes teared up with the feelings washing over her.
"For such an older Air Bender, you're quite the newborn blossom when it comes to this," The pink-lipped brunette noted with a wet plop of her mouth over one engorged tit. As she massaged them she shuddered as sinuous movement wriggled and squirted. Out from a slit in her back ghostly tendrils of transparent white swung around as she kept the Air Nomad occupied with suckling her nipples. It wasn't until the half-lidded young woman looked up and saw the many tendrils hovering over her did she begin to squeak with impotent fear. Chilling limbs began to encircle her arms that were wrapped around Asami's neck over her shoulders, binding them effectively. Her ankles too, giving her the shivers as she was unable to truly escape. As a pair circled around her generous boobs with cool yet sensual massaging squeezes she groaned as Asami's warm thigh continued to grind against her nethers. Cupping her face with both hands, rosy lips formed a decadent smile as wispy saliva pooled out of her mouth over her chin. "Let's see how well you handle this level of pleasure. Uuuuuungh!"
"OhmyHRMPHLLLLRGH!" The Nomad began to exclaim until a tendril of white that oozed juices slid out of Asami's mouth and into her own. Gulping uncontrollably past her throat, bypassing the gag reflect it'd roll down in cold waves. When it reached the entrance to her stomach bulges began to flow up the raven haired beauty's neck out the tendril into the mouth receiving muscle that flowed down to give her an intense sense of warmth. This would continue as the stomach was filled with a soupy spirit liquid, making Jinora's eyes glow a pupiless white; she moaned with wild abandon as a result.
Asami slid her mouth forward across her own tendril till she sloppily kissed with a roll of her tongue the other girl. Despite the bulging meat that continued to pump essence into the other they renewed their french kissing as if a snake had just entered their throats. Other tendrils soon began to grind into Jinora's nethers ushering in a gurgling squeal of pleasure. Her now bare nethers were accessed and plunged to inject hot lubricant as the cool tendrils pressed one after another between her anus and sopping sex. The pair continued to have lovely passion as a pressing climax began to form in the younger girl's body. Closing her eyes with sweat permeating her brow she let loose a muffled shriek as her body came and came, waves of electric ecstasy rattling her younger frame.
Pushing away, Jinora's wet frame slid down frictionlessly to the floor, the tendrils between her lower and upper orifices finally extracted with wet pops. Saliva and cum dripped between the pair of openings as the Air Nomad basked in the buzzing pleasure, the cool tendrils still playing with her body while keeping a firm handle on her wrists and ankles. Swallowing her tendril down her throat, Asami finally decided it was time.
"Nnnnngh," Undressing her lower legs she revealed her glowing pussy, oozing sticky wads of juice to the floor. What came out was an engorged knotted tendril that squelched and slid across the air like a blind snake. The Air Bender's eyes barely made contact as her body flushed with continuous rapture. When it segmented into the younger woman they both groaned as a pleasurable connection was made, liquid pumping straight into the latter as it planted itself into her navel. "Yesssssss. Now...come up into your new home, darling."
"Mmmmmm," Jinora cooed out with a decadent groan as she saw Asami open her blossoming sex. Like a wide open flower it beckoned her just as the tendril anchored to her belly began to pull her tight and towards her destination. Sliding on her back she let the ghostly tentacles clasp her thighs and calves together so that her wriggling toes could find purchase. She licked her lips, biting down on the lower one and mewled as much as Asami let out a sultry sigh. Together they found united ecstasy as her toes slid up the dripping labia and into the birth canal. Warm, moist and comfortably soft it squeezed her like a plush doll but that made it all the more hot for her. While transparent limbs continued to fondle her breasts she began to play with her own sex, grunting and huffing as she built herself another peak of pleasure. "Huff! Huff! Mmm! Ngh! Grh! Ah! Mm! Ngh! Nmmmm!"
"That's it baby. Slide up. Let it taste and suck your delicious legs up. Mmmmmm you're so good my little lily," Asami declared as she squeezed one of her own breasts while keeping her gorging sex flared and open. Slithering up she felt her feet wiggling in her belly followed by the shins up to her knees. Copious amounts of cum spit upon her moist legs, bringing up the sweating girl as she groaned and whined with wild abandon. Taken on for a ride the convulsions of tight pleasurable wetness continued to drag her up tickling her belly all while her eyes glowed a bright snow hue. Past her fused belly button up her sides towards the bosom, they slurped up with a moist squelch. Shaking Jinora was gifted another embrace of orgasm as her flush red face was slathered in juices and sweat.
"Ooooooooh," She gasped as her neck was gripped by the flower of Asami's genitals. Licking her drenched face she swallowed before groaning with another succession of swallows. Loud and echoing her hair was dragged with her, soon cradling into the floating belly of not the woman she knew; but that of Sugar Plum. The umbilical chord attached to her belly allowed her to be fused with the spirit that had absorbed Asami Sato's body, the known lover of the Avatar. With her natural affinity of manipulating spiritual energy she'd be an invaluable host compared to the trophy wife that Sugar held hostage in the figurative sense.
"Rest now, little one," Asami whispered as she laid on the bed, fingering herself with a naughty smile as she watched her belly kick and distend with squirms. "Soon, you will be my new body and the stepping stone to taking over Avatar Korra. Then, at long last, I can taste all the women I ever wanted. Doesn't that sound deligthful, buttercup? Hehe!~"
As she sang a lullaby, Jinora felt tired as she floated in the womb of Asami. Pulses of more spirit essence flowed into her belly while the womb's lining massaged her body in its entirety. Like a body blanket of water filled flesh, she hung there in a nostalgic bliss, unable to comprehend what will happen in the hours to come. Smiling she allowed the euphoria of her constantly pleasuring blood to carry her away into dreamland...never to return.
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Asami: Jinora's Unbirth By EVAR25

Sugar Plum has taken over Asami Sato, both body and mind. But she requires a stronger host before attempting to spread her influence; and she knows just the young Airbender to do it.

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