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Dominant Threesome Roleplay By TwrchTwryth

Harmony gets Monica out of her comfort zone with a little roleplay.

This is part of a series (the one that currently occupies the largest portion of my brain). Any questions about the characters, please see the subfolder.

Also, god dammit, I just realized, after having these characters in my head for well over a year, that the proper portmanteau of their name is "Harmonica."

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Posted by DRayElliott 5 days ago

Okay, this is weird, this story shows up as blacklisted, but none of the tags used are in my blacklist.


Posted by TheDarkTraveler 4 days ago

domination is not normally my thing but this one was good


Posted by TwrchTwryth 4 days ago

I find that roleplay domination is fun, but stories where the predator is super cruel is usually a turn off for me, so I tried to clear about boundaries and consent and such.


Posted by TheDarkTraveler 4 days ago

I agree


Posted by thisgirlroolzz 1 day ago

I really liked that, at first I was thinking it was going to be a cruel double digestion and when I saw it was really about pleasure for all 3 I enjoyed it alot!
One day maybe I can loosen up and try roleplay S&M in reality, so far I've never gotten into it in the right frame of mind.


Posted by TwrchTwryth 1 day ago

Glad you liked it! The Monica/Harmony stories will never have any digestion in them. There's no reformation in this timeline, and digestion is not socially acceptable.

As for S&M play, I definitely write it more extreme than anything I've ever experienced, but it can definitely be fun, if stressful. You always have to make sure that you respect your partner's boundaries, and sometimes it can be difficult to know where those are. That's why in Monica's series I (almost) always try to include partners checking in with each other, before, during, or after.