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Mienshao Milf By Asaneman -- Report

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Liz slowly rubs her hands along the soft, plush surface of her bloated stomach, enjoying the feeling her husband-turned-mush. “I’d feel sorry for you, hun, going from proud, strong Houndoom to Mienshao pudge, but I did warn you. So really, this is all your fault,” she says, pressing a hand into her belly and squishing into her wonderful belly fat.

“I suppose you’ll at least help make me more irresistible to others, so thank you hun; this is a lovely parting gift!” he exclaims, giving her bloated gut a small, playful lift before letting go, watching the jiggle with glee. “And speaking of being irresistible, I probably should turn all this mush into more beautiful curves...” she thinks aloud, before a sudden Glooorp! sounds from her middle. Her stomach begins to rumble and blorp! as it goes into overdrive, working quickly to process her cheating husband.

She moans in pleasure as her stomach mush slowly shrinks, all the nutritious soup pushing through her body, causing all of her assets to steadily expand. She moves a hand to feel her breasts as they fill up with more fat, swelling up several sizes until they were absolutely heavy with fresh milk and fat. Her other hand drifts to feel her already lovely rear expand with some of her former husband. “Mmmm, this feels so good, honey. Glad you could at least please me on your way out,” she teases as she continues enjoying her body converting the last remnants of her mush into more lovely fat on her body.

In quick and efficient time, her body transforms all that mush into nothing more but wondrous curves on her body. She purrs in approval as she feels the new, weighty size of her breasts, the new, luxuriously soft padding on her generous rear, and her nice paunch of a belly. “Mmm, that was lovely. Maybe I should’ve just done this the first time you cheated on me!” Liz teased, giving her butt a nice slap, making it wobble pleasantly.

Taking a moment to enjoy the new enhancements to her figure, Liz starts to purr at the memory of devouring her husband and how delicious he was as she had swallowed him down whole. Her hands drift to her stomach as she licks her lips at the memory. She quickly begins to feel a new hunger rise within the depths of her core. If her husband had been that delicious, imagine how others might taste? She knew what she was going to do next. “Mmmm, you know what? Why don’t we go bring this irresistible figure down to the bar, hun...I’m sure I can find someone to take your place,” Liz muses to herself, fondling her new fat and smiling at the thought of adding yet another male to her beautiful figure.


First month raffle winner for  jaythegameguy from my discord channel.
Story written by  agtnightwolf, thanks again!

WIPs, with a herm edit:

Mienshao, Flareon © Nintendo

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Posted by HisashiHinata 1 year ago Report

Thank you so much for that herm edit!

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Posted by Royal_Starlord 1 year ago Report


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Posted by SuperSlosh 1 year ago Report

Love the version where the Flareon has a chubby (prey-filled?) Belly

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Posted by Hevy 1 year ago Report

I think it’s cum inflation, and I agree

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Posted by cheeseandmango 1 year ago Report

Chubby, smug, and gorgeous. That Flareon is lucky, just as long as he avoids getting churned into more pudge

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Posted by JamKat 1 year ago Report

Slosh! >w<

Nice and pudgy belly

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