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Arctic threesome
By Strega
Ikun was a nanuq, a great white bear, young and healthy and strong. Most often he ate seal, but other things ended up in his belly as they became available. Once, when challenged by a smaller male over a female, the entire rival male went down his throat. That made the subsequent matings with the female awkward, but she was greatly impressed by his feat and at at least he was well fed for the days of coupling that followed.
One morning he woke in his cave of snow and felt a familiar itch. The mating season was here and, flexible as any bear, he considered curling down to lick or suck himself until he was satisfied. Keeping that as a last resort he left his cave to look for a mate. Good as self-service was, the slippery sex of a she-bear was still better.
Luck was with him and the succulent smell of receptive female soon led him to a snowy-furred woman of his kind. She was slightly smaller than himself and whiter, which meant younger, since a diet of seal fat slowly turn a nanuq's fur yellow over its life.
"I am Inuk," he growled, and in his haste he put his chin on her rump and went to climb atop her. Inuk was pent up with seed and ready to hump but the she-bear turned beneath him and swatted his head away with a paw swipe that would kill a human but was little more than a playful slap for a bear.
"No," the she-bear growled. "I do not want a cub this season. Go away."
"I can smell your need," Inuk said reasonably. The thick black tip of his penis hung below his belly and he felt cold there rather than the welcoming warmth of tight she-bear sex. He would much rather feel the latter. "You want to mate as much as I do."
"But I do not want a cub," the she-bear countered. "You just want to fuck. When your balls are empty you will go but I will have to raise it. Perhaps next year."
"I wish to mate this year," Inuk growled, and made another effort to mount her. Once again she twisted around before he could get atop her and this time her paw hit his cheek hard enough to hurt.
"I said no," she growled, and Inuk backed off, his cheek sore. He was bigger and stronger but not by much and he could probably force himself on her but he might kill her in the fight and rape was never his goal.
Inuk still did not leave. He was very horny and flopped down on the snow near her, grumbling. She ignored him briefly but soon took pity.
"Look," the she-bear growled, "Maybe we can do something that will not get me pregnant. No," she said as his eyes drifted up under her tail, "I do not want you there and don't trust you not to mount my sex. But I am needy too. Maybe you could lick and I could suck you."
She flagged up her short stump of a tail and he contemplated the purple folds of her sex, below the gray-black star of the anus he almost got to fuck.
"I could do that myself," Inuk grumbled, but the smell of the she-bear's ready sex still held him like a leash. If he stayed maybe she would change her mind and he rose to his feet to display his size and strength. It was then he saw something past the ridge of snow that held the female's snow cave and had an idea.
"Wait here," he growled, and departed through the snow. A polar bear is a white on white shadow on the winter landscape and years of creeping up on seals taught him to move with eerie silence despite his bulk. The Inuit woman on her solitary trek through the snow never even knew he was there until a paw half the size of her chest swept her legs out from under her and his teeth met in the thick hide of her sealskin parka. He was more than ten times her weight but she fought, twisting to slam elbows into his chest and neck. He ignored the feeble blows and dragged her back to the she-bear.
The Inuit woman squirmed in his grip and let out a cry of terror as she saw the she-bear, sure she was about to be torn apart and shared. Inuk did plan to share her, but not the way she expected.
There were rules against this sort of thing, treaties between the nanuq and the Inuit, but Inuk lived outside the treaty lands. Here the Inuit hunted nanuq and the nanuq hunted them. Sometimes an Inuit ended up with a polar-bear coat and then again sometimes the new coat belched and settled down to digest its meal.
Inuk pinned the Inuit woman beneath a paw and tore at her sealskin clothing with his fangs. As the seat of her pants tore away the woman saw the thick black tip dripping beneath his belly and knew what was about to happen.
"What do you plan," growled the she-bear. "I though you wanted me, not a human."
"You'll see," growled Inuk in reply. He stepped up over the squirming woman and she let out an agonized shriek as his tip went in. Inuk held her down with a forepaw and arched his back, forcing his thickness into the impossibly tight human sex. He grunted, thrust harder, and finally managed to get perhaps half of himself in. That was enough to satisfy him if if he kept thrusting but he wrapped a forepaw beneath her belly and stood.
The woman hung impaled beneath him, whimpering, and that whimper grew louder as the she-bear grinned and raised her tail. The Inuit woman saw the dripping folds of nanuq sex move closer as the she-bear backed toward Inuk and let out a last despairing shriek as her face squelched into polar bear pussy. Inuk finally got to mount the she-bear and with a feral growl he humped the Inuit deeper. Her head disappeared with a wet squelch and her shoulders followed, pushed into the she-bear's elastic pussy by a randy male bear's humping.
She was still squirming, protesting against the ankle-thick cock jammed into her and the wet folds of she-bear sex gripping her face and neck. She was completely helpless, trapped between two huge bears, and each thrust both stabbed a much too large cock into her and forced her deeper. With a slithery wet noise her shoulders disappeared, then her upper arms, and the she-bear groaned and thrust back against Inuk as she gave birth in reverse. Inuk stepped forward, his pelvis pushing the woman in until she was hips-deep in polar bear pussy and able only to kick feebly in protest.
With his mighty forepaws wrapped around the she-bear, his belly against her rump and his nose full of her succulent scent Inuk was finally where he wanted to be and set to humping with enthusiasm. Each thrust made the Inuit woman shudder and the she-bear groan and though there was a thick layer of human between him and his mate his cock was inside the she-bear. Inuk humped with increasing force for several minutes until the lust building up in his loins could no longer be contained. With a shuddering growl he arched, the white fur of his haunched shivering, and the Inuit woman kicked and squirmed in the little space available to her as Inuk filled her with spurting bear cum. His cock was still only half buried, there being no more room inside her, but sure enough it'd been enough to get him off.
When the last drop of his seed was spent Inuk groaned and dismounted, his thick black cock leaving the human woman only reluctantly. Rivulets of semen drooled forth as her sex resumed more or less its previous shape and she kicked feebly, up to her hips in she-bear pussy. Her hands protruded to either side of her hips and her fingers dug into the thick white fur around her as she tried to escape the sucking wetness of nanuq sex.
"See," Inuk said as he sat. His penis hastily retracted into its sheath to escape the cold snow. "There is a way if you are eager enough."
He was considering whether to pull the Inuit woman out and offer her to his mate - fair is fair, after all - when the she-bear groaned and Inuk's eyes went wide. The stretched sex wrapped around an entire human rump rippled and Inuk watched in fascination as the woman was pulled deeper. With a wet slurp the Inuit's dripping sex disappeared and as her rump was consumed by nanuq pussy the Inuit somehow found the strength to fight.
Her legs kicked frantically as her thighs were sucked in and if anything the struggle made the she-bear more excited. She lifted her head and let out a shuddering growl and for the first time Inuk saw a she-bear cum. He'd heard it and felt it around his cock, but this time he saw her pussy clench and shiver. Inuk remembered the feel of that grip, which always milked the seed out of him if it hadn't already spurted forth, but he didn't remember feeling suction like he was seeing now. With a long wet slurp the Inuit's legs were sucked in, and for just a moment only her feet in their caribou-hide mukluks remained. The she-bear shivered and growled and suddenly the woman was gone, swallowed whole by nanuq pussy. There was a last glimpse of wet reindeer hide and then all there was to see was the innocent damp folds of nanuq sex and a new droop to the she-bear's belly.
"If I hadn't seen that I wouldn't believe it," Inuk growled. The bulge in his mate's belly kicked but inches of fat and muscle and hide trapped the woman in there. He'd heard of such things but never thought he'd see it. If there was any doubt in his mind what would happen to the Inuit now they were dispelled when the she-bear's pussy twitched and let out what could only be called a belch.
"That was good," the she-bear growled, and flopped down on the snow. Inuk considered that her fragrant sex was less appealing now than before, for a horrible suspicion was upon him.
"You said you could not mate because you'd end up with cub," he growled. He paced around until he could look her in the eye. "What will happen to the woman now?"
The she-bear made a careless gesture with a forepaw. "What happens to food you eat?"
"So," Inuk continued. "I can't get you pregnant. You'd digest my seed just as you are her." The weak struggle in the she-bear's flanks intensified as a low gurgling began. Wherever she was now, womb or somehow in the she-bear's stomach, the acids began to flow.
"If you say so," the she-bear muttered. She was too spent from her climax to argue and much of her body's energies turned to digesting her meal.
"You," Inuk said, and prodded her muzzle with a forepaw as she tried to doze. "Wanted me to lick you out. You wanted my snout in your pussy. What would have happened then?"
"Oh!" said the she-bear, her eyes blinking open. She had pretty green eyes. "I couldn't suck you in there! You're bigger and stronger than I am. Though," she admitted. "Maybe I'd try. You know when you are mating and the lust builds and builds and you can't stop until -"
"I know," Inuk growled. "You can't stop until you cum. But I wouldn't have believed you could do that," he gestured at the still-twitching bulge in her flanks. "For all I know I could be the one making your pussy burp."
"Look," the she-bear said, "You got what you wanted. I got what I wanted. If you're so afraid of my pussy, just stay away from it."
"Deal," Inuk growled, and stepped over her. He'd gotten what he wanted but one mating wasn't enough to satisfy a healthy young bear.
Maybe she was telling the truth. Maybe her sex could swallow a human but not a bear bigger than herself. Any way you'd looked at it she'd deceived him, though, and she was too full and sated to twist around and swat him away now.
"Now wait a minute -" she began, and her voice trailed off in a startled grunt as Inuk mounted and sent his slick black thickness right up her tailhole. Juices from his previous lubricated his shaft and with one enthusiastic thrust he sank his whole eighteen-inch length into her anus.
"Fair's fair," Inuk growled as he began to hump. With his fangs in her scruff and his mighty forepaws wrapped around her belly the she-bear struggled only briefly before she began to thrust back against his cock.
The swallowed Inuit woman gave a last kick and was still, surrendering to the caustic embrace of the she-bear's body. Inuk considered that in this position, with only his cock to grip, there was no way the she-bear could suck him in.
"Next time," he growled into her ear, "I go in your pussy. Not my muzzle, not a paw, just my cock. Then you can try to suck me in. I think you'd just suck me off. We'll see."
The she-bear nodded, groaning as Inuk's cock pistoned in and out of her ass. There was just the snow, the growling of two aroused bears, and almost hidden under that the gurgle as the Inuit woman was digested.
Inuk thought he was right about her. He thought there were limits to her pussy's hunger, that mounting her like this would be safe. All she'd get with her human meal was a dessert of nanuq semen. In a little while, when he'd spent himself in her ass and was ready again, he'd find out if he was right.
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A horny polar bear finds a way to get with his lover even though she doesn't want cubs. Solution: Use an eskimo as a condom.

Based on this pic:

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 8 months ago Report

It's a win-win for the bears. Her pussy gets fed and he gets to mate! The human however gets the short end of the stick.


Posted by Psyman 8 months ago Report

I would think that the polar bear would be able to insert himself all the way in the woman's ass. The colon is pretty long. It wouldn't be pleasant for her, but she wouldn't be suffering for very long.


Posted by Strega 8 months ago Report

He probably could, just as he did in the female bear. And no, it wouldn't be pleasant unless she was as practiced as a porn star or Mr. Hands.


Posted by Psyman 8 months ago Report