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Hmmm. The voluptuous goddess was in a deep train of thought as she sprawled her body out across a velvet couch. Her lips were perched and her eyes were glanced across the room from character to character. She felt something inside stirring within the pit of her stomach.
Each of them were powerful beings. So strong and fierce in strength that they were all brought together in a giant tourney, forced by others to attack each other like pawns on a chess board.
However, the feeling wasnt fear nor anxiety. Even though some of the fighters had survived countless battles, faced down multiple bosses, and others have even slain deities. Higher powers like herself at the mercy of mere mortals. Insects that should be beneath her. Those with lifespans that didnt even register with her.
Palutena hadnt felt a feeling this passionate, this intense in a while. It was like a knife pushing deeper and deeper into her belly. Her stomach was itching for something, craving a meal.
A meal suitable for her. A meal fitting for a goddess of light and harmony. Something that would fill her up just right. She was in the mood for some meat. A nice, succulent, juicy piece of meat and some of the other contenders were looking like snacks!
Princess Zelda from hyrule, the warrior of time link, The farting biker and plumber wario, the silent killer and huntress zero suit samus, and finally the red plumber that everyone knew and loved; mario took the stage.
This menu is looking a little appetizing. Palutena thought as she licked her lips, her mind wondering how each individual would taste on her tongue. The feeling of them meeting their ends at the hand of her own gullet. Palutena brought her hand to her lips to conceal her smile, her body began to grow hot. Her heart began to pick up the pace.
A loud booming voice shouted out loud. Palutenas appetite swelled with each passing second. She felt the growling of her stomach intensify. She needed to feed on something soon.
Its almost time! Palutena thought as her expression became devious and a little sinister. She couldnt wait to start her feast on her fellow smash characters. They grew alluring the more she thought about it.
Palutena grinned from ear as she gripped her staff and thrust out her hips. Her body was transported to the battle stage along with the previous members listed. There she saw her first victim. The adorable, loved, and innocent princess zelda. This incarnation gave off a bright smile with a blameless personality. She captured the hearts of many with her cuteness.
Palutenas stomach growled like a hound waiting to be fed. She licked her lips, watching her prey.
All the chains were off and she was ready to feed, however, she couldnt do it where everyone was watching. To face them off on her own would prove to be dangerous. She had to take her time. Her prey needed to be stalked, alone, and incapable of fighting back. While the other men were battling amount themselves, throwing fireballs and arrows at each other, like savages.
Palutena waved over to Zelda who had turned towards her. Zelda smiled brightly and innocently like it had been in ingrained in her very soul.
How can a princess this sweet? Palutena thought as her mouth began to salivate, I bet shell be sweet like candy!
Zelda dear! Palutena shouted out loud, A word please? Between us girls? Zelda lifted up her dress and pranced towards her as happy as could be. Palutena wanted to pounce on her then and there. Her body craved zeldas entire being. Her stomach was aching for her to join it. Palutena patted her stomach to soothe the hungry beast.
Soon, just a little while longer. Palutena told herself as she went to the far off area of the arena. Zelda followed suit with a smile. A little lamb soon to be devoured by a sheep.
Lady Palutena, What did you need? Should we not be fighting the other contenders? Zelda asked in a timid and frail voice. The little princess was just so sweet that Palutena felt like shed melt from the light zelda gave off.
I dont like fighting. Palutena said, obviously trying to lower zeldas guard, It makes me uneasy. Zelda frowned, clearly saddened by the goddesses grief and worry. Zelda took a few steps forward and embraced Palutena in a warm hug. Palutena returned the gesture, delighted.
Were going to get through this together ok! Zelda said in the sweetest tone palutena thought possible. Palutenas hungry grin reared its ugly head. Zelda wiggled a little in palutenas hug.
Alright, its time to get back to the match! Zelda said as she squirmed to get out of Palutenas grasp. Her expression changed to one of discomfort. She wiggled her arms, and hips, to remove herself from palutenas grip.
Palutena? Mind letting me go? Zelda said as she smiled nervously with a worried laugh that followed.
Zelda dear, I cant let you go yet! We havent spent enough time together. Palutena said in a calm and friendly manner. Palutena salivated, licked her lips, and prepared herself to devour the princess.
What do you mean Ms.Palutena? Zelda said as she physically pushed against palutenas body, but was too weak to gain any distance.
I want you to join me! Palutena said and lifted her up with ease. For a princess, she was as light as a feather. Palutena could no longer contain her hunger. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and squeezed zelda together.
Lady Palutena, what are you-- Zeldas question was cut short from Palutena shoving Zeldas head into her mouth with ease. Palutena was delighted at the princesss taste. She was as sweet as cotton candy. Fluffy and small like an adorable puppy. Palutena shoved zeldas body further inside her mouth and felt zeldas head go past her uvula and into her throat.
So good! Palutena thought as she panted and moaned. She gripped Zeldas wonderful and curved hips and shoved her deeper inside her stomach. Zeldas body was halfway inside her and Palutena moaned again, relishing in the princesses taste. Palutena reached out as groped the princesss peachy ass. It was so soft, so plump, so ripe. No wonder link went through great lengths to save her time and time again. Palutena would have done the same to get a piece of that ass.
Palutena got a deep handful of Zeldas tush, enjoying the feeling and softness of it before pushing her butt deeper and deeper into her mouth and giving her lower body and nice big swallow.
Palutena felt a heavy burden disappear into her stomach after she swallowed and saw her belly expand to make space for her hyrulian meal. For such a light princess, she was a little heavy. That ass wasnt just for show. Palutena could hear Zeldas muffled screams and panicking from inside her belly. Her face was pushing against palutenas stomach and palutena felt a little bit of pain.
Zelda sweetie, could you not move so much? Youll give me indigestion! Palutena said as she stroked her belly and groaned.
Let me out! Let me out! Zelda screamed from inside Palutenas gullet. Palutena smiled and used her staff to support her new weight. She struggled to get to a proper posture and felt gas rumble in her lower stomach.
Relax Zelda. Think of it as one more castle to be locked away in. Palutena said with a giggle. She stroked her heavenly gut and looked onward at the battle. Link was knocked away by Marios throw and flew all the way over to her. The silent elf groaned in pain, shaking his head as he stood up; but then looked over to palutena.
Hello fairy boy! Nice to *urp* see you! Palutena said with a laugh and patted her stomach. Link raised an eyebrow, clearly confused at the bigger palutena. Zelda heard Palutenas words and tried to scream.
LINK! LINK! SAVE ME FROM THIS EVIL GODDESS! Zeldas muffled screams shouted from palutenas belly, but were drowned out by the gurgles and groans from within. Link must have put two and two together. He was a lot brighter than palutena thought. More or less. Link pointed his master sword towards palutena with a face of fury.
Bring it on link! Just know, that if you lose this fight, youll be in my dungeon. Permanently.
Link charged forward and palutenas belly growled once more.
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A hungry palutena is looking for a meal fit for a goddess of light. Something a little more meaty.

Also, for some reason. I can't upload in word format so all my text has these weird question marks. I don't know how to get rid of it!

A story someone requested of me. I don't do requests often or at all, but it seemed like something fun to do.

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Posted by TenryuuGodess 3 months ago Report

Great job, I really like it