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Alone in his son's former room, dad hastily showers to wash off the smell of sex. Presently, he steps out of the bathroom absentmindedly adjusts his cock as he pulls the security feeds up on the large tv. He lets his body air dry as he checks to see if any of the other boys are having any trouble sleeping.
All of the rooms are still and quiet, but then he notices that one of the beds is empty. Flipping through banks of cameras—checking for motion—he spots Paul sitting out by the pool. He must have wandered out while dad and Anthony were enjoying their father/son bonding time.
Making a mental note to send a thank you card to the guy who did the soundproofing of the guest rooms, dad walks naked down the stairs. He stops just long enough to slide on a pair of the linen shorts his attendants wear before quietly sliding open the glass doors to the courtyard.
Paul is sitting at the shallow end of the pool facing away from the door wearing nothing but a pair of dark green boxers. Paul stares up at the stars, they reflect in his chocolate brown eyes as the moonlight dances off the rippling water and over his alabaster skin. His mind is so overwhelmed and he had no chance of sleeping.
He sits with his feet dangling in the water, slowly swinging up and down as images fill his mind. The house, his dad, Justin the valet dropping to his knees to eagerly take his cock, his dad's body, his dad's cock. His cock stirs as he tries to reset his train of thought. He's so wrapped up in his own musings that he doesn't notice his dad until he sits down on the edge of the pool next to him.
"Can't sleep?" dad says, kindly.
Paul jumps, but relaxes a bit when he sees who it is. "Oh, Mr. Vo… I mean dad, yeah, I'm having trouble sleeping." He swings his legs in the water a few times.
"It's a lot to take in all at once, huh?"
"Just a little…" Paul says with a chuckle and smiles at his father, casting around for something to say, "I've never seen the stars like this… they look so dim back home."
"Well, I did pick an out of the way place, didn't I," dad wraps his arm around the boy's shoulders, "I'm glad you guys are here, the house is so big and quiet most of the time." They sit in awkward silence for a few minutes. "I know I'm new at this whole 'dad' thing, but I'm here if you need to talk about anything?"
Paul shrugs, he's smart and studious, but has always been the shy one. His cock is reacting to the arm around his bare flesh.
John glances at the growing bulge, "I get the feeling that you guys were pretty close before you found out that you were brothers?" he probes even though he already knows the answer.
"You could say that."
"I'm an only child. I never had anyone that close when I was your must be nice."
"Yeah, we all get along real well," he says vaguely, crossing his arms across his slender chest. He has no idea what to say or talk about. He's spent his entire life trying to live up to his mother and stepfather's high expectations. This man seems so different, but he can't shake the fear that his father won't approve of him.
He hasn't noticed just how hard his cock has gotten and only does when he shifts unconsciously to find a better position. He glances down to see his cock is pushing out of his fly and turns bright red, his hands quickly trying to cover himself.
"Don't worry about it…" dad says, giving his shoulders a little squeeze, "They all betray their owners from time to time."
Paul doesn't know how to react to that, he's never spoken so much as a word about sex with his stepdad. Again, he sits in silence.
"You know what my nickname was in highschool?" dad comments.
"No, what?"
"LONGER John," he says, "I was ten inches long before I was a teenager. I guess they thought longjohn was somehow inadequate. Everybody wanted to see it, then everybody wanted to touch it." He smiles warmly at his son, "Not many people realize that it's both a blessing and a curse."
"Sounds a lot like us," Paul grins in spite of himself, then his eyes go wide and his shoulders flush as red as his face when he realizes that he probably just gave away way too much.
Dad just laughs knowingly, "Yeah, but you guys formed your own little large penis support group didn't you?"
"You… you know about that?"
"It's a bit obvious," dad says, "but I never limited myself to girls, I wouldn't expect my boys to either."
Paul relaxes a bit, though he had suspected from the staff, it was nice to know for sure that his dad was at least bi. "You don't think it's weird that we're brothers?"
"You couldn't have known until a few weeks ago. And even if you did," he replies, jabbing Paul playfully in the ribs, "it isn't like you're gonna get each other pregnant and have deformed children, right?"
Paul laughs a little, "I guess not, we've had some pretty hot times with each other."
Dad is a bit surprised—but pleased—that his boy is being so forthcoming, so he decides to mine for more info. "You guys stick to blow jobs?"
"For the most part."
"I'll bet you guys had a line around the block for a taste at school, huh?"
"Sometimes," he admits, "but we usually stuck to each other."
"Each other and the girls right?"
"Some of us more than others, but yeah"
Dad slides his hand down the boy's shoulder and onto his side, hugging him closer. Paul lays his head on his dad's chest, he could tell his dad, he already trusts him and knows that he'll understand. His cock throbs more painfully as the thought of sharing his secret suddenly seems possible. They sit in silence again as he tries to work up the courage, but dad breaches the subject. "You're not much into girls then?"
Paul's heart hammers inside his chest, "not really, no."
"How long have you wished you could tell someone that?"
"A long time." He feels a hundred pounds lighter with that off his chest. "I wanted to tell the guys, they get into some pretty kinky shit, but I was always worried that they wouldn't understand."
Dad kisses him on the forehead, "Well, I'm glad you finally did. If my little boy wants to be gay, more power to you."
Paul snuggles up close to dad, his body and cock both relaxing, almost falling asleep.
Dad wants to know more though, and with Paul so relaxed, he's sure he'll tell him anything. "What kind of kinky stuff do you boys get up to?"
Paul's eyes open and he grins up at his dad, then whispers, "Well, Danny has a bit of a rape fetish, he LOVES to be taken by force, and Connor loves to be tied up, even getting spanked sometimes?"
"What about Alex and Dylan?"
Paul doesn't notice that Anthony has been left off the list, "Hmm...Dylan is just horny all the time, fucking, getting fucked, he loves it all. And Alex has REALLY sensitive nipples, and I heard him ask Connor to choke him a couple times when they were fucking really hard. And I..."
He stops, staring down at his own feet, but dad finishes the sentence, "have a little foot fetish right?"
Paul nods, "a little bit."
Dad slides into the pool and in front of his son. As the linen shorts get wet, they become almost transparent and Paul's cock gets rock hard again in an instant. He gasps as Dad's hands run down the almost hairless legs from his knees to his ankles, lifting them up and out of the water and rolling the helpless boy onto his back.
With a long finger, dad strokes the boy's left foot along the insole, eliciting a moan. He kisses the instep, then slowly sucks the boy's big toe into his mouth.
Paul shivers as the warm, wet mouth surrounds his toe. His boxers stretch as his painfully erection throbs behind the thin fabric. A deep guttural moan escapes him as his father works his toe.
"Tell me what you want, I'll do anything for my pretty little boy," dad smiles warmly at his midnight snack.
"Just take me daddy," Paul begs, pulling down his boxers and exposing his ass to his father's monster.
Dad licks his feet a little longer. Paul's ass flexing in anticipation as he is driven to the edge of insanity with lust. Dad just sucks on his toes, then he reaches down and shoves the shorts down.
"Tell me what you are." Dad says letting the boy's toes slide from between his lips.
"I'm gay," he states confidently, liberated by the ability to state it openly. John kisses his foot again and he groans as his cock throbs in the cool night air. Then he looks straight into his father's emerald eyes, "I'm daddy's slutty little gay boy," he says in a horse whisper.
John grins at him, "And what does daddy's slutty little gay boy want?"
"Fuck me daddy, please fuck me hard," Paul cries, his eyes begging. He's so horny he feels like he'll explode.
Dad kisses his foot as his cock presses at the boy's rear entrance, sliding in with surprisingly little effort. Paul's eyes close and he lets out a long moan of satisfaction as his father's tool enters him. His cock flexing and actually shooting a stream of shiny, clear precum across his belly when dad bottoms out in him.
Dad looks down into his son's blissful expression and just can't help himself, sucking the boy's feet into his his mouth as he rams into him.
Paul's mind is so clouded with relief at being able to confide in someone and pleasure in his ass to focus on anything but the freedom of his first fuck as an out gay boy. He doesn't notice anything wrong as the hungry mouth closes over his toes and starts to slurp him easily in.
Lost in the sheer bliss of being fucked by his father, who is actually indulging his foot fetish, he grips his own hard cock and jerks himself, moaning with every thrust and approaching climax quickly. In almost no time, he's dumping a load all over himself, but keeps stroking, not even losing his erection before working himself back up for a second orgasm.
"Oh, yeah, fuck me daddy, please never stop fucking me," he practically screams as he climaxes again, unknowingly marinating himself for his final trip. His chest heaves up and down, trying to catch his breath as he comes down from the high of his second orgasm in an hour. "Oh yeah…" he moans, opening his eyes to the sight of his legs up to his knees in his dad's mouth.
"Dad? What are you doing?" He says with an uneasy voice as his eyes go wide at the sight.
By way of answer, dad cums in his ass, the feeling of thick jets inside him momentarily distracts him as his father grips his hips and pulls him inside up to his ass.
Paul recovers and twists around in terror, trying to find anything to grip onto as he realizes that his own father is eating him alive. He can't get a clean grip on the smooth tiles surrounding the pool, he tries to hit the hungry predator, but the man's strong hands grip his wrists and force them into the hungry maw.
"Dad, stop!" he begs, "Please! Don't eat me!!" A dim part of his mind registers that it's probably the strangest thing he's ever had to say. Another part is convinced it's a bad dream.
Dad's tongue finds his hole, tasting cum and the boy's ass for a few moments, before sucking the tight abs inside. The pleas of his meal easily ignored like so many others.
Tears stream down Paul's cheeks as he realizes that there is no hope of escape. He looks into the hungry green eyes as his chest disappears into his dad's mouth. The large hands grip his head and pull him completely inside.
Dad lays back on the edge of the pool and rubs his distended belly as the boy slips down and curls up in the remains of his mostly digested brother. "I just want to make sure you know, it's not because you're gay… it's because you're fucking delicious."
Paul is oddly comforted by that knowledge as his struggles slowly die down. The crushing force closes in on him and his air runs out as his father's abs flatten.
Dad lays there for half an hour to rest, then heads back into the house, pressing a button on the intercom inside the terrace door, "James, fetch me some handcuffs."
"Yes sir," replies the voice on the intercom and the mostly naked James appears minutes later with two pairs of glistening cuffs.
Dad wanders up to Connor's room and gently cuffs him to the bed before cutting off his boxers, covering him with the blankets and leaving him for the night. He's too full to eat just now, but that ought to be fun in the morning.
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Dad finds Paul out by the pool. He'd wandered out because he had too much on his mind, but finds his father to be the perfect confidant.

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