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Big Titty Horse GF By Shortpig -- Report

Caution: Does not actually include big titties or horse GFs.

It turns out that I also enjoy smut of pastel colored horses. Enjoy this entry into the Vorepone's Gut Discord server's most recent Art Jam. It contains Flutter"goth" for the theme of the jam, but quickly devolves into pure smut after about a page.

Fortunately, I'd consider it GOOD smut, and thus at least worth posting here. If you like Futashy, semi-romantic, willing cock vore, cum digestion, and professional threesomes between horses, give it a read.

Also, reformation is implied, probably. Mysterious reader interpretation!

Also also, come and live in Vorepone's Gut with us it's wonderful in here and definitely not an actual stomach, probably:

Also also also, why does Eka's hate writing. .doc, .docx, and .rtf all seem to have difficulty properly uploading.

Edit: Also xMany, the thumbnail I have added is

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Posted by deadgreenman 5 months ago Report

sorry is it just me or is all the text jumbled together? like each line is pushed into eachother


Posted by Shortpig 5 months ago Report

Definitely not you. As the description says, Eka's seems to hate writing. Been struggling to get my files uploaded properly, without formatting errors like the lack of spaces that you're seeing.


Posted by AlbanyExpression 5 months ago Report

I enjoyed this a lot, love casual vore like this and Rainbow as prey. You did a good job with everyone's voices too!

Shame about Ekas being terrible for stories, I relate. Best thing is just to double space all the paragraphs.


Posted by gqfsojzy 5 months ago Report

Seconding this comment. I also loved this story! Enthusiastically consensual, (probably) temporary CV and/or CTF is my fetish, but I really appreciate that you cared enough to try to make that premise at least somewhat believable in-universe, while keeping the characters in-character. Looking forward to reading more from you!


Posted by Polarlybbacon 5 months ago Report

So hot, so cute, so... so... delicious! Getting off to this was so easy I did it twice and even then again imagining what happens in the future, fluttershy becoming some sort of sexual deviant that goes around churning everyone into thick delicious fluttercum!


Posted by ChangelingWil 5 months ago Report

>Fluttershy, meanwhile, merely patted her balls lightly. “Mine.” she stated. “All mine.” Fluttershy couldn't help but revel in the dominance that she exerted in that situation – even if she didn't really have much control over what her two friends did, it was still her that had melted Rainbow. Still her that Rarity had chosen to do all of this with. Still her that... had to go on stage and present all of this.

You have captured everything wonderful about cockvore from a pred's point of view, right there.

Wonderful work!