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Nurse Joy stood at the main counter, overlooking the Pokecenters front entrance, a small content sigh escaped her lips as scanned her view across the buildings ground floor. The soft hum the healing station and nearby PC’s giving off a mechanically sooth tone to the now quiet afternoon, the only other noises being the occasional pidgey chirp or wondering trainer talking with some friends. Joy had spent the entire afternoon cleaning up the surrounding, now thankfully pure white waiting room after an injured Tentacruel had sprayed ink everywhere while she tried to prepare it for treatment. It was a major annoyance, but things had turned out her way, spending a nice lunch break destressing herself before coming back in and doing what had to be done to make the building presentable.
Joy took pride in her work, especially with her families long running tradition or working in the Pokemon nursing field. It’s just that most days something would come along and grind her gears until they snapped. Joy was just about to put her head down for a moment's rest when she heard the sliding doors to the building open with a hushed zipping noise, and a wet splutters signalling the entrance of someone. Joy’s head was looking down at her desk, but her teeth clenched together as she heard the splats getting closer. When Joy knew officially that the wet, disgusting sounding person was in front of the counter, she put on her best customer service face, smiled and looked up.
“Hello there! Welcome to the Cerulean city Pokecenter! How can I help you on this fine day?” Joy beamed, tilting her head slightly, trying to mask any annoyance she might have. In front of her was a disgustingly wet orange haired girl, wearing dripping moist clothes that were an obnoxious hue of primary colors. “I was caught in a bad scuffle earlier, and my Pokemon really need some attention!” The girl was panting a little, obviously from a mixture of stress and exhaustion. Joy smiled again, bringing it back up to a grin to stave off a frown after she saw the trail of dark brown trail of muddy footprints.
“Most certainly! I will just need the Pokemon you want treated and your trainers card and we can get started!” Again the head tilt as she waited for the messy girl to grab the requested items. A grating groan escaped the girl who frantically searched her bags, before returning to look at Joy with a nervous grin. “Hehe… I um, I see to have dropped it…” Joy’s face was slowly losing it’s smile facade, as she watched the dripping dots of mud and grime continually hit the floor with an unpleasant splat that rang in Joy’s ears like a drum.
Joy just wanted the disgusting creature of a girl out of her sights, and just quickly started typing on the computer, trying to maintain her composure. “Name please?” Joy uttered, in a near robotic monotone sounding voice. “Uh, oh! Misty Kasumi!” Misty said, with a nervous chuckle. Joy inputted the name, and was met with a much cleaner version of Misty’s face on the digital screen, smiling back at her. Joy wanted to knock the poor dirty girl out for being such a bother, but figured that just getting things over with would be best. “Alright, so todays service without card is going to cost you P30,000 Pokéyen” Joy replied, waiting for the cash to be handed over.
But it seemed as though Joy wasn’t even going to get compensated monetarily, as Misty just started to grin sheepishly and scratch the back of her head, each scratching sound mixing with the crusty mud made Joy grit her teeth more and more. “Um… I don’t actually have any of that on me either, it was with my card…” Joy just stood there, a big smile creeping on to her face after Misty had just muttered the words she did. “Oh, you don’t have any money?” Joy said, in a voice that oozed a mocking sense of sincerity “That’s okay, I think I can squeeze you in”.
Misty’s lit up “Oh really?! Thank you so so much!” She walked over to the counter, and set her mucky bag onto the counter, brown liquid getting all over the keyboard, desk, and other places around the environment, as Misty fished out her Pokeballs that were needed. Before she could grab them though, a violently harsh and strong grip attached itself to her thin youthful, yet dirty arms. Nurse Joy was looking at her, with a cruel hunger in her eyes as she licked her lips, Misty’s brain not knowing how to take in anything that had just happened, or that was going to precede that moment.
In Joy’s mind, she didn’t care that Misty was covered in the Earthly coating, not in the slightest. This little shitty brat had pushed one too many buttons in the cutesy nurse, and Joy decided that it was time for her to end Misty’s miserable existence as a trainer. Her fingers dug deep into Misty’s flesh, causing Misty to squeal out in uncomfort and shock, as Joy pulled her right up to her face, and opened wide. Misty’s head was surrounded by drool, dangerous teeth, and a coiling tongue that was licking her shrieking face all over.
Joy was like a Ekans, inhaling Misty’s body, pulling her small frame over the counter, uncaring of any further mess her new, surprisingly tasty treat was making. Misty had had run ins with voracious Pokemon, but she would never have expected that a fellow human could do it, and never wanted to imagine it. But here she was, face first in the pink, tight throat of someone who was supposed to help her and her Pokemon get better.
Joy’s fingers clasped Misty’s ass as it got within her reach, her tongue doing it’s own exploration as it lapped up the sweat of fear, and the mud all the same. The mix of meaty, earthy, and moist flavors of different kinds really sold this meal, and the drool dripping from Joy’s lips was evidence of this and her own enjoyment. “After this is done, I might have to relieve some other sorts of stress” Joy thought to herself as she brought the thrashing and kicking legs ever closer to her own maw.
Misty’s face was just getting tighter in the throat tube, and she was afraid it was going to break her nose, along with her later limbs, but from some miracle, her body was just bruised and hurt badly enough for tears to leak from her closed eyes. Joy was ever closer to slurping up the last little bit of Misty’s body outside, starting to savour the lower half, and long legs, rounding it out with a polite slurp of Misty’s wiggling toes.
Finally, an opening started to push Misty’s head into the already fizzling stomach, her face getting a hot splash of tangy and sour acids. The rest of her body followed suit, as she was forced to curl up in the fetid chamber. Something was poking Misty’s back, as she struggled to get her Pokedex out of her back pocket to shine some light inside her deathly trap. Finally, after some painful struggling, Misty managed to get her soggy, and slow to start device to start up and give off a low glow. Misty’s eyes slowly and painfully adjusted, before widening along with her mouth, as she gave off yet another scream of horror.
Misty’s scream however, was overwhelmed by a loud, satisfied belch emanating from Joy’s lips, shaking her body, as she chuckled, hitting her gut with one of her hands,while also trying to stabilize her new found weight. Joy licked her lips, pure satisfaction was plastered on her face, and clear as day.
Inside, Misty’s mind still wasn’t over the grim discovery, which was in some ways worse than what was currently going on to the poor unaware girl-to-snack. The source of the uncomfort, outside of being literally eaten alive, was the fact that a pair of shinny ribs was poking straight into Misty’s lower back, nearly cutting her own flesh. Misty’s tearful curiosity got the better of her, as she fished her hands around in the ever increasing in heat soup that was the stomach acids, and then, her hands felt “it”.
“It” was a round, incredibly smooth feeling piece of something… Misty needed to know if it was exactly what she thought it was, and when she dug it out to bring up for closer inspection in the cramped, low-lit space, she nearly puked. It was indeed another human skull, half of it having been sanded clean away by the green stomach bile brewing around the dizzying girl. Misty dropped it again, shaking.
On the outside, Joy had slowly gotten into a comfortable sitting position, her uniform had long since ripped due to the struggling strain, and she really didn’t care. She flicked the auto lock switch on the desk to make sure no one rudely bothered her and her mid afternoon snack. “You know, I am so glad you came around Misty” Joy said, a smug aura to her tone “That other trainer I ate earlier just wasn’t too filling to be lunch, and I think you filled me up quite well… Truth be told, it’s like you were made to be my meal” Joy said, gently rubbing her gut, getting rid of any annoying gas bubbles which she promptly belched out, slowly reducing Misty’s already short air supply.
Misty’s head was starting to get dizzy with all the noxious fumes swirling around her from the acids. Misty’s head started to bob as any normal tired person would, but a splash to the face made her start to get to the stage of grief where she just started nonsensical begs and pleads. Misty however stopped when she noticed something: She didn’t feel the itching on her legs, inner thighs, or lower stomach. That’s when she came to the realization of the world shattering fact. The skin from them were gone, and she couldn’t feel her body period. Misty was losing light fast, her shaking hands digging to where her body should have been, and pulled up a slowly stripped meaty piece of her.
Joy was starting to strip down from her tattered uniform, feeling as though it was too tight for her slowly expanding and fattening form, her body sucking up the life and nutrients from the dying Misty. This made Joy feel the same as her namesake: Joyful that she was ending the life of such a disgusting and messy pest.
Speaking of the ending of lives, Misty’s clock was just about to run out, her vision was starting to blank as the acids were at her chin. With one final, rough gurgly breath, Misty died, the reddening bath turning a full on mix of the two contrasting colors, blending together to be a stomach turning brown.
As Misty died, Joy never felt better, an orgasmic like feeling shooting through her entire now decently chubby body. Her hands, feet, legs, and of course stomach all had a nice plush feel to them. A good word to describe the nude nurses figure was that of a humanised Snorlax. Some gas escaped her lips, as she chuckled, all the while sticking her fingers into her pussy and sliding them in and out.
“Ahhh, yep, that should cover your cost. Don’t worry Misty, I will take good care of your Pokemon. Better care than you ever could, heh.” She snarled, her right hand playing with one of her pillowing breasts. “It’s always a real treat when trainers like you pop in, and then pop into me, really saves me on having to decide on and prepare dinner… Oh well, thank you for using the Pokecenter today!” And with that, Joy fell off to a Misty induced coma
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A Joyful Meal By radmann -- Report

So this has been in development for quite some time, but it is finally here, and better than ever! This was inspired by my good pal  maniacalfork 's pic:

Which we brainstormed on one of his streams. Had a lot of fun writing this, and I hope everyone enjoys it a ton!

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Posted by Justameddilingmage 1 year ago Report

Misty has fainted


Posted by radmann 1 year ago Report

HAH! That’s good! I had a feeling I was missing something, and that was it. But she has indeed.