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Full Attention By Badfurson -- Report

On a stormy fall evening, two wanderers stay the night at a local inn. A series of events spirals into a passionate night of intimacy...

Of the three, this is the one I consider 'canon'. Features a less experienced Toby, unsure of his exact relationship with his partner-beyond the physical aspect. This serves more to establish the characters than anything else. Full hog on this one, if you aren't comfortable with the theming-there's a censored version available.

"I forgot about Chekov's gun, the issue is corrected, now. Happy Valentines!"

And I know it's a bit late, but you can consider these the written half of my "10'000 views" milestone. Actually, 15'000 would probably be more appropriate-cause that's about how many words this is. See me again at 50'000, I'm going to bed.

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Posted by IsistheKitsune 1 year ago Report

You are quite the writer.


Posted by Badfurson 1 year ago Report

I wouldn't say that-I started these Saturday night, and I didn't finish until Friday morning.