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Sakura's suspicion turned out to be correct. Both forwards were women. For a moment she wondered if they belonged to this legendary tribe of Amazons.
However, she was not given time to think about it because both women quickly stripped off all of her clothes. As soon as she tried to resist the knife, she clung hard to her throat. In the end, she was quite naked.
She would understand if they were men, but women. Her knowledge of plants and medicines was at the highest level, but she did not know the habits of primitive tribes.
In the next moment her hands and legs were tied to a long stick. Both savages threw him over their shoulders and began carrying her into the jungle.
Throughout the journey, she felt like she was playing a bad movie adventure. The difference was that it really happened and she had no idea how it would end.
At last they reached the village. She looked around as she could, but she could not find any signs of contact with civilization. You could see it was a wild tribe.
Now she began to seriously suspect that these are the legendary tribes of Amazons. She had tried to make contact since the beginning of the trip, but all her attempts did not bring results. Her only reaction is to lick her lips and piercing her eyes.
When she carried her in between the huts, she heard a conversation in a language she did not understand. When she turned her head she saw a man ... the painted body indicated that he also belonged to the tribe.
So it was not an Amazon tribe. Then Sakura felt her hand on her butt, and with her gaze wandering all over her body. A thought flashed in her mind ...
Was she supposed to be some tribal sex slave? The adventure film changed into pornol?


The hunt went extremely easy. When Hinata and Ino left the village in search of human prey, they expected to find loot from neighboring tribes. However, the hunting spirit sent them extraordinary opportunities. a woman from outside the jungle and a back to them with a back to them and focused on the plants in front of them. Easy booty.
They just sneaked behind her and overpowered her. The game almost never resisted. They ripped out of it and threw them into the bushes. Then they tied to the stick and carried it to the village.
They had reason to be content. The legends were told about how the prey from outside the jungle tastes, and they brought this delicacy to the village.

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