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Head-First Spurt By Scaylid00d -- Report

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There's a very unfamiliar, and highly intense erotic reaction that physiologically occurs in the heat of peril. This boy was minding his own business in the buff, until he was set upon by a hungry, ravenous serpent!

He didn't stand much chance. The snake twisted itself around his legs just once, and it was enough to bring its prey to the ground. The second coil soon followed, and already the boy was done for. A snake this size boasts far greater strength along its own body in comparison to his. There is no wriggling free of such a mighty pred's merciless clasp.

It was then that this strange feeling started to take hold in him, quickly bubbling up, making his smooth skin tingle, and his supple body run hot. The serpent begins wrapping its excruciatingly tight maw over and around the boy's head. His body erupts into electric eroticism, and he ejaculates with an almost crippling orgasm before his penis even becomes fully erect! A creamy jet of semen spurts aside as he spasms in the snake's tight hold.

This is the boy's survival instinct disengaging. Self-preservation at this point is impossible, obvious even to his very own biology. His psyche changes gears, and instead chooses to rejoice in his helpless peril. He's about to disappear inside this serpent. He is going to be swallowed whole and alive. His body is going to leave a beautiful, shapely bulge along this powerful beast, and every single bit of this boy knows it~

He is natural prey through and through ❤ And, with such a lean, toned body on him, this snake won't have to feed again for a good, looooong while~...

✿ ✿ ✿ ❤ ✿ ✿ ✿

Drawn for more practice, this time of some silky boy-meat! ~(ㆆᴗㆆ)~

I'm very pleased with the overall composition that came together. One of the aims was to speed-draw, so this pic took about four to five hours to complete :D With more time, I would have preferred to make the snake's reflections more refined, less fuzzy, maybe even with a scale texture. Gonna give this a try in an upcoming snake or naga pic instead.

NB! As a bonus, there's a silly easter-egg hidden somewhere in this post! Can you find it?
Hint: Patreon has an "attachments" feature for every post. It's so handy ( ・ωー)~☆

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 1 year ago Report

I'm sure that will be the first of many, many orgasms~


Posted by ABrinson27 1 year ago Report

So many I kinda want it to happen me~


Posted by tangoordelta 1 year ago Report

oooooo a cute boi? a snake pred? i love this oh so much!


Posted by Artca9 1 year ago Report

I really really like this snek <3 I got to go finish my Kaa art this March -


Posted by Murdock 1 year ago Report

I do love seeing bois being gobbled up. :D


Posted by temporos 1 year ago Report

This dude has some fem-hips! XD


Posted by Marty1000 1 year ago Report

Just perfect! And so sexy. I love snakes eating naked boys! It is way too little male snake vore on the web.


Posted by knt27 1 year ago Report

Always love your prey-boys!


Posted by VorishFoxie 1 year ago Report

gosh I love this <3 you do the best stuff <3


Posted by boomer91 1 year ago Report

such a lucky boy...

Death Incarnate

Posted by Death Incarnate 1 year ago Report

Absolutely love the prey boys, would be prey in an instant *blush*.


Posted by Farian 1 year ago Report

Wow that boy is rather like me....what a way to go...,