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A Lizard and his Bird - 1 By rika -- Report

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Ah, yes. A forbidden love between two races that would sooner eat each other than snuggle up together. These things never go south in fiction.

Been sitting on this one for a few days. Sometimes it's such a chore to upload a multi-part sequence *cough* totally not because I didn't want my work to be buried by an influx of people returning to the portal this week *cough*. Also, I wanted to just glue all the parts together as one file, but that would have made the pic unreasonably huge. It would probably take forever to load and all, so instead I'll post a page whenever I feel like it, I guess.

But, here's a new update to the harpy version of my OC. And along for the ride is  Belloc 's gator/lizard boy, Bel. Just chilling, in the buff, as feral demi's are know to do.

Just wanna think my pal Ryukky on pixiv for drawing my OC , which I used for reference when drawing harpy!Rika's hair. Strange how that worked out.

For clothes version and versions without dialogue,

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Posted by Cobbly 1 year ago Report

They're either gonna fuck or eat each other. Possibly both.


Posted by rika 1 year ago Report

Could have been both, but burn-out set in for me at some point.


Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 1 year ago Report

Both are very cute!


Posted by rika 1 year ago Report

Thanks! I appreciate you saying so~


Posted by DanzoLegend 1 year ago Report

You know, i always meant to ask could i draw rika. Mainly since im with a phoenix. It would be fun to draw you two together.


Posted by Oligan 1 year ago Report

Ah ah you did a big hit for Eka's return !
You know how I feel about it, but stil... it's amazing !!
I would pay for a zoo with only demi boys and girls like this ! XD


Posted by rika 1 year ago Report

Thanks, dude~
Oli, that zoo wouldn't last too long once all the preds break out of their enclosures. Eventually all you'll have is one, very chubby demi passed out in a food coma~ :P


Posted by Belloc 1 year ago Report

I've already gushed at length about how much I love the way you did Bel... So I might as well do it again! You did him so well. The tail,the clothes, the arms and legs, the hair. I love it SO much! Thanks again ~
Now I'm sure this will be a deep, full, fulfilling love. One that totally won't involve other meanings to those three words!


Posted by rika 1 year ago Report

Heh~ Thanks! You know I've been wanting to draw your boi for a long time. It was just a matter of the right idea (and you commissioning some pics for me to reference).
Of course it will be~ Not sure why you said it with a creepy smirk on your face, buuuuut...