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K'Zar's Cheat Day By Libahunt -- Report

K'Zar has gone on a cut now that he has been a royal for a while, and he's been slimming down a bit. After seeing himself in the mirror, he decided he could pack a lil' more meat on those bones and sought out some protein.

If you're wondering what's churning in there, it's a halfling and some mead to wash him down. Don't worry! I'm sure the halfling did something besides looking tasty to warrant his hot, slimy trip. Maybe made fun of his cute lil' tusks or said something mean about his being with another dude (or more accurately another two dudes :3).

If you're wondering where his piercings came from - it's a ritual from his clan that he was only able to fulfull after getting that royal bankroll. Each of the two lovers gets a gold ring on one's body representing what they love about the other. Herald chose K'Zar's belly, (of course) and K'Zar chose Herald's ears, because he puts up with all his smug blathering.

This art done by h-hawkenstein on FA and it came out great and cute as heck. Love his smug mug.

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Posted by PinkHorse 9 months ago Report

Nice pic! always good to see orc preds<3


Posted by Libahunt 9 months ago Report

Thank ya! And yeah, orc preds are underrated. I like rather primal big guys who aren't afraid to talk to their prey about what their gut will do to them >.>;