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Zomomnomomnom By Nyxondyx -- Report

Uploaded: 10 months ago

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Patron sketch of the supporter's zombie girl character casually riding on her victim's throbbing member, and uh... eating his arm!

I don't like to do gruesome pictures, as gore is certainly not my forte and I'm really squeamish about that kinda stuff, but I guess in some cases I'm not too phased by it. If it can be executed (heh) in a rather cartoonish manner, I can sorta handle it...!

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Posted by hetcomc 10 months ago Report

I'm not a fan hard vore, but wow, you did an amazing job on this one!


Posted by greggarkits 10 months ago Report

I mean hey, when the munchies hit you gotta do what you gotta do.

I've gotta *hand* it to him, though; he's still goin' at it after that intense forearm-play.


Posted by Nyxondyx 10 months ago Report

Okay, I admit it, I laughed.


Posted by greggarkits 10 months ago Report

But of course, puns *are* the highest form of comedy, so you can expect more where that came from~


Posted by ShinjiIkari 10 months ago Report

Its more funny than gorey and I love this mix. You did very well in making it enjoyable for anyone I think...


Posted by BigJohnHagerty 10 months ago Report

I’m gonna need that back


Posted by Tilalumtar 10 months ago Report

I second that xD


Posted by GrandGrandEater 10 months ago Report

Is that really a zombie or Cthulhu is a badly made skin-suit XD


Posted by HyperlinkError 10 months ago Report

i am a fan of hard vore nd wew you nailed this


Posted by Bright 10 months ago Report

I really like the eyelashes on her eyes.


Posted by whatisthissheet 10 months ago Report

Gore is definitely... something. But the character is too cute for the gore to matter.


Posted by essedess 10 months ago Report

Well, That's gotta suck.


Posted by deej1011 10 months ago Report

This is... Oddly cute, somehow


Posted by rexstars35 10 months ago Report

I mean its hot but
Id watch from distance :y


Posted by teabender 10 months ago Report

What a beautiful Duwang