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Contains: F/F Vore, Unwilling Prey, Digestion, Object Swallowing, Belching, Romance
"I'm hopping in the shower real quick, so let me know if you hear a knock. Sandy's gonna be here soon, so make sure you're decent!"
Jen didn't hear her roommate called out to her, as she was engrossed in listening to some post-rock while splayed out on the couch, with her pants off and headphones on.
"JEN!" The wolf shouted down the hall.
"Hm? Yeah, alright Sam." She finally responded, hoping that was an acceptable answer to whatever she had been asked. That seemed to satisfy her roommate, who shut the bathroom door and turned on the shower. While the lupine got ready for her date, the feline sat half exposed and unaware that she was supposed to be waiting for somebody. She would've been happy to keep resting there if not for the rapidly growing hunger in her gut. With a lazy sigh she would soon get up, pausing her music while she went to go find something to eat. She opened the fridge and stared blankly inside for several seconds, trying to find something to fill up on. The sort of hunger she was feeling could only truly be satisfied by something greater, but she felt too lazy to attempt to hunt right now. She eyed an unopened package of sliced ham, debating eating the entire thing...
*thump thump thump!*
Jen's ears perked as she heard a knock at the door. She walked back to the living room, briefly looking for her pants or underwear to slide back on, before giving up and opening the door, to be greeted by a vixen holding a bouquet of flowers.
"Hi! I..." The fox began, trailing off as she noticed the blue cat didn't seem to be wearing anything below her shirt. She stared for just a couple of moments, before looking back up to her eyes.
"I uh... I think I might be at the wrong house." Sandy looked past Jen, trying to spot any sign of her girlfriend. "Sorry, let me just check something..." She said as she pulled her phone out of her purse, double checking that she had come to the correct apartment. She was completely oblivious that the cheetahbefore her was considering eating her, until she grabbed her shoulders and lifted.
"H-hey!" She barely had time to speak one word as she looked up, getting only a glimpse of Jen parting her jaws before her face was shoved onto that hot, squishy tongue. In the blink of an eye the predator shoved her upwards, forcing her head down that fleshy blue gullet.
"What the fuck! H-help! Predator, help!" The fox screamed out, though her voice was completely muffled by the girl's esophagus. She dropped the flowers and her purse as she started to flail while Jen effortlessly lifted her body sideways, and then upside-down as she fed her chest past those sharp teeth and into her throat. She might've done a little more to tease her prey about her fate, but right now she only wanted food in her belly. And of course, there would be time to taunt her while she was being digested. She swallowed the vulpine's belly, before reaching her large, curvy hips and ass. Those required a bit more thought to work into her maw, and inevitably got scraped just a bit by her teeth as the girl kept kicking around, but she was soon able to swallow them as well.
The fox yelled and struggled as best as she could against the almost crushingly tight esophagus, as she felt her legs start to slide down the gullet. Though there was a faint blue glow she struggled to see what came next, until her muzzle pushed through a tight ring of flesh, and into the stomach. The tasty preything screamed as she got a clear look around the fleshy pit, just before her face was mashed down into the pool of sticky, glowing fluid below. She thrashed and pushed outward, hoping she could somehow alert somebody that she was inside of here!
Unfortunately for the fox, she wasn’t nearly as visible from the outside as somebody of her size ought to have been. There was nothing but a slight, almost invisible bulge in the cheetah’s belly, along with her calves still hanging out of her lips. But within a few seconds those would vanish down her hungry maw as well. With a wet *gulk!* she gulped down the vixen’s feet, leaving the girl completely sealed within her digestive tract. With a satisfied sigh, Jen gathered the dropped items, and carried them back to the couch as she sat down, and rubbed a hand over her belly. Her gut glorped wetly, sounding very well satisfied as it began to churn around the still struggling vixen.
“You gotta be careful knocking on strangers’ doors~” She teased as she pushed into her only slightly larger belly. Though it barely showed on the outside, on the inside her stomach was large enough for the doomed fox to easily sit up in. She thrashed and threw herself against the glistening flesh, struggling in roughly the direction she came in from as she tried to find a way back up. But the impossibly large stomach suddenly got smaller, as much of the air inside slid back up the esophagus. A deep rumble travelled up then gullet, until...
*Eeeuuuuuurrrrrrrhhhp!* A deep, wet belch erupted from Jen’s throat, along with a few globs of saliva, and something a bit more solid. She looked in time to see a very slimy phone clatter to the ground next to her. She reached down to pick it up, noticing it seemed to still be working. In the meantime the movements in her stomach had nearly ceased - Not from a lack of effort by her food, but by her now exceedingly tight stomach, and the powerful muscles around it that threatened to outright crush the poor thing. She swallowed a bit of air, just so she could feel the fox struggle a bit more, and hopefully for longer.
“Well you sure brought out the worst in me, didn’t you... hm... Sandy?” She had trailed off as she fished around in her prey’s purse for her wallet, curious to know her name. After seeing there wasn’t any money inside, she promptly tossed the leather pouch into her maw, and gulped it down. It was always best to minimize the evidence, after all. She looked in the purse again, trying to find anything of interest while disposing of the things she didn’t want down her throat. Almost absentmindedly slurping down a lipstick tube with a color she hated, a set of keys, and what she thought was a box of dental floss - but was actually a case for some very expensive wireless earphones. Each glided effortlessly down her gullet, and into her stomach - though not the one that contained the fox, but one that was better suited for breaking down those metals and other non-organic materials.
Through it all, she never noticed that sound of the shower had stopped. But she did hear footsteps that were quickly approaching. Suddenly remembering her roommate was still home, and that she’d probably get yelled at if it was discovered she ate somebody right in the doorway! She only had a few seconds to hide the evidence, and quickly did so by dumping the rest of the purse’s contents into her maw, and gulping. It was a bit hard on her throat to push down so many different items at once, and she quickly realized she could’ve just swallowed them all still in the purse. Instead she pushed the empty bag into her lips, gulping, and slurping up the strap like a long leather strand of spaghetti. Then the phone went inside, and finally that bouquet. They were least pleasant of anything to eat - She was never a big veggie eater, and those flowers tasted kind of awful.
“Hello!” Jen said as her roommate Sam walked into the room, sounding a bit too cheerful as her gullet worked on pushing all of those objects into her stomachs, not managing to get all of them right.
“Hey, I guess you haven’t heard...” She suddenly cut herself off with a sigh and put a hand on her forehead, visibly annoyed.
“W-what’s wrong?” The cheetah responded nervously, her eyes darting around for anything she accidentally left out.
“I *told* you to cover up!” The wolf said as she pointed to her bare hips. “I don’t want Sandy to be greeted by cat vag.”
“Aye. Alright I’ll... wait, who?” The cat asked.
“Sandy, my date for tonight.” Jen gulped, realizing just what she did. Annoyingly, her gut just then let out a wet schlorp as it churned around the wolf’s doomed lover, though she didn’t seem to notice. “You know, the one I’ve been talking about all day.”
“Oh! Well um, I definitely haven’t seen her.” She said, smiling and giving her best innocent grin while her roommate checked her phone.
“Hm... Guess she’s running a bit late. Well, at least I’ll have time to trim my face fur a bit.” Sam said as she put her phone down, and walked back to the bathroom. “Keep listening. And put some damn pants on!”
“Will do!” She said as the wolf walked out of the room. She groaned as she thought about what she did. She *probably* wouldn’t have eaten that fox if she’d known it was Sam’s girlfriend. And she was probably going to be upset when she inevitably didn’t show up. She looked around, not remembering if she actually swallowed her prey’s phone or not, thinking she could send a quick breakup message to allay any suspicion... But then she heard a buzz from a different phone. Sam’s phone lit up with a text notification, with a new message from “Bae”.
“HELP! ur fuckin roomie ATE ME!” Apparently the fox had overheard their conversation. Jen picked up the phone, quickly swiping the message away before trying to unlock it so she could delete it.
“get me out of here! i think this bitch is DIGESTING me!!!” She swiped that message away too, while she started trying to guess the password. After a few tries she got locked out with a message that she had to wait. And then a call from “Bae” started coming in, just as she heard footsteps in the hallway. With no way to get rid of the texts or stop the calls, she could only get rid of the phone. And so she pushed the metal slab into her lips, tilting her head back and swallowing the still vibrating device.
“I’m gonna call and see where she’s at.” Sam said as she walked back in. “Have you seen my...”
"Ugh, alright already." The cheetah sighed and got up, walking to her room to find something to cover up with. Sam in the meantime looked around for her phone, growing increasingly concerned that her girlfriend had never showed up, or even called before she lost her phone.
"God, I swear I just had it..." She said as Jen walked back into the room, now semi-decent with a pair of grey sweatpants. Smiling nervously as her roommate looked, digging through the couch for any sign of it.
"Ugh, this is just perfect." She looked at the clock on the wall. "Maybe she's running really late. But, they probably would've called me sometime before I lost my phone... wouldn't she?" Jen nodded while trying to stifle a belch - Though she wasn't successful, as moderately loud *uurrrrhhhhhp!* slid out. The wolf just glared at her for a second... Before sighing, and laughing softly.
"Yeah, that's about how I feel right now. I guess she isn't coming." She groaned as she sat on the couch, covering her face with her hands for a moment. "I can't believe I got stood up again..." The wolf looked distraught, almost ready to cry. The cat felt bad about upsetting her like this... She sat on the couch next to her, wrapping an arm around her shoulder.
"Hey now, if she did that then she's no good for you anyways." She smiled, even as her gut wetly glorped and groaned. It wasn't feeling completely okay, probably on account of those flowers or something she ate going down into the wrong pit. Her roommate's girlfriend was still struggling as well, though they were getting noticeably weaker. She was nervous about accidentally letting her feel all the activity inside... But pulled her into a soft hug anyways.
"Just forget about her. Heck, it's probably for the best that you never hear from her again." Glich said to try and reassure her. "How about we just hang out for the night? We'll order food, watch a movie... We'll help you forget all about that jerk~"
Sam whimpered softly. The poor thing was almost in tears when she pulled back from the hug. But as she looked into Jen's eyes, she managed to smile softly and nod.
"Yeah... yeah, that sounds nice, actually."
The next several minutes were spent ordering pizza and trying to pick out a movie. Eventually the two agreed on an old black and white cheetah movie. Once they both got settled on the couch and had watched some cheesy exposition about a scientist's growth experiments gone horribly wrong, the pizza had arrived. A couple of extra large and extra meaty ones - They both knew who was going to be devouring the vast majority of it, but Sam didn't want to make a fuss about splitting the bill evenly after her friend had been so nice.
Jen's gut had been gurgling softly but steadily through all of this. She still felt a bit of indigestion going on inside, but having some familiar food sliding inside was helping a lot. By that point she had mostly forgotten about that fox she ate, except for the occasional squirms that came further, and further apart. Sam was engrossed in the movie, watching as a leopard woman stepped through a city that was very obviously made out of cardboard. She snuggled into the feline, as she kept watching the screen.
Sam was used to her roommate's active sounding belly, but that loud, wet noise was enough to make her turn her head. Jen looked surprised for a moment, trying to cover her mouth before
In the middle of that belch, there was a soft and sickening crunch in the cheetah's belly that only she could hear. If it hadn't been too late to get that fox out before, it certainly was now. The wolf looked a little stunned as Jen tried to put on an innocent smile. But after a moment she managed to smile back, laughing softly as she leaned into her side.
"You're kind of gross, you know that~? But... at least you're honestly you." The wolf sighed. "At least you wouldn't act super nice and then just ghost somebody..."
"Well I try my best. And... honestly, you should forget that girl. I'm sure she'll get what's coming to her." Jen's gut groaned yet again as she spoke.
"I guess you're right. We had that one awesome night together but god... I guess that's what I get for trying to rely on someone I barely know."
"Yeah, strangers can be flaky. It's why I try to only date people I know a bit now!" Jen said as she picked up yet another slice of pizza. She fed it into her maw, and after a few half hearted chews, swallowed the whole thing at once.
"Well, um..." Sam blushed softly, hesitating before she reached around to gently hug Jen's shoulder. "I guess... we sort of know each other a bit."
The blue cheetah looked a bit surprised by her roommate's revelation. But she laughed softly, reaching around her shoulder as well. Glancing at the TV for a moment to see some people standing in a set that vaguely resembled a stomach. "Well... Yeah, I guess we do. And you've always seemed pretty sweet and everything."
"Mmhmm! And you... well honestly if the worst I have to deal with around you is forgetting to put your pants on and eating people, I could live with that."
They both laughed a bit, the sound helping some to cover up another wet squelch from Jen's belly. Both looked into each others' eyes, while Jen reached up to gently stroke the back of Sam's head.
"You are a pretty cute wolf..."
"And you're just a stunning creature~"
They both stared silently for a few moments, trying to decide what to say or do next. They both seemed to figure it out at the same time however. Eyes closing as their lips puckered, and they began to lean closer to each other.
*gloooouch!* Jen paused as she felt a pressure down in her gut that was quickly rising higher. She tried to pull away, but it was too late. She couldn't keep her jaws closed before.
A powerful gust of wind was unleashed right in the wolf's face. Hot, pizza scented breath rushed out and over the poor thing's muzzle, along with several globs of slime, and something a bit more solid feeling. Jen gasped and covered her mouth in embarrassment, though far too late to stop anything from coming out as Sam sat looking stunned.
"I... I..." She tried to begin, as the smell of bad breath hung over her.
"GOD." She finally said, frustrated as she started wiping some of the slime off her face. "You really know how to kill the mood don't you, you..." She stopped as she realized she had to peel something off her face. She held the slimy bit of cloth up to see it, realizing it was a set of panties. Yet they looked familiar. Too familiar... Her jaw hung open as she realized they were the same ones her girlfriend wore. She turned her head slowly, to see the cheetah trying her very best to put on an innocent smile. She reached to press into her belly, only to be greeted by the feeling of liquid and a few tiny solid bits still sloshing around inside.
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Ghosted By Foxgut -- Report

A hungry cheetah swallows a tasty looking fox, without realizing she's her roommate's girlfriend.

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Posted by Camaro511 2 years ago Report

RIP AirPod dental floss..


Posted by Foxgut 2 years ago Report

If she had realized what they were, she probably would've eaten them anyways.


Posted by Camaro511 2 years ago Report

She's a safe way to dispose of unwanted electronics, at least. If her stomach can burn away plastics and metal.


Posted by zoroark720 2 years ago Report

I would have love to see the after math but evil room mate


Posted by anyonarex 2 years ago Report

Date gone terribly wrong....or gone terribly right? :p loveky story