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By Minako Tomoka and JirachiWishes
A Pokemon Roleplay
  "Sir, she's entering the facility."
  "Is the system functional?"
  "Yes. Everything appears to be in order."
  "...Then it seems we're ready to begin."
  Cyrus, the leader of Team Galactic, had worked for a long time to achieve his ambition. It was all going according to plan. However, this girl began meddling. Time and time again, she had gotten in his underling's way. Well, he's had enough of this pest ruining everything. This was the end of the line for her.
  The plan was simple. Station a few grunts in the beginning, and then ambush her with the admins and their squads. If this goes according to plan, they'll be forced into a chamber. Within this chamber, there was a device. If this works correctly, this pest would never get in their way again.
  Cyrus sent Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars to their positions. The plan was simple. It was a matter of overwhelming and intimidating them into trying to find an alternate path... something that sheer numbers could accomplish.
  Once the surveillance cameras caught sight of her in the chamber, the technician looked at Cyrus. Cyrus then nodded.
  Dawn bolted through the corridors tucked deep within the Team Galactic Headquarters. She had managed to sneak in much farther than most were allowed to go, but she hadn't been completely unseen. She'd had to fight a few grunts on her way down here, and she was sure that every Galactic member in the building now knew of her presence.
  Dawn knew she had to be close, though. All she had to do was find the chamber where the Lake Guardians were being held in and free them. Of course, escaping after that would be far easier said than done, but she'd worry about that later. After all, who knew what would happen to her if the grunts managed to catch her...
  Sadly for Dawn, she was nearing where the ambush lied. As she came around the corner, they were all there. They were told to be facing away, but Saturn had a headset so that he would know once she's here.
  "She's here."
  Saturn sneered before beginning his orders. "Listen up! She's somewhere around this area. We cannot let her free the Lake Guardians, so if you see her, keep her from the room at all costs!"
He made sure to drag it on a bit, long enough for the grunts to stay there. Dawn's path was blocked. This was a dead end, except for one door.
  If she went through the door, then the plan would work perfectly.
  Dawn reached the end of the corridor, with no exits or entrances aside from a single oddly-placed door. She swallowed hard. How could she have been so stupid? It was a dead end all along! If she turned back now, she'd get caught, she was sure of that. With no other choice left but to keep moving forward, she opened the door and rushed forward...only to find herself in an empty room. The click of the door locking echoed in the tiny chamber. Dawn tugged on the handle, but the door wouldn't budge. A trap. She should have expected as much. "H-hey! Let me out of here, you bastards!"
  There was nothing in the room. It was a storage room at one point, but now it was vacant. Hiwever, a look at the ceiling would reveal that there was a strange machine up there.
  Cyrus then gave the next order. A simple one word command. "Now."
  The whirring sound of the machine preparing to activate filled the room. A bright light flashed. Suddenly there was another flash... until it finally fired a large beam, directly striking Dawn. It was a hit.
  Now it was Cyrus's turn. He began to make his way to the chamber. Once there, he used the key card to unlock the door once again. He looked in, and at first glance she was gone. He knew better though.
  That pest was definitely in there. So he took a few steps in and shut the door behind him to make sure they didn't escape.
  A loud sound filled the chamber, the sound of a roaring machine. Dawn's pounding and screaming had gotten her nowhere fast. She reached into her bag to grab a Poke Ball, until she was struck blind by a flash of light. She fell on her back, writhing, trying to recover from the shock, but all she could see was white. Meanwhile, she hadn't the slightest clue as to what was going on outside, or what had really happened to her...
  Cyrus took slow steps into the chamber upon arrival. Cold, calculating eyes scanned the floor. Finally, he noticed something on the ground. He took slow steps, his shoes causing slight quivers to be felt by the shocked insect that he was approaching. It worked perfectly. He was rather impressed that his technicians were able to create this system... he towered over them before snatching them up, showing little to no care about being gentle as he did so. His grip was like iron, and even if she were to break free, it was quite the fall...
  Slowly, Dawn's vision blurred back into focus. She crawled to her knees, bent over and coughing. She could see again, yes...but something wasn't right. The ceiling towered above her, and she noticed an odd-looking contraption affixed to it. A thin stream of smoke wafted from its tip. As Dawn struggled to comprehend her situation, she felt strong vibrations in the floor beneath her. A dark shadow cast over her as she huddled. She tilted her head upward...only to gape in sheer horror. A titanic man with spiky blue hair and a gaze like stone beckoned her. Compared to him, she wasn't much bigger than an insect. Dawn was shocked beyond measure. Her body froze, paralyzed by fear.
  Cyrus looked down at the girl with a steely gaze. "So you're the one who has been getting in our way." He leaned down, still towering over her like a monolith. He looked her over.
His expression remained unchanged as he reached forward, grabbing the trainer before she could snap out of her shock. Once he was standing again, he tightened his grip slightly. "You've been sticking your nose where it doesn't belong for too long." Now that she was easily in his grasp, now came the decision of how to deal with this meddlesome insect...
  The blue-haired beast's appearance registered in Dawn's mind instantly. Cyrus, the fearsome, cold-blooded leader of Team Galactic. She had only met him a couple times, and he had always seemed like a distant, emotionless type. She never thought she'd meet him like this, though. The trainer squirmed in his fist, her lungs heaving for air. "Wha...what the hell have you done to me, you monster?!"
  "I think that's rather obvious." His tone was unfriendly, so the words were extremely blunt. "Even if it wasn't...I don't owe any explanations to insects." After saying this, he left the room and made his way to an elevator. His living quarters were on the uppermost floor. It was there that he would eliminate this threat to his plans.
  Dawn got no answer from Cyrus. Despite her thrashes and protests, she wouldn't be escaping anytime soon. The Galactic leader saw her as little more than a mere insect, and it was clear he intended to treat her the same. Just the blunt, cruel, uncaring tone of his voice was enough to rattle the little trainer to her core. She attempted to use her Poke Balls, but the buttons seemed to be locked. With no way to defend herself, she couldn't resist against whatever Cyrus had planned for her.
  Once at the top floor, he stepped out of the elevator. This was Cyrus's private quarters. Everything he needed for daily life was up here... though typically he kept himself busy with his work, so he rarely came up here. Really, he only came here to eat and sleep. Silently, not bothering to say anything to this noisy girl that was carrying, he walked up to a stove. He set her down on a counter to the side, but escape was still very unlikely. The fall would easily kill her. He began gathering different ingredients, but it was pretty unclear why he was doing this now of all times...
  Dawn let out a gasp of air as Cyrus released her. She flopped over on the counter, struggling to catch her breath. She glanced around the room. It was probably Cyrus' secret lair or something. She peeked over the counter, debating whether or not to try to jump. The height was dizzying. If she attempted to jump, she'd most likely be mangled beyond recognition, if not killed instantly. Dawn took a quick glance over to Cyrus, noticing that he was busy gathering ingredients and setting up the stove. Whatever the hell he was doing, Dawn certainly wasn't about to stick around for dinner. She took off running, skittering across the counter. There had to be at least someplace to get down from here...
  As he gathered ingredients, and getting water to a boil, Cyrus thought a moment. Would this taste alright? It was hard to say, considering he had never tasted anything like this new ingredient he's about to try... He glanced over to Dawn, noting she was trying to find a way down. Well, he couldn't let her get away, now could he? Besides...this was a good chance to get a little taste test first.
  He walked over, looming over her again before snatching her by the sides. Once again, he said nothing. You don't talk to insects when you crush them... and you don't talk to your food either. He lifted her a bit, before doing something she couldn't have seen coming.
  He bit. His teeth snapped her leg easily, and after another powerful clamping, he managed to remove it completely. What an interesting flavor... This could certainly work just fine. After coming to this conclusion, he gulped down her leg easily before carrying her over to the stove, where the water was now ready.
Dawn's rush to escape was quickly thwarted as she was lifted into the air, tangled between Cyrus' icy, slender fingers. L-let me go! Put me down, you bastard! Gazing into Cyrus' eyes was like looking into the glare of a wild beast. There was no emotion behind it, no feeling. Nothing but raw, primal instinct, a burning hunger that threatened to devour her whole.
She reeled back as he spread his lips, getting a hot blast of his foul, rotten breath. "What the..."
  Dawn recieved the answer to her unfinished question in a bite to the leg. But he didn't just bite her leg. He snapped it clean off, sharp teeth crushing bone and tearing flesh as the limb was ripped from her body. A jet of hot blood sprayed out from her wound, the area where her right leg had once been.
Nails of pain clamped down on the tiny trainer like a vice, and she let out a blood-curdling shriek that would have shattered the ears of those who heard it, had she been at her normal size. Dawn gaped in horror as Cyrus swallowed her severed leg just like how one might gulp down a piece of candy.
  What a pain. He'd have to clean up the mess this little pest was making once he was finished. For now, he was rather focused on preparing his meal. He could just eat her as is, but it wouldn't be nearly as filling...
  He held her over the pot before dropping her in, as if she was just a normal ingredient. He began adding the other ingredients too. Perhaps the scariest part of this whole thing was how Cyrus didn't seem to acknowledge her screams, or even the fact that she was a person at all. It was quite clear that he thought of her as a lower being. Perhaps even less than an insect. In his mind, she was simply just food to fuel his ambition with.
  He grabbed a spoon and began to stir, paying no mind to the horror that was surely broiling within Dawn...
  The shrunken Pokemon trainer, now missing a leg, held no chance of survival. The pain from her severed limb soon gradated into a tingling numbness that overtook her entire body.
  She plummeted down into the stew pot, going under for a brief moment before swimming back upward, utterly overwhelmed by the boiling heat. She floundered about, grabbing onto anything she could as Cyrus stirred the soup, creating a whirlpool effect that threatened to suck her down and drown her. Not that it mattered. As it stood now, death by drowning would be a far better fate than suffering within the gut of the emotionless monster looming above her.
  Dawn's mind grew hazy and her body became weak and limp, due to blood loss and the sheer shock of being bitten. Her skin dried out, and her bloodshot eyes burned. By the time Cyrus finally got around to making a meal out of her, she'd have no strength left to fight back at all...
  Eventually, the stirring stopped. Cyrus transferred the completed soup to a bowl before sitting at a table. He took a spoonful and began working at it. He took a few spoonfuls before the spoon eventually went under where Dawn was. He lifted the spoonful to his mouth, with the suffering little pest in tow. His mouth opened, and without any hint of remorse or sympathy, she was shoved into his mouth completely.
  She was savored a bit longer than the rest of the soup, but it still wasn't long at all. His tongue arched a bit and pushed her to the back. With absolutely no hesitation, like any other food he's ever eaten, he swallowed. The throat muscles grabbed hold of her easily, engulfing her and squeezing her tight as they forced her to the gastric chamber that awaited her below.
  Meanwhile, Cyrus continued to eat, as if nothing even happened. He didn't need to pay her any mind. Not anymore.
  Dawn clutched onto Cyrus' tongue, summoning up every last bit of her dying strength to keep herself out of his throat. It didn't work. His throat muscles latched onto her lower half, and with a strong contraction, she was sucked in entirely. The powerful walls of the esophagus crushed and squeezed her, snapping her bones and rendering her little more than a paralyzed, mangled mess. Harrowing screams echoed from within, only to be trapped by the walls of muscle. She clawed at the slick flesh, her fingers bleeding, but by this point, she was far past the point of no return.
  Dawn was squeezed through the tight ring that led to Cyrus' stomach, and she plummeted into the boiling soup that was his slurry of digestive juices. The acids burned her skin on contact, and there was a strong suction sensation beneath her, threatening to drag her under. Even as Dawn flailed, her already fading strength waned quickly. The effects of blood loss struck her hard, and if she wasn't digested quickly enough, she'd end up perishing of sheer shock.
  The worst part about it all was that Cyrus showed no hints of remorse or even a shred of emotion the entire time. As she screamed, clawed, and struggled, he seemed indifferent to everything. Of course, there had always been rumors about the leader of Team Galactic being a cold-blooded monster devoid of emotion. For the first time, Dawn was allowed to see that firsthand...unfortunately, her first time would also be her last.
  Drained of every last drop of life, the clutches of unconsciousness tightened their grip around her. She was sucked down beneath the rumbling, churning gastric fluids, and she never arose.
The End...
October 16th, 2018.
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Warning: Hard vore, blood, and gore.

Dawn's infiltration into the dangerous depths of the Team Galactic headquarters takes a sudden turn for the worse when Cyrus reveals his scientists' latest invention- a beam intended to shrink its target to a miniscule size. After Dawn is caught in its crosshairs, she ends up appropriately bite-sized...and Cyrus has a particularly cruel plan in mind to exterminate the tiny pest that has been hampering his mission.

This is something different, a roleplay between me and my awesome preygirl friend, JirachiWishes! She took on the role of the cold and cruel Cyrus, while I portrayed the helpless Dawn.

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