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Final Fantasy V Chapter 2: Satisfying a Princess By SmaxTheDestroyer -- Report

Hey all you Final Fantasy Fans out there, got a new Stoty here for you. This time the pred is the lovely Lenna Charlotte Tycoon.I had a great deal of fun doing this one, so much so that I think from time-to-time I may continue doing little ditties like this one until I've done the full FF V story. Hope you enjoy! As always, please comment on what you liked or disliked and in particular, lemme know if you like my full vore-through idea or not. (As an added note, I’m aware that Faris’s pirate accent is not this pronounced in the more recent versions of the game, but It’s fun to write pirate voices and this is one of the few times I have an excuse to do so.)

Lenna, Faris, Bartz, FFV, Etc. all (C) Square Enix

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The K

Posted by The K 3 months ago Report

Count me among the ones who would love to see you do the full FF V story. This was a gem to read. I loved all the references to the game, like their job classes of Blue Mage and White Mage. That's so cool. Lenna must be quite the glutton to down a Octokraken. It's funny, I always imagined Faris, Lenna, and Krile devouring some of the monsters they fought along the way when playing the game. Great story and looking forward to what you do next.


Posted by SmaxTheDestroyer 3 months ago Report

Well next is gonna be IX staring a certain Rat girl Dragoon Knight. I’m debating on setting that one during the time she was traveling the world looking for Fratley or during the point she, Steiner and Beatrix were on the run from Brahne as I can’t think of any other time that works for her.

The K

Posted by The K 3 months ago Report

I see. I'll be sure to look forward to all your Final Fantasy stories.