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Maya was infuriated. Her whole life she had lived with the Wolf Kin, as one of their own, with nary a difference except their anthropomorphic features of wolf ears atop their heads and bushy tails jutting just above their buttocks. She herself of a darker pigment somewhere between bronze and hazel in color, was rich in texture and smoothness while retaining some practiced muscle in her abdomen and limbs as a result of her upbringing.
Her hair was long, drawn out into that of a sleek mane that broadly swept over in front and behind her shoulders to the small of her back. Apart from her piercing coal black eyes, her cherub shaped face and button nose made her as cute as she was in maturing beauty. Despite being of bare adolescence in age she was quite adept physically to at least compete with her beast-brethren, hence her continued abhorrence of leaving her home.
"But I don't want to return to the Man Village!" Exclaimed Maya, her body swaying towards the trunk of a tree, decidedly their home for the night. Her hindquarters were wrapped in a meager crimson sash -once used to cradle her younger self, now barely able to cover her pelvic region- while her nearly flat chest was covered by a slim violet etched red strapless wraparound. These clothes made no hassle as she dug her calloused fingertips and toes into the bark of the tree, following up the darker skinned Panther Kin.
As she brought herself up to the tall branch that jutted out to nearly fifteen meters in length, wide enough to wrap around with both sets of appendages without problem, she propped a curious question, "Can't I just stay here with you?"
"Bah!" The Panther Woman -named Indira- spat out in rebuttal. Her own body was wrapped in a sleek coat of hair as smooth as silk that it might as well been her own skin; being a coal in hue, matching the deeper furred pair of rounded cat ears on either flank of her braided ponytail bound by viloet flowered vines that dipped to the curve of her behind. Using her claw-like fingernails to dig into the bark of the edge of the tree branch, she brushed her whisker adorned cheekboned face against her curled arms as she looked back with humour as much as criticism to the petulant girl-cub she was in charge of. "You wouldn't last one day on your own out here. I can't, as the man villagers say, 'babysit' you while keeping an eye out for Shere Kahn. She'd crush you the moment she'd lay eyes on you. At least with the Man Village you'd stand a chance of being protected."
Tearing off a small branch with a few deep emerald leaves on them, Maya frowned, letting her legs dangle aimlessly off the branch. She disagreed, of course, and had that argument with her adopted Wolf Kin parents. But they had other cubs to watch over, and they lacked the power to protect them and Maya against a mighty beast like Shere Kahn.
Regardless, she didn't like leaving the jungle altogether. After all, she foraged here and met a bounty of creatures both ill and good. Why was she any less qualified than they were?
"I could take care of myself," Maya intoned precociously, insisting with a wave of the branch at the feline postured caretaker of his with a scrunched up expression of indignation. "I'm not scared of any ol' Shere Kahn!"
As she stated this, a stranger began to descend from the upper canopy of the large tree they were presiding in. With the lower body of an immense proportioned serpent with rich, deep violet scales that glittered bright purple in the light of the full moon, the upper body of the intruder angled a more human-looking upper body by a ninety degree angle from the suspending tail. With an Amazon musculature structure, the pronounced abdomen with rounded muscles around the sensual navel led up to a pair of impressive breasts -covered only by a pair of jade colored band barely thicker than an index finger- that revealed areola of darker colour than the bronze hue of her human-like skin. Her own hair was in a thick mass of amethyst colored curls that was as long as her upper body was tall, with the brow kept back by a python enamored jade jeweled crown. Golden eyes flasthed with elliptical pupils, her angular strong jaw-line holding thick velvet burgundy lips that were licked by her sensually long tendril of a tongue; wetting its surface in a glossy coat of saliva to represent her whetting, lustful appetite for the unaware girl cub's back to her.
Yawning, Indira hadn't noticed the nearly silent descent of Python-Kin -named Shreya-, looking hungrily back and forth between the pair much to their ignorance. Nustling her white furred lower face and white furred navel and palms against the bark, her tail swishing side to side in languid lethargy, "I-I d-don't care what you aren't afraid of, Maya, just go to sleep. You'll need your rest for tomorrow."
Seeing her caretaker more or less out of commission, the lip smacking Lamia sinuously rippled her upper body within the air by her looped anchor higher above their heads. While Maya continued to sway her feet back and forth off the edge of the branch, her hands fiddling with the twig in her grasp, the Snake Woman descended just behind her. Hissing into her ear made the disgruntled Maya lean away from her creeping tongue and attempt to swat at it with the twig.
Only to find herself blinking widely in surprise of the Lamia leaning in a visible bow to the rest of her tree dipping snake half. With the lavender curls slipping over the shoulders and tickling her shoulders and barely covered chest, Maya attempted to utter a sound before she found an unseen violet tail whip around from behind over her mouth. Hands reached up to pull the tail off her face but felt the smooth scaled muscle cinch tightly around her head, squeezing her face to the point of causing a groan escape her nostrils.
"Ssssssaaaaaaaay," She slurred out with a fang pronounced grin, her deep ruby lips spreading across her copper complexion gleaming in the halo of the moon's rays shining over her violet curls. This gave an enhanced allure that softened Maya's struggles, having never seen a creature like this in all her life; not one as beautiful if not intimidating to her young eyes.
"What have we here?" She asked in a coy, rhetorical manner as her unseen tail tilted the thick-ebony-maned girl's head to the right and the left for her viewing inspection. With her awkwardly half-turned sitting posture precariously slipping to the edge of the branch her buttock was resting on, she was at the mercy of the Snake Woman's grip on her head.
"It'sss a girl cub," Shreya hissed out with a teassing tickling kiss of her tongue on her exposed cheek. Pressing her hands on her wrists, she'd let them slide down her lithe build to the slightly toned biceps and triceps up her shoulders. With her fingertips scarcely prickling her jungle brown flesh, Maya let out a muffled gasp, whining as she felt an uninvited pair of hands knead deep into her back through her luscious hair and rub up and down the length of her slender spine. One arm wrapped around her midsection, covetuously pressing her mane-laced upper back against her barely covered breasts, sensually squeezing the mammaries around the younger girl's neck and smothering her shoulderblades to the middle of her spine.
"A deliccciousssss girl cub," Shreya hissed into her right ear, letting her tongue swirl around the reddening cartilage before burrowing into her inner ear. Slurping noisily into her auditory duct, Maya blinked past swelling tears, her body now pinned between the tail-wrapped gag and the Lamia's upper curled body. Even as her face began to flush a burgundy across her usually darker pigment, sweat began to accumulate as her rump shuffled against the surface of the branch and her body squirmed in her grip. She felt the Snake Woman's hand rub her waist, tickling and massaging it with expertise she didn't think possible. The other hand slid up her chest, ushering one of her hands to try and push it away, to no avail, as she couldn't compete with such superior arm strength. Pushing her hand beneath the small violet-red cloth, she'd arch her body against the pair of massive breasts, practically sinking into their softness as she felt her immature chest molested by the older Python Kin.
"Sssssssssssssssslllllllllllllllrrrrrrrrrrrrrp!~" The Lamia continued to suck around the tongued ear of Maya's, squeezing the girl cub's right breast while feeling the captive's smaller hand claw and squeeze at the offending hand; all the while using her left hand to attempt to pry off the tail-wound gag over her jawline behind her head, whining and groaning behind it as her body permeated sweat and heat from this sexual attack she was having.
Even worse, she felt a hand that was playing with her waist dive towards her rustling loin cloth. As the fingers pressed into her vulnerable crevice between her legs, she abandoned her chest's ministrations and grasped the wrist. A muffled squeal was heard as she saw without fail the bronze colour of Shreya's hand dip into her nethers, brushing against her sensitive bits in an electric release of delirium.
"Hmmmph! Mmmphhh! Nnnnnngh!" Maya muffled out mewls, squeals and groans of pitiful resistance. Her face was a vivid red over her normally dark complexion, eyes tearing up contracted the pupils as she felt the Snake Woman's fingers brush against her cleft and slide through her moist membrane of her birth canal. With the thumb rolling against her clitoris in the same way she used her other hand to twist and turn her right breast's small nipple, her gagged head twist and turned with bodily bowing motion. Her body gyranted into the grip as her hands stopped trying to pull and now simply gripped tightly in sexual response; her attachment to these limbs becoming less out of desire to escape but more to finish what was started on her.
That knotted feeling began to bundle up within her tickling tummy. Even as her abdomen danced, bunched inwards and pushed outwards with the sensual rolls of her youthful frame, she felt her inner core begin to spike with pleasure. Ecstasy swam outwards, more and more abundantly until several knuckles' worth of fingers dug into her deflowering sex and her breast was fully clenched almost painfully. Eyes widened, coil wrapped mouth spurted saliva around the scales in a muted spat and her whole upper body sank into the back aligned breasts while her bare belly pushed ouward with legs kicking wildly.
Holding the posture as her first ever orgasm rippled across every iota of her sensory nodes, she collapsed into the arms of her molestor. Even as the coil around her mouth slid around her crown and unwound, all she could do was part her slimy mouth with an abundance of drool now caking her nose down her cheeks to her cute chin. Dripping with moisture, the girl shakily turned to look up at the Lamia who bent back her human half and used her serpent tail to ascend to the higher branch she had anchored from.
All the while leaving an unconscious Panther Kin stretching along her resting perch on the branch.
"Now that we have ssssssssome privacccccccccyyyyyy," Shreya hissed sensually, lying back against the trunk adjacent to her branch, seating Maya upon pelvic region of her snake-body just below her Amazon bronze waist where the two halves met. "It'sssss time for the real fun, hmhmhmhmhm!~"
As she chuckled gutturally, Maya suddenly could feel the scales beneath her part in a moist squelching noise. Looking below, she saw just beneath her soaking loin cloth was a cleft of large proportions, big enough for her to slide in had she not been straddling it. A decadent scent rose from its pink colour, the tissue having many layers of lubricating mucus and slime that webbed in a cascading tunnel that bent with the shape of the coils' insides. With nary but a red cloth sticking to her plundered pussy, all it took was the Lamia's right hand to brush it aside to expose her leaking, naked fingered nether lips.
Feeling the immediate contact caused Maya to gawk and let out a breathless cry of youthful joy. Her mouth that opened up with a tongue jutting straight to the rest of the overhanging branches of the jungle canopy became construed into a garish grin. Her girlish thighs sank into the voracious lower mouth of the Lamia, sinking into its perverted heat and basking in its slimy warmth that ground against her nubile naughty bits beyond her sight. As she bent her body forward hands braced against the enormous, barely covered breasts, in pushing her young frame in a slow synchronous gesture against Shreya's more impressive sex.
Sweat beaded off her, sloughing off her smooth hairless skin as her long haired head looked up at the lavender haired, golden-eyed beauty with an inexperienced swirl of lust within her own black eyes. Biting her lower lip, she mewled as she ground into the subtle rotations of the canal's membrane she straddled, enjoying the bath of mucus and pink tissue that clutched her pelvic region with an egregious grip that was driving her swelling fervor. Seperating her mouth to moan as she began to grind against her dominant captor, Shreya moaned as her hands wrapped around her mane covered head to palm each side of her cherub shaped cheeks.
"Ahhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmppph!~" Maya yawned into a mouth cinching moan of divine surrender. Her leaking eyes closed shut as her face turned to the side with Shreya's as their mouths began a steamy dance of oral muscles, spreading their drool between each other's orifices. The longer impressive organ easily caressed and coiled around her own, cocooning it and drenching more saliva from it as she mewled inside of the Lamia's mouth, vibrating her oral region much to the older Python Kin's groaning lust. Smacking their lips together in juicy squelches and moist pops, Maya was guided into pushing her tongue out to be suckled and wrestled with, their eyes meeting each others before forcing her impressive serpentine muscle into the younger girl's orifice; practically stuffing it to the top of her throat.
"Ullllllllllllllllllllllk!" She swallowed past gagging reflexes, her eyes widened with surprise as her lower region spiked with a jolt of excitement at this new sensation endowed upon her. Her throat stretched outward bountifully, the indentation of the Lamia's tongue twirling and motioning down her neck in between her partially exposed flat chest. Even as she starved for air, Maya's eyes couldn't help but roll back, her hips gyrating with excitement against the sucking vacuum of rosy flesh kissing her thighs up her deflowered cleft. As it sloshed into her stomach, her belly wriggling with worming intrusion as it stretched with inhuman dexterity to the point of a foot long stretch, her body fell limp. Eyes rolled back as she gargled, choking on the organ as it'd slowly recline up with a bounty of suds and saliva that she spout out with coughs.
"Sssssssssssooooooryyyyyyy about that," Shreya coyly apologized, smiling with a tight lipped expression of mischief on her face. Caressing the sweatied, red-faced girl, she swiped the bangs of her messy mane away to cup her head by the front in a possessive hold. As she regained her clarity, the girl cub shivered, feeling the aftershocks of a climax that had slipped through her as a result of the force-feeding of the Lamia's tongue.
"Want to suck on something more tasty?" She asked with a toothy smile.
"T-Tasty?" Maya asked with a stutter, eyes blinking languidly as she continued to bask into the sexual seat she was still pressing her lower body into.
"Oh yessssssssss," The Lamia insisted, grasping the silky fabric that ineptly covered the erect nubbins of her bountiful breasts. With a thumb she yanked it down, letting her bosom bounce dramatically -much to the child's awe- of bronze skinned glory. The dark tinted areola only enhanced the beauty of the round, self-sustaining mammaries, either one being larger than she was from the waist to the top of her head. Still having her hands palmed over the center of the breasts, she felt the full warmth and softness in sinking in, making her lick her lips with renewed desire alight in her dark orbs.
"Go ahead," Shreya insisted, grasping the back of her maned cranium, gently pushing her to the rightmost bosom her left hand held, her drooling mouth already widening to receive its bounty. A sighing mewl later, Maya's mouth had fully captured the dark colored areola and the flesh surrounding it. Sweat and texture enhanced the decadent sensation of the Python Kin's breast being siphoned into her orifice, her teeth clenching against it while her tongue swirled around the nipple and its surrounding tissue. Vibrations were let loose as she moaned, her face smothering into it as she attempted to force more of her head into it as her hand wrapped around as much as her arm could, the other hand diving deep into the other's center as she could.
"Mmmmmmmm, that'sssssssssss it. Jussssssssssssst like that," Shreya leaned back against the trunk more languidly, her eyes closed as she hissed with relaxed ecstasy. Brushing her hands against her long hair covered neck down her back, she pushed her dilated slit up more, swallowing her heart shaped rump inward to be suckled and lathered in sexual mucus. Feeling a gurgling stir within her mammary, she continued to caress the soft scalp of her captive, smiling deeply as her eyes fluttered open at a depraved half mast.
"Don't pull out, little one," She encouraged, her hand pressed firmly on the back of Maya's head as she'd feel squirts of sweet fluid spurt from the nipple halfway consumed in her orifice. Coughing initially, she rapidly began to gurgle as she'd swallow lumps of milk, her throat expanding to accommodate the stream of delicious drink pouring into her insides. As it touched her stomach, her belly would reproduce a sudden tingly feeling that'd radiate to her lower half, causing her to instantly bundle up and her head to feel ticklish to the tips of her lips. Squealing amidst the last few inhaling quarts of milk, she'd pull back with a moist pop. Her face was a deep burgundy as she held some of the swirling breast fluid in her mouth swathed over her tongue.
"You like that?" Shreya asked with a coy smirk, watching Maya nod with a sweatied bob of her head; swallowing in a showcase of her appreciation of the milk. "Want some more?"
"Y-Yes please!" She enthusiastically nodded, turning to the other breast with lustful hunger burning in her dark orbs. Diving in with tongue erect and mouth ajar, Maya "Mmmmmmph!" into the mammalian-like fat, using both hands to stroke the breast as if a farmer to a cow's udder. Stretching the boob as far as she could with her lips pursing around the areola-stretched nipple, she'd press her head all the way in as much as she could manage while slurping in more flesh than before. Repeating this process would earn moans of depraved acquiescence to her actions, her head petted down to her back while her lower pelvis region to her ass and around her thighs were suckled and rotated with a lapdancing gyration.
Spurred on to continue milking the chest fat, Maya would finally feel another familiar gurgle around her head as she had buried her head into its soft enclosure of fatty tissue. Pushing her head back, she ground her palms around it aggressively, her face halfway submerged as she sucked intensely on the sweat-slathered skin. Once the first spurts of milk began to spray into her mouth did she gulp with the thirst of a drunkard for rich alcohol. Looking up as the pouring of milk took place, she batted her eyes cutely as she continued to slurp and suck up the breast drink, earning a burning look of desire from the Lamia beyond mere sexual gratification.
"Ssssssssssssssssssaaaaaaaaay," She began to intone, a rueful grin spreading on her face. "How about you ssssssssssstaaaaaaay with meeeeeeeeeeee?"
"Mmmmmmmmhmmmmmmm?" Maya moaned out curiously, her head spinning with a delirious drunken fever as a result of drinking the special milk. The Lamia could say just about anything and she would agree to it. She loved feeling the touch of her hands, the rub of her scales, the warmth of her sex against hers and the suckling kisses; even her milk was the tastiest dessert she could ever hope for.
As she was distracted by the question, a familiar tail began to wind from the slender waist up, smoothly and coolly enhancing the tingling sensation along her sweatied warm flesh. Thickening with every coil dragged over her, she'd relax in the serpentine grip of the Python Kin, continuing to stare up at her as she slowed her sucks into tentative suckles. When the girth of the deep violet tail wound past her now bare chest, she hummed around the nipple with a loud smooch, the tip of the tail pushing her head back into the breast while arching over her mane's curls to rest between her eyes; eyes that now ebbed a golden hue from the pupil, mimicking the same shape and colour as Shreya's Python-like eyes.
"I can keep you clossssssssssssssssssse," She hissed out with a lustful grin, petting her head with her hands while her coils gave her a deep, python hug. Taking careful consideration to not squeeze her too tightly, all this did was make Maya's spinning head turn into a maelstrom of pure stimuli. The colour in her eyes deepened into a bright yellow and her pupils turned into a pair of slits, her mouth grinning dumbly behind the breast flesh she had tucked past her cute pink lips. Drenched in sweat and blushing a burgundy hue, she was all but a perfect plaything for the Lamia to keep.
After a minute more of breast feeding, she was pulled off and closer to Shreya, the blissfully brainwashed girl grinning gayly as her arms wrapped around the Lamia's neck and tangled her hands into her thick, luscious amethyst locks. With matching eyes locked onto one another, the Lamia caressed her coiled up prize with a possessive tone in her hiss, "Trussssssssssssssssssssst in meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~"
"Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmpppphhhhh," Maya hummed in synchrony, her smiling mouth soon captured back into a deep, languid kiss. Sizzling lips connected as eyes closed and they continued to make love throughout the night; all the while a Panther Kin slept without awakening to the girl cub's antics.
"I can keep you clossssssssssssssssse?" She asked.
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A Lamia's Seduction By EVAR25 -- Report

A familiar scene set in another possibility; one where Maya is seduced by the voluptuous Shreya, a Lamia, and lured into a night of delicious pleasure.

(Genderbent Mowgli = Maya, Bagheera = Indira, and Shreya is the Lamia from the "Lamia's Lapdance" stories.)

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Posted by Titan7 3 months ago Report

Very Sexy story. Love your version of the Jungle Book with Female Mowgli and Lamia from Lap dance series. I hope you do more with this story. (I saw the the Vore Version)

Maybe have an second encounter story.


Posted by EVAR25 3 months ago Report

If I feel like it :P don't get too greedy please XD It took me awhile to come up with such a descriptive piece here; for this and the Vore variant. I appreciate your love for it but it does take time to write these kinds of literotica ;)


Posted by Titan7 3 months ago Report

Okay, thanks for answering my message. Sorry if I seem like I am greedy with this. As stated before I love your work and I am just excited. I do appreciate the hard work you put into the story.

As always you are great writer and I look forward to reading your future stories.